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Naruto is limping around aimlessly in the forest about a mile outside of Konoha. That heartless shrieking pinkhaired daughter of a goat! Calling him a demon for fulfilling his promise!

The ultimate assassination jutsu! Flashback no jutsu!

he was slowly making my way towards the gates of Konoha. Kinda hard to walk fast when you have an unconscious Sasuke on your back and a Chidori wound in your chest.

As he arrived he saw that familiar fluff of pink standing at the entrance.

"Sakura-chan! I kept my promise!" he yelled and grinned.

She turned around and smiled when she heard this. When she HEARD this! But when she saw the state of her Sasuke-kun her smile disappeared and her face showed nothing but anger.

You know what she did when she ran up to him? She SLAPPED him! And then she had the nerve to start yelling at him!

"Look at what you did to Sasuke-kun! I asked you to bring him back alive, not half dead!"

He was, as you probably can guess, stunned, to say the least.

"Sakura-chan... what..."

"SHUT UP! YOU NEARLY KILLED HIM! I guess what the villagers said are true! You are a demon!"

At that moment he felt his heart shatter.

He said... nothing... He just turned around and limped away as she tended to her precious Uchiha!

Flashback no jutsu: KAI!

So here he was. Tired. Very tired.

"You need to rest or you'll die Kit. Let me heal your wounds."

'Thanks Kyuu.'

He lies down next to a tree and let the fox heal his wounds.

'How dare she do that to me!? If it wasn't for me that Teme would've... WAIT A MINUTE HOW COME YOU CAN TALK TO ME!?'

"Well... when you used that much of my powers you established a mental link with me."

'Simple as that?'

"Simple as that Kit"

'Kit? What's up with that?'

"Simple really. I've seen how the villagers treated you. They have shunned you, beaten you, and even starved you. Yet you never gave in to hatred like i did and i respect that."

'You... respect me?'

"Yes i do. We'll talk later Kit. Because now you really need to go to sleep."

'Thanks Kyuu, that means alot to me. It really does.'

He fell asleep with a small smile on his face.

"Wake up Kit! Someone's coming!" Kyuubi's voice boomed in his head.

He stood up and looked around searching for the person who just woke him up from best sleep he's had in ages.

"Naruto-kun. You will come with us now." comes the monotone voice of none other than... (Drumroll please)... Uchiha Itachi! With his trusty companion... (Drumroll again)... Sharkface! ...Umm... I mean: Hoshigaki Kisame!

"Oh... It's just you guys. I thought it might be some Hunter-nin trying to take me back to Konoha." he said with a bored voice.

To say they were just a little surprised was like saying Gai was just a little creepy.

"You're not going to try and run or anything?" says Itachi with a dissapointed voice. 'And we went through all that trouble setting up those Genjutsus and traps!' were the disappointed thoughts of Kisame.

"Why bother? If i run you'll catch me and if i fight you'll beat me." he said in a monotone voice that could rival Itachis own.

Kisame leans over and whispers ever so loudly into Itachis ear: "Dude! What did they do to him?"

"I think they broke him." he whispers back.

Itachi then turned to him. "So... will you come willingly and join the Akatsuki?"

"JOIN!? What happend to the whole 'We will capture and extract the Bijuus.' thing?" he asked surprise written all over his face.

"Oh that. That was for those who didn't come willingly." He said off handedly like he was talking about the weather. "Plus... you have a powerful bloodline that shouldn't have to go to waste."

He stood shocked. "Bloodline?" he asked. "Bloodline." was the answer.

"What kind of bloodline?"

"Your mothers bloodline. Metal manipulation." When he sees the questioning look on Narutos face he says: "It's not unlocked yet however. One of the Chakra blocking seals placed on you are blocking the bloodline from activating."

"Chakra blocking seals?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. You have thirty CBS (I'm gonna say CBS cuz it's to annoying to write Chakra blocking seals.) on you that are preventing you from absorbing to much of the kyuubis chakra all at once. But one of the seals must have been misplaced and blocked off the bloodline instead."

"Well... Can you remove it?"

"That really depends... Will you join us?"

"Hmm... I'll have to discuss this with my inner demon." he said.

"Very well..."

'Oi Kyuu! What do you think?'

"I guess you can join them... It's not like you have anywhere to go right?"

'You're right.' He looked at Itachi "Ok. I'll join."

"Excellent. But before you can join we will have to train you until you can go toe to toe with at least one of us in an all out spar." Itachi said with an evil smirk.

