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Chapter 10: The C Rank

Naruto stared at the ceiling… he didn't want to go. Out right now. That was when there was a knock on the door.

"Naruto… it's me." Said Hinata on the other side of the door.

"It's open." Came Naruto's reply.

"Are you okay?" asked Hinata.

"I'm fine." replied Naruto.

Hinata sat next to Naruto.

"He could have easily killed me but he didn't." said Naruto.

"It's going to be fine." Said Hinata, "Don't worry, everything will be fine…"

"I guess your right." Said Naruto.

Hinata sighed, she knew it was going to take a while for him to recover.

The next day they waited Kakashi as usual. Naruto was curled in the fetal position, ignoring the person poking him with a stick. Hinata tried comforting him, but it didn't work. So she just watched on.

Kakashi finally arrived, "Sorry, I had to give a dog tap lesions." Said Kakashi.

He sweat dropped when he saw who was poking Naruto with a stick.

"Anko…" said Kakashi, "Please stop poking Naruto with a stick."

"He needs someone to poke him with a stick." Said Anko, "If he's just going to take it then what's the point of him beating his enemy."

This was when the air around Naruto became much blacker.

"Way to go! You just made thing worse!" yelled Sakura.

"Yeah, yeah, I figure out something to cheer him up." Said Anko, "And I just know the perfect thing!"

"By the way, our mission is to save Tora again." Said Kakashi.

The team (minus Naruto) groaned.

"That again?" asked Shikamaru.

And so they went to search for the cat again, they managed to find him, with Naruto being the one that held Tora, ignoring the cat constantly swiping at him.

"Okay, this went from being tragic to being comedic." Said Shikamaru with a sweat drop.

"Yeah…" said Sakura.

They went to deliver the cat and was being assigned to the next mission.

"Okay we have a…" said Iruka.

That was when Anko yelled out, "No way! This team is ready for a C Ranked Mission."

"C Ranked?" asked Sakura.

"Each mission is ranked A though D, A is for Jonin, B is for Chunin, C is Chunin and Genin and D is for Genin." Said Anko, "You've been doing good enough that I fee you should be up for a C Ranked, that it will probably get Naruto that stupor."

"Anko…" said Iruka.

She gave him a death glare.

"I agree with Anko." Said Kakashi, "They have been doing good."

Sarutobi knew why, he heard about Naruto's loss. And knew this might be the best route to go to. Maybe doing C Ranked Mission would be good for him.

"There is one I think your team might be able to do." Said Sarutobi, "Can you let him in."

That was when an old man in, he was holding a sake bottle.

"This is Tazuna from the Land of Waves, he is a bridge builder." Said Sarutobi, "Your mission is to guard him until he finishes his bridge."

"A bunch of brats." Said Tazuna, "These don't look like they can defend me… esspeiclly the short Emo one."

Of all things to get Naruto out of his depression it was being called "The Short Emo One".

He lunged into get him, but Kakashi caught him by the collar.

"No Naruto, it's not a good idea to kill the client." Said Kakashi.

"Come on…" said Naruto.

The next day, they team headed to their mission.

"Come on! Let's go!" yelled Naruto.

"You're excited." said Hinata.

"This is the first time I have ever left the village." Said Naruto.

"I know, me too." Said Hinata.

"What is it with that kid, yesterday he was mopey now today he isn't." said Tazuna.

"That's none of your business!" yelled Naruto.

And they headed on their way, unaware that Damien was trailing them.

"This should be interesting…" he said.

As they continued on their way to the Land of Waves, Sakura asked this.

"Doesn't the Land of Waves have it's own Ninja Village?" she asked.

"Did you really forget that history lesson?" asked Shikamaru, "Even I remember it, and I was barely awake at the time."

"Hey!" yelled Sakura.

"So…" said Tazuna changing the subject as he didn't want to hear the two fight, "I remember hearing that Genin Teams are supposed to have three ninja and one sensei…"

"This is an experiment." Said Kakashi, "To try out different ways."

"I see…" muttered Tazuna.

"Seriously, Sakura… you don't know?" asked Shikamaru.

"Please stop complaining." Muttered Sasuke.

"I'm not complaining, I'm just in disbelief that Sakura don't really that every county doesn't have its own Ninja Village." Said Shikamaru, "Didn't she have the best test scores in class?"

"You know Shikamaru is right." Said Naruto as they all walked past a puddle, "Sakura doesn't know a basic fact… and it scares me…"

"What did you say!" yelled Sakura.

Sakura was about to hit him when the puddle suddenly became two men wearing masks and headbands with the Mist Village symbol on it. They used their chain to kill Kakashi.

"Damn it!" yelled Anko.

Naruto went to fight one of them. However there was a shout of "Power of Darkness! Darkness Beam!" and the dark beam hit the guy.

Naruto turned to the tree and began to sweat… he saw Damien laying in the tree, just relaxing.

"Sorry for giving you a mixed message but you have to understand only I may kill you." Said Damien.

The other one, stood there frozen, unsure what to do.

"Lay off the blonde brat, and I'll spare you two, he's mine, understand." Said Damien.

The man nodded and decided to just take out his target.

However he was quickly knocked out by Kakashi.

"Wait… a second…" said Sakura.

They saw where Kakashi was "killed" was shredded pieces of a log.

That was when Kakashi dodged a Kunai, from Anko.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were faking it." Said Anko.

"Sorry, I didn't have time. But I know you noticed it." Said Kakashi.

"Of course I noticed it." Sighed Anko.

"Why did you hide?" asked Hinata.

"I wanted to see who their real targets were… if they were us… or someone else." Said Kakashi.

They all looked at Tazuna, Anko proceeded to grab him by the collar.

"Why are here ninjas after you?" asked Anko.

Tazuna sighed… he knew he would have to face up to the fact.

And little did they know that his story would forever change their all of their lives, but would it be the for the better?

Next Time: They learn the truth of Tazuna's country... what's worse is that an extremely strong ninja is after him. What will happen? Find out next time!