Title: In the Mouth of the Wolf
Author: Icka! M. Chif
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1364
Author's Note: Was gonna work on TGZ today, but this plunnie decided to nibble, so we worked on it instead.
Summary: "I'd like to report an attempted kidnapping."


"Wait a minute." Saguru commented to himself as he walked down the street in one of the lesser reputable sections of Tokyo. He had just finished a case and by God was he happy to be heading home. A small girl wearing a red hoodie and a backpack was walking down the other side of the street, smiling happily to her self. "Isn't that Ayumi-chan?"

Then a pair of hands reached out from a shadowed alley and grabbed the young girl, who screamed and kicked. "-It's Ayumi-chan." Saguru spared the breath to mutter as he darted across the street, running into the ill-lit alley.

A large man was holding Ayumi under one arm, waving what looked to be an axe with the other. "STOP!" Saguru shouted, drawing the man's attention. Ayumi screamed, kicking the man in... his most vulnerable spot, either by chance or purpose, Saguru couldn't tell. The man doubled, over, bringing the axe dangerously near Ayumi's head.

Saguru grabbed the axe, attempting to pull it away from him as Ayumi squirmed and managed to drop down to the ground. "Run!" Saguru instructed as the man growled, using his free hand to try to push the axe blade in Saguru's direction. Saguru pushed back, gritting his teeth as the blade shook in his direction. Whom ever this person was, he was strong.

"Saguru-niichan!" Ayumi shouted in alarm from somewhere behind him. Saguru shifted his back foot, adjusting his weight slightly to the side as he suddenly -pulled- instead of pushed, executing a very bad flip over his shoulder. The man did not let go of the axe and Saguru made a split second decision... Apprehending the man or getting Ayumi out of there.

He turned, grabbed Ayumi around the waist and ran out of the alley, tucking her under one arm like a sack of potatoes, her arms and legs dangling as he ran. "Are you alright?" He asked, darting across the street, stumbling slightly as he adjusted to carrying her weight

Ayumi nodded, grabbing hold of his coat's belt for balance. "Thanks." She gasped, her voice wavering slightly from fright.

"We have -got- to stop meeting like this." He said with dry humour, even as he panted slightly. While he had become accustomed to running while chasing after the Kaitou Kid, running while carrying a child's weight was a lot more taxing. "Mobile's in my coat pocket closest to you, can you reach it?"

She nodded again as he glanced backwards. The man was coming out of the alley, holding his ribs and grimacing. "I know the number." She said firmly, grabbing his pocket with one hand and reaching in with the other. She grabbed the phone and resolutely began punching numbers as Saguru focused on dodging people. "Hello, Keibu-san?" Her young, nervous voice strangely loud to Saguru's ears. "I'd like to report an attempted kidnapping."

This elicited several odd looks as Saguru raced by. Koban... Koban... There had to be a police box around here somewhere... Screams echoed behind them. "Saguru-niichan?" Ayumi questioned. "Do we have a description?"

"Male, 183-186 centimetres. Heavy-set, thin features, dark hair, hairy arms." Saguru reported. The man had been taller than Saguru was, which should narrow the field right there. At almost six-feet, Saguru was still strangely tall in Japan. Ayumi echoed his words back as Saguru finally located a Koban. The police officer looked at them in surprise as they ran up. "What number is this Koban?" Saguru demanded.

The officer stuttered as he informed them and Ayumi parroted it to the phone. Saguru looked behind him, their pursuer having left off the chase. Thank God. He leaned against the doorway, panting for breath. "They said to stay here, Saguru-niichan." Ayumi piped up, looking up at him from under his arm.

"Not a problem." He agreed. "Are you sure you are okay, Ayumi-chan?" She nodded, her good spirits apparently restored as soon as the danger had passed. God, what kind of trouble did these children get used to on a regular basis?