Kisame had a maniacal grin. "Hehehe. Welcome to hell Gaki!" Naruto could only gulp.


"Tsunade-sama!" Shizune yelled as she burst into the Hokages office.

"What is it Shizune?"

"Sakura just came into the hospital carrying Uchiha Sasuke! But she said Naruto-kun left the village!"

"WHAT!?" Tsunade yelled as she crushed the sake bottle in her hand. "Why did he leave!?"

"I don't know Tsunade-sama. I came here as soon as i was told me that he left." Shizune said as she was on the verge of tears.

"Take me to her!"


Konohas Hospital room 348

"I'm so glad your alright Sasuke-kun! That idiot almost killed you!" Sakura said as she hugged Sasuke.

"Where's Naruto?" Sasuke asked looking around. He was sure Naruto would be there to greet him when he woke up.

"That baka? He left the village when i told him off for trying to kill you."

"You what!?" he yelled while getting out off the hospital bed. Suddenly the door opened... or rather exploded when a pissed off Tsunade came in.

"Is it true that Naruto left the village!?" she yelled while glaring at Sakura.

"Yes! He couldn't handle it when i told him off for trying to kill Sasuke-kun!" she exclaimed thinking she did a good thing (She lives in her own sad little world).

"You WHAT?! What did you tell him Sakura?!" yelled a pissed off Uchiha.

"Sasuke... kun... what..." she said while looking at Sasuke.

"TELL ME SAKURA WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HIM!?" yelled Sasuke as he grabbed her arm rather violently.

"I-I t-told h-hi-him that t-the vi-villagers were right a-about him. A-And tha-at h-he was a d-d-demon." said a scared Sakura as she started to feel the killing intent rolling off Tsunade, Shizune and Sasuke. Next thing you know she was flying straight into a solid surface called a wall.

"Damnit! Shizune! Get all the uninjured members of the rookie 12 and their jounin senseis to my office! Now!"

"H-Hai Tsunade-sama!"

"Please get him back Hokage-sama!" said Sasuke. Tsunade turned to look at him.

"Why do you care Uchiha? If you hadn't left this wouldn't have happened!" She said with malice in her voice.

"Because he's like a brother to me!" said Sasuke "He managed to make me see that revenge isn't everything in this world."

Tsunade looked at him with pity in her eyes. "I'll do what i can." with that she rushed to her office.

Meanwhile with our favorite trio

Naruto was currently sitting underneath a tree sweating like a pig in an oven. Kisame noticed that Naruto was staring intently at him.

"What are you staring at Brat?"

"I've been thinking" Naruto said while cupping his chin. "Are those gills real or are they just for show?"

"They're real." was the answer.


"Oy Kit come to the cage. We need to talk."

"Hmm... Kyuubi is calling me. Gonna pass out now." Naruto said as he went into his mindscape.

In the mindscape

"Okay i'm here. Now what was so important that i had to come in here?"

"I know a way to make you stronger Kit." came the reply of the ever so charming Kyuubi.

"Really? How?" Naruto asked exitedly.

"You can rip off all the chakra blocking seals and unlock your bloodline. But it has a price."

"And that would be?"

"Well since all my demonic chakra will flood you, your body will have to adapt and change. In other words: you will become a Hanyou (1)."

"And the effects of that would be?"

"Well... I would fuse with you and just become an enoying voice in your head. You will get all my powers, knowledge and memories. And enhanced sences."

"Hmm" Naruto pondered for a minute. "Ah screw it! What have i got to lose?" he said as he walked up to the seals. "Thanks Kyuu."

"No problem Kit" and with that he ripped off the seals.

In the real world...

Demonic chakra blasted from Narutos body scaring Kisame and Itachi for a brief moment until it dissapeared just as fast as it came. But what surpriced them was the tails that sprouted from his tailbone. Nine of them to be precise. Then Naruto rose from the ground and looked at them.

"WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!?" yelled Kisame as he looked at Naruto with eyes the size of dinner plates.

"I removed the chakra blocking seals and absorbed the Kyuubi resulting in me becoming a Hanyou." Naruto said like it was the most common thing in the world.

"What about the Kyuubi?" Itachi asked.

"He is just and i quote: 'an annoying voice in my head' and i got all his powers, knowledge, memories and" he said as his hand transformed into a blade "My bloodline."

"Cool" was the only word our blue swordsman could think of. "Indeed" came the Uchihas reply.

"So... You think i can go toe to toe against you?" said Naruto.

End Chapter 1(1) Hanyou - Half demon

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