Title: Storybook Mysteries: Glass Slippers
Author: Icka! M. Chif
Date: 1 Sept 2007
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2113
Author's Note: This is not the Hakuba torture we were hoping for. Thanks to the late night chat group for the beta.
Summary: The lady's no gentleman.

The only reason why Hakuba Saguru was at the Annual Policeman's Ball was because rumour had it that the Kaitou Kid had sent a heist notice regarding one of the many spectacular jewels that would be on display during the formal event.

The potential heist was not why he was currently looking for the Kaitou Kid however. No, he was looking for the Kaitou Kid because at the moment, they both had the same motivation. Escape.

He had completed this recent lap around the elaborate ballroom, eyeing potential escape routes and possible disguised thieves already and much to his regret, discerned that he would not be able to walk out the front door. There were too many people expecting it.

So therefore, an escape out the back was called for. Unfortunately, the layout prevented all save those couples dancing on the floor from utilising that route. And his pursuers were beginning to close in on him, like a pack of rabid animals.

Saguru stopped and bowed in front of a woman with long black hair, who was doing a beautiful impression of a wallflower in her lavender dress. "If I may request the pleasure of your company for this dance?" He inquired formally, offering her his hand.

She startled, long hair sliding into her face. "I... I'm sorry..." She murmured, one gloved hand coming up in a shy gesture to touch her lips with her fingers.

"Please?" Saguru said, willing his prospective dance partner to look up. He could sense the predators start to gather around, where he would not be able to avoid at least one of them. She did not.

Saguru gritted his teeth, playing the one card he had hoped he wouldn't have to use in his desperate situation. "Or should I start hollering that I have caught the Kaitou Kid?" He growled softly, feel trapped. A furious blue eye glared at him from under the mane of dark hair. "You can waltz, I assume?" Saguru added glibly.

The Kaitou Kid smiled back, not at all shy as he... 'she' took Saguru's hand and rose to 'her' feet. "Of course." Kid purred, the shy hesitant tone replaced by a low almost provocative purr, as if daring Saguru to find fault with her... his dancing skills.

"Excellent." Saguru smiled tightly as he drew Kid past the crowd of feral females and onto the dance floor. "I'll lead."

Kid nodded, more of a slight dip of the head as they took up dancing positions, Saguru's free hand resting on the slight curve of Kid's waist, Kid resting a hand on Saguru's shoulder. They gave a brief three count, then joined the swirling people on the floor, a dazzling array of colours and spinning precision. Saguru was privately pleased to find that his feet automatically knew the steps, freeing his concentration for other things.

"So what do I owe the honour of this dance?" Kid inquired quietly in his usual mocking tones, following Saguru's lead flawlessly as as they waltzed, his body tense despite his casual attitude.

"The lovely ladies who were gathering like sharks on the scent of blood." Saguru glanced at the crowed of women who were glaring daggers in the Kid's direction. There was a certain irony here, one that Saguru would laugh about later. "You do know who my father is?"

"Metropolitan Police Chief." Kid said, raising one eyebrow slightly, revealing one blue eye and one black eye. The thief had lost a coloured contact, which was probably why he had been hiding his face behind the long black strands of hair. "Commissioner Hakuba."

"And as such, he wields quite a bit of political power. Therefore as his son, a detective and well known in police circles," Saguru deftly steering them around a lesser co-ordinated dancing pair. " -And the fact that I am blond and therefore 'exotic', I am looked upon as a favourable match to form alliances with."

The 'exotic' part worked both for and against his favour. On one hand it was eye-catching. On the other hand... it was eye-catching.

"Is that what they're calling it these days." Kid murmured slyly, his mismatched eyes glancing towards the sea of vultures on the edges of the dance floor. "How very Georgette Heyer."

Saguru was privately amazed the theif even understood the reference, much less could use it in the correct context. "Indeed." He drawled. "I trust you have successfully retrieved the item of tonight's excitement?"

"Of course." Kid smirked. "The madam's husband decided he could guard the jewel on his own, without assistance. But there are places that even he is not allowed access to."

-Such as the ladies room, thus explaining the choice of tonight's disguise. "I also trust that it will be returned within an appropriate amount of time-?"

"Within the week, if certain detectives do not take to shouting in the middle of the ballroom." Kid said with a not-so-subtle barb.

"I believe you will find that this is your best chance for escape as well." Saguru smirked back. "I have already located and deflated your inflatables, by the way."

"Mmm. Pity, that." Kid remarked in such a way that Saguru immediately found himself running through possible escape routes for the slippery thief that did not involve flight. The shaped balloons and blimps were often used for distraction while the Kaitou Kid slipped away through other means. They fell silent for a moment as the thief pushed slightly on Saguru's shoulder, subtly steering them away from a potential collision from behind.

It was pleasant, Saguru mused to himself, to dance with someone who knew what they were doing. The few dances he had been unable to avoid earlier had resembled more of a drag than any sort of a dance. But to really -waltz-, both people had to have the ability to read and know the other person's movements and follow the steps.

Not entirely unlike a heist chase, he supposed. Only more gracefully and without the shouting and the mass chaos.

"How did you find me anyway?" Kid asked, once the potential disaster had been averted. "Other than my lost contact. I haven't been able to find where it dropped."