Sato-keiji and Takagi-keiji showed up and drove them to the station for interviews and a sit-in with the character sketch artist to draw up a profile of what the man looked like while more police searched the area. Saguru discovered much to his horror that the remains of a little girl that had been found torn apart and eaten in that area the previous day. He'd just saved Ayumi from a similar fate.

Ayumi had been running an errand for her mother, delivering treats and stuff to her Grandmother's house on the other side of the town. And seeing as no one else had been available at the time, they had sent her to go alone. The little girl had gotten lost and had been given instructions by 'Oogami-san' on which way to go. Following those directions had only gotten Ayumi more lost, until the point where Saguru had spotted her and Oogami-san had grabbed her.

Saguru began to wonder not only about her after-school activities, but her parents as well. Sending a small girl across town by herself-? With the type of trouble she got into?! What the hell had they been thinking?

And then Edogawa-kun, Genta-kun, Mitsuhiko-kun, Haibara-kun, and the latter's guardian, Agasa-hakase showed up to pick up Ayumi. No one in the station appeared to find the lack of parental contact at all unusual, and many of the Shonen Tantei greeted various officers by name. Saguru felt a headache coming on. He feared he was beginning to become allergic to Beika-cho.

Edogawa greeted him quietly as Genta-kun and Mitsuhiko-kun gathered around Ayumi enthusiastically, Haibara-kun lingering protectively around the edges. Saguru greeted him back, gathering his stuff to leave. "In bocca al lupo." The sharp-eyed boy commented as Saguru rose.

Saguru looked at him in confusion for a moment, trying to place if he'd heard that before or not. 'Bocca'... that was Italian. Mouth? 'Lupo' would be 'Wolf'. 'In bocca al lupo'... 'In the Mouth of the Wolf'-?

He glanced over at Ayumi and her little red hood, making the connection. From the Italian version of 'Little Red Riding Hood', a way of wishing one good luck. Just saying 'Thank You' or 'Grazie', wasn't correct, it wouldn't give you the good luck... The response finally came back to him. "Crepi il lupo." He said gravely in return. 'I wish it would die'.

Edogawa nodded at him, stepping aside to let him pass, a pleased expression on his face.


Saguru didn't sleep well that night, his dreams re-enacting the final scene from the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the Kaitou Kid smirking at him saying, "Why Detective, what big eyes you have."

"The better to spot you with."

"Why Detective, what big hands you have."

"The better to catch you with."

"Why Detective, what big-"

-Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, that was when Saguru woke up.

He went to school, feeling a bit off centre and hoping that the next few days were quiet. Aoko and Kuroba were at their chairs when he made it in, Kuroba reading his newspaper. A local one, for a change. Kuroba smirked at him, rustling the newspaper pages. "Why, Detective-"

"I Do NOT Want To Eat You." Saguru snapped out of over-streached reflexes. He regretted it a second later as a silenced hush fell over the classroom.

Kuroba and Aoko stared at him.

Saguru shifted nervously as they blinked in unison. It was kind of creepy when they did that.

"Ohh... kay." Kuroba finally drawled, returning his attention back to his paper. "Good to know. I think."

Saguru sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, his headache coming back. "My apologies."

"Long few days?" Aoko said sympathetically as Kuroba folded the newspaper to show Saguru and Ayumi's pictures in the newspaper in conjunction with the 'Evil Wolf' mystery. Ah. So that was how they had known.

"Of sorts." He gave this conversation up as a lost cause and went to go sit down at his desk.

"If it's any consolation-" Kuroba commented, unfolding the newspaper and rustling it as he turned his attention back to it with a sly amused smirk. "-I don't want to eat you either."

Saguru wasn't sure if it was a consolation or not, but he appreciated the gesture. "Thank you."


'Oogami' means 'Wolf'.

Based off the story Little Red Riding Hood. Saguru's technically cast in the role of the Woodsmans who saved Red and Grandma, but the wolf somehow ended up with the axe. ^^;;