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Child of Light

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: The 1,000 Year Battle Beings

Two figures looked at each other… one could tell they were opposites… one was a woman dressed in pure white with white hair… her eyes were crystal blue color while the one across from her was man with black hair, he was dressed in the darkest black armor… the two of them stared at each other.

"So Light… it begins yet again…" said man.

"The battle begins… but remember our agreement Darkness…" said the woman named Light, "This millennium my child will have 4 Guardians to protect him…"

"So you're going to have a son this year… interesting…" said the man named Darkness.

"Yes…" said Light.

Light formed a ball of light… inside that ball was a baby with blonde hair… there were other balls that were created, one blue, one green, one yellow and one red… all 5 balls disappeared.

At the same time… Dark also created a ball this one black… a baby was in this one too, with the deepest black hair, this ball too disappeared.

"Be careful my son…" said Light.

In the Village Hidden in the Leaves the great Kyubi attacked…

"Wait 'till 4th Hokage Arrives!" yelled a ninja.

That's when a strange light invisible to the naked eyes appeared… they were the balls that Light created, the 5 balls separated… the red ball went into a rather large mansion and into a young baby boy about 2 months old, the yellow one went into a baby just a couple weeks old, the green ball went into a baby girl about 6 months old while the blue ball entered the body of a pregnant woman… while the white ball with a baby in it headed start towards the ground…

Right below the ball a young man, named Minato Namikaze was running.

"What am I going to? What am I going to do?" asked Minato.

Minato was the 4th Hokage, he had a plan to stop the Kyubi, however he needed a child to stop it… oh how he wished that he had met someone and had a child… that's when the white ball appeared and caused a small explosion…

"What the!" yelled Minato.

He looked and found the baby in a crater who began to cry… he picked up the baby and found a note.

"Please… take care of my son… he has a great future ahead of him… please…" he read the note.

He look at the baby… he knew shouldn't… but what other choice id he have…

"Sorry little guy… but I'm going to have to do this…" said Minato.

He went over to the battlefield where he saw Jiraiya and Sarutobi.

"Minato!" said Jiraiya, "Where have you been."

"I've been looking for a baby…" said Minato showing them the baby he found.

"Who that?" asked Sarutobi.

"I don't know… I found him in a crater…" said Minato, "He doesn't have a name or anything… now there's something I have to do…"

He had a look in his eye…

"Minato! Don't you dare do what I think your going to do…" said Jiraiya.

"I am… it's the only way…" said Minato.

"I can do it!" yelled Sarutobi.

"No… this is my job…" said Minato.

He summoned the giant toad, Gamabunta… and with that he performed the Shimigami Seal… sealing the giant fox demon into the Child and ending his life.

Hours later… Sarutobi stared at the little baby sleeping there… unknown of the fox demon side him, Jiraiya was also in the office.

"what are we going to do?" asked Jiraiya.

"I'm going to make a proclamation… that this it will be forbidden to talk about the fox demon…" said Sarutobi.

"But will that help him…" said Jiraiya.

"I really don't know…" sighed Sarutobi.

"So what are we going to name this kid?" asked Jiraiya.

"How about Naruto Uzumaki…" said Sarutobi.

Jiraiya nodded in agreement… and looked at the little baby named Naruto… who was currently unaware of his inner demon… and his destiny.

12 Years Later…

Naruto Uzumaki was running away form his latest prank and a ton of Chunin, why? Well it was because of a hedge clipper, a monkey and a whole lot of duct tape… it was best what happened was not looked into…

"No one can catch me!" laughed Naruto from his hiding place in a well-hidden alley way.

"Naruto…" said a voice behind him.

Naruto slowly turned around and saw his teach Iruka.

"Oh… hi Iruka…" said Naruto with fear.

Sometime later, Naruto was tied up in front of the class.

"Now I'm sure some of you have something to say…" said Iruka.

One of the students Kiba raised his hand.

"Yes Kiba?" asked Iruka.

"I really want to know where he got the monkey…" said Kiba.

"Well…" said Naruto with a big grin.

Iruka just sighed at this…

Sometime later Naruto was growling… Iruka just had to give him detention during lunch… writing "I will not do what I did again"…

"Iruka doesn't even know what I did with the hedge clippers, monkey and a whole lot of duck tape…" growled Naruto.

Little did Naruto know was that a figure was watching him though a window… it was boy his own age with black hair that reach his shoulders and red eyes.

"Naruto Uzumaki… the Child of Light…" said the boy, "I have finally found you… and now the war will being…"

The boy grinned an evil grin as he let loose a strange wave that came from his body.

Elsewhere on the school grounds, one Shikamaru Nara was watching the clouds while his best friend Choji Akimichi was eating chips nosily next to him… that's when Choji dropped the bag and got up.

"Choji?" asked Shikamaru.

Choji just continued on his way saying nothing.

