From the Authorette who brought you 'The Jack Sparrow Rap' comes another all-new and 100 percent original work – The Will Turner Rap! I have my job at the cinema to blame for this one. I was kind of depressed the week after World's End left us, so I wrote the first few stanzas of this and misplaced it. Then, here at college, I found it again and had to finish! So, here's for the newbies and the ones who already loved the Jack Sparrow Rap… I always wanted to write another, so here it is! Probably not as witty as the JSR, but it serves its purpose! Ta da! Please let me know what you thought of it! Much obliged!

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The Will Turner Rap

Give me a sword
I'm the best in the world
Made 'em when I was bored
Three hours a day
To keep the pirates at bay
And I gotta say
I used to be quiet
But then I turned pirate
I don't know if you'll buy it
But now I rule the sea
Bound to chest and key
Soon to be free
Cause she waits for me
And not James or Jack
Even though
I know
The Pearl's got my back
So I can better attack
The opposing fleet
As if Beckett could beat
The Dutchman most elite
I'm the man of the hour
The one with the power
But you don't have to cower
The job comes with a mask
I'm the perfect gentleman
Depending who you ask
I'm no Davy Jones
Who'll put your life on a loan
That changed in a cyclone
When he was officially pwned
By my roguish counterpart
Who stabbed the heart
Replaced it with mine
And now I fell fine
Cept I miss the land
I miss the sand
I even miss that Tortuga band
But I've got company with Dad
Who left me as lad
Catching up on all that missed time we had
But the sky and water are getting old
The sun is hot but the wind is cold
I didn't think this is how my life would unfold
I still blame it all on the Aztec gold

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