Saguru debating against telling the thief how he had spotted him... One of the last things the police force needed was for Kid to gain even more of an advantage over them than he already had. But at the same time, he felt that he owed the thief that much of an explanation. Kid didn't need him to get away, Saguru needed the Kid.

"Your dress." He finally admitted. "Your form has filled out since I first started chasing you, so you chose something with a shawl to camouflage your broader shoulders, and petticoats to disguise the lack of hips. The wide black choker to hide your Adam's apple was also a give away. You also have a habit of choosing disguises that are more practical to move in rather than something that would be more decorative, but restrictive."

As one of the few dresses without sequins or ribbons, Kid's rather simple looking satin dress had stood out slightly from the crowd.

"The shoes as well." Kid gave him an amused almost leer. "Proper looking heels are pain to find. They pinch too."

"I can well imagine." Saguru smirked back. After all, -he- did not have to wear them. "There are other differences as well, such as the placement of elbows and the centre of balance, but your dress was the primary give away."

Kid made a thoughtful sound, then shrugged. "Not much I can do about it. You're right, I'm not as slim as I once was. Perhaps I could stand to lose a kilo or two. Does this dress make me look fat?"

Saguru's mouth opened, then shut again. Was it a serious question, or was the thief taunting him? Finally he settled on the best answer that any male can give. "No. Certainly not."

"Liar." Kid taunted with a sly smile. "It makes my hips look like a cow's."

Okay, now the thief was certainly teasing him. He held a stern glare at the thief for a minute before giving it up as a lost cause and laughing. The Kid gave him a blinding grin in return, full of silent amused laughter.

"Shall I check and find out?" Saguru inquired once his laughter faded, sliding his hand down just past where was considered proper, to see if he could make the thief jump. Which Kid did, just a bit.

"Bad detective." Kid scolded lightly, eyes narrowing in warning although the smile never quite left his face. "No touchie."

"Yes ma'am." Saguru said dutifully, putting his hand back where it had been previously, on Kid's waist. It felt strangely good to have the opportunity to tease the thief, it often felt like he was on the end of an endless stream of pranks with no way to turn the tables.

Kid smirked at him again, as if sensing Saguru's thoughts. The music reached a crescendo, the two of them swirling faster before the music stopped. Saguru spun Kid out, as the music ending, not releasing the thief's hand as they bowed to each other, grinning predatorily.

"Shall we?" Saguru asked as they straightened, offering Kid his arm like he would for a lady. Kid gave him a coquettish look under his lashes as he took Saguru's arm, the two of them ambling towards the back before the music started again, just another couple off for a moonlit stroll. They passed by several other paramours, all retreating to the privacy of the gardens out back.

They wandered the gardens, avoiding any bushes that were either moving or making noise until they reached a doorway, that lead to a side alley. Saguru had noticed it when he'd first done a brief inspection of the grounds before the party had really started and he'd been called inside to be social.

"Thank you for the pleasure of your company." Saguru said, unhooking his arm from the Kaitou Kid's as he turned to thank the thief. Kid took a small step back, just out of arm's reach. "And the dance."

"You're welcome." Kid smiled back, tilting his head so that strands of long hair fell across his face again, covering his face in shadows. "And thank you for the escape."

"That feeling is mutual." Saguru agreed, holding out a hand. "Now my possessions, before you disappear, if you please."

Kid hesitated, just for a second, before he laughed quietly. "Very good, Tantei-san." He said, his voice full of mirth as he held out Saguru's pocketwatch and wallet. Saguru smirked slightly as he took his possessions back. He put his wallet away without checking how much money he had, trusting the thief not to actually take any of his money. Or, at least take his money and not return it.

"Anything else?" Saguru questioned, smugly amused.

"That's it." Kid said, spreading his hands as if to show innocence. "Have a safe trip home."

"You as well." Saguru inclined his head. "Do not get caught."

Kid curtsied in return, then appeared to explode in a cloud of pink smoke and confetti. Saguru coughed and waved the smoke away, revealing an open doorway and a bunch of glitter on the ground.

Kid really needed to stop doing that.

The next school day, Saguru walked into class and set a white envelope with a gold wax seal affixed to the back on Kuroba Kaito's desk.

The indigo-eyed magician stared at the envelope on his desk with a wary expression before poking it with a pencil, as if expecting it to explode in his face. "What's this?" Kuroba's closest friend, Nakamori Aoko, leaned over and after a dirty look to Kuroba picked it up and held it up to the light to inspect it.

"An invitation." Saguru sat down at his assigned seat.

"Oh! Hakuba-kun!" Aoko sat the envelope back down. "That reminds me, how was the ball?"

"Enchanting." Saguru said, without any of the sarcasm he was famous for colouring his tone. "I met the most interesting lady there and had a wonderful time dancing with her. The invitation is from my father, inviting her to join he and I for dinner later this week. Sadly, I know not where to find her, so I'm afraid that it is rather an invitation in vain."

"I see." Kuroba said, lifting the invitation up and fanning himself slightly with it, with a muted mischievous smirk. "And you're looking for help to find your mystery lady?"

"No. I thought you might find the story amusing." Saguru smirked back, leaning back in his chair. "My father was rather excited about the lady, as it appears that she is the first person I've showed interest in since coming to Japan other than the Kaitou Kid."