"That was strange…" said Shikamaru who continued to watch the clouds.

Elsewhere in the school, Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka were looking for the boy both of them loved, Sasuke Uchiha.

"There's no way that Sasuke will go for you billboard brow!" yelled Ino, "When he could have me…"

"Well Ino-Pig I doubt that he'll go for you…" said Sakura.

Sakura waited for a response from Ino but there wasn't one… Ino just walked away.

"Does this mean…" said Sakura.

"All right! We won!" yelled her inner self, known as Inner Sakura.

Elsewhere Sasuke Uchiha was eating a tomato while leaning outside a hidden window when he saw a bunch of students waking to class with blanks look on their faces… it wasn't any concern of his so he just kept on eating.

Not too far away Hinata Hyuga sighed when she finished her lunch… she had nothing to do, as Naruto had detention and she could watch him… that's when a few of her class mates walked by her with blank looks on their faces.

"What's going on?" asked Hinata.

They said nothing… this gave Hinata a very bad feeling and she began to follow them.

Inside Naruto continued his punishment…

"How can Bart Simpson do this every week is beyond me…" said Naruto shaking his hand.

That's when a bunch of students and teachers with blank looks on their faces came into the room.

"Hey it that time already?" asked Naruto, "Time flies by when you're writing on a chalk board…"

That's when many of the teachers threw Kunai and Shuriken at him… he managed to dodge them all.

"What was that for?" asked Naruto.

One of his class mates that has no role in the show what's ever so he'll just be known as Doug ran over to Naruto and socked him in the face.

"What the hell man! What did I ever do to you… that was in a mass prank?" asked Naruto.

Outside Hinata ran to the classroom… when she got to the door way.

"Byakugan!" she aid activating her bloodline limit.

She looked into the class room and saw the strangest thing… saw everyone's Charka system though the walls and saw al but Naruto had black Charka.

"Black Charka… what's going on?" asked Hinata.

"So you saw my power…" said a voice behind her grabbing her fro behind… it was boy… Hinata screamed.

"What was that?" asked Naruto.

He dodged a kick from a girl who will be called Stacy... he ran outside the class room to find Hinata began to held hostage by the boy.

"So Naruto Uzumaki… we meet at last…" said the boy.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto.

"My name is Damien… the Avatar of Darkness…" said the boy named Damien, "It's time to start this battle… Child of Light"

"What battle?" said Naruto.

All of the teachers and Students began to surround Naruto.

"This is going to be so much fun…" laughed Damien.

That's when there was a bright light… a strange necklace appeared on Naruto's neck, it was what appeared to be a diamond that was glowing brightly… for some reason… Naruto didn't know why but he said this.

"Sword of Light! Appear to me!"

A sword a appeared in Naruto's hands, it was pure silver an almost seemed to be glowing white.

"What the!" yelled Naruto.

"Naruto?" said Hinata blinking.

That's when Naruto said something he didn't consciously say.

"Crystal of Light! Please! Heal the innocent!"

A light came from his necklaces all the students and teach fell unconscious.

"I should have known that you subconsciously know how use your powers…" said Damien.

"What the hell is going on!" yelled Naruto.

Damien tossed Hinata aside and said "Dark Sword! Appear to me!"

A sword that was pure black and seemed to be absorbing the light appeared in Damien's hands… he jumped over to Naruto and the two locked swords.

"Well Child of Light…" said Damien, "This is it!"

He jumped back and disappeared.

"Sword of Light! Disappear!" said Naruto unconsciously.

The sword disappeared and Naruto stood there blinking.

"Naruto?" asked Hinata walking up to him, "What's going on?"

"How the hell should I know…" said Naruto.

That's when he began to feel woozy… and he fell unconscious…

"Naruto!" cried Hinata.

That's when everyone began to wake up around them.

"What happened?" asked Ino.

"My head…" said Choji.

"Who took my shuriken?" asked Iruka checking his pouch.

"How did we get here?" asked Kiba.

"Naruto! Please wake up!" said Hinata shaking him.

""Hinata was happened?" asked Iruka.

"Naruto just collapsed…" cried Hinata.

Meanwhile Naruto wads in a strange black place.

"Where am I?" asked Naruto.

"Naruto…" said a voice.

Naruto turned around… and saw Light.

"Who are you?" asked Naruto.

Light just walked up to him… and gave him a big hug…

"I'm sorry…" she cried, "I'm very, very sorry…"

"I asked you question… who are you? An where are we? And what are you sorry for!" yelled Naruto.

"Naruto…" sighed Light, "I'm your mother…"

"What?" yelled Naruto, "You're kidding!"

"I'm not…" sighed Light, "I am Light… the living embodiment of all the good in the universe… every thousands years, a battle between me and Darkness, the living embodiment of evil in the universe fight… however these battles aren't between us…"

"What do you mean between us?" asked Naruto.

Light walked over to Naruto and kneeled down.

"I'm sorry… but Darkness created the rules thousands of years ago… you're the warrior in this battle…" said Light.

"How do I know your telling the truth?" asked Naruto.

"Your know in your heart…" said Light, "Just close your eyes and feel it…"

Naruto did so… and he felt it the truth… she was his mother.

"Mom… you are my mom…" said Naruto.

Light nodded and hugged him once again.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you… I can't exist for long in the mortal realm… and I'm sorry I couldn't protect you… I'm sorry for everything…" cried Light.

"So what's going on with this battle?" asked Naruto.

Light broke the hug and she got up.

"Every thousand years a battle takes place between you the Child of Light and Avatar of Darkness… Damien… but…" said Light "That crystal around your neck lets you use the powers of light as well as healing power and your able to summon a sword"

"Oh wow cool!" said Naruto.

"Also… this battle is a little different." said Light

"How?" asked Naruto.

"Darkness and I made a deal that if I have a 5 battle loosing streak my child will have 5 guardians…" said Light.

"Guardians?" asked Naruto.

"Yes…" said Light, "This battle you have 4 aids, your Guardians… of Water, of Earth, of Fire and of Wind… they will aid you in your battle…"

"So… who are they?" asked Naruto.

"You'll find out in due time…" said Light, "However you already do indeed know them."

"So should I tell anyone other than my Guardians?" asked Naruto.

"I think you should tell the Hokage… about what's going on…" said Light, "Oh… and that girl Hinata is worried about you, and she saw everything… so you should tell her…"

"Okay… mom…" said Naruto, "Wait… where are we?"

"This is a dream…" said Light, "You should wake up soon…"

"Wait a dream?" asked Naruto.

Light nodded, "Don't worry… just follow your and you'll win…" said Light.

In the waking world Naruto woke up in the Nurse's office with Hinata sitting in the bed next to him.

"Naruto!" said Hinata.

"Oh hi Hinata…" said Naruto.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Yes… I'm fine…" said Naruto, "You saw the fight… didn't you?"

Hinata nodded…

"Can you keep a really big secret for me?" asked Naruto.

"Of course!" said Hinata.

Naruto began to explain what happened… to Hinata.

"You have t promise not to tell anyone…" said Naruto.

"D-don't worry I won't…" said Hinata.

"Good…" said Naruto, "Hey I'm also going to have to tell the Hokage about this… so can you come with me?"

Hinata nodded... "Sure…" she said blushing bright red.

"Hey how did we get in here anyways?" asked Naruto.

Hinata blushed bright red at the memory.


"So wait Hinata?" asked Kiba, "This weird "Black Charka" made us attack Naruto?"

Hinata nodded, "That's right… I wasn't effected by it for some reason."

"I'll file a report about this later…" said Iruka, "After all it might the work of some sort of enemy ninja…"

"Hey I have an idea!" said Ino, "How about you take him the nurse's office… Hinata"

Hinata began to blush bright red…

"Why me?" asked Hinata.

"Oh come on…" said Ino with a big grin, "You know why…"

Hinata only blushed and nodded, she with Iruka's help picked up the unconscious by and took him to the nurse's office while the other members of the Sasuke fan girl club glared at Ino.

"What?" asked Ino.

"He has the huge crush on Sakura… you know you could have used him to get rid of Sakura!" said Stacy.

"But it's cute! Hinata is the only girl in class who doesn't like Sasuke… don't you think she deserves Naruto… even if he is a freak?" said Ino.

All the other members of the fan club realized she had a point an nodded in agreement. Hinata blushed bright red at this conversation.

(End of Flashback)

"Thye just recommended that I stay here with you… since I wasn't effected by what happened…" said Hinata blushing bright red.

"Oh…" said Naruto.

Sometime later Naruto told the story to Sarutobi who sighed.

"So that's where you came from…" sighed Sarutobi.

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto.

"During the fight with Kyubi… the 4th Hokage found you. It was unknown where you came form or who your parents were…" said Sarutobi, "Now I know…"

"Oh…" said Naruto, "So…"

"I will keep this a secret Naruto…" said Sarutobi, "Just tell me when you find your Guardians."

"Thanks…" said Naruto.

Naruto and Hinata left Sarutobi office, when the two were gone Sarutobi chuckled, "Minato… you certainly have chosen a strange child."

Outside the tower, Hinata finally spoke up.

"Naruto…" said Hinata, "I was hopping that when you look for your guardians… I could help."

Naruto grinned, "Sure why not!" he said.

"Thanks…" said Hinata blushing.

Nearby Damien watched…

"That girl was unaffected by it… I have to pay closer attention to her…" thought Damien.

And with that 1,000 year battle once again began... unknown who would win this one.

Next Time: Due to Hinata knowing Naruto's secret, she uses this chance to get closer to him. While Damien watches closely... does Hinata have something to do with the Child of Light destiny? Find out next time!