Okay, the reason I've placed this here is to inform everyone who's favorited or alerted this story that it has been picked up and continued. It's on the new crossovers page, but I know a lot of people don't check there too often. The author's name is shinokaze, and it's under the title "Contrast Match," obviously. I'm keeping this version up until he's fully finished posting to chapter 49, but fair warning to certain archivers I know, it's coming down after that.

Thank you, and I repeat to FFN, please don't ban me for this!

Old Note.

Hello. To start off with, this is not a chapter. I'm sorry for that, and I know perfectly well how FF.N feels about notes as chapters, but I felt that this needed to be written at some point, if only to tell people what's up.

To put it simply, I don't think I can continue writing this story. It's the longest I've ever done, and also very, VERY ambitious. There are six or more important subplots going at once, some of which have been running since chapter 1, and a combination of several of my bad habits means the longer the story goes the harder it is to keep things consistant and keep from forgetting a line totally.

By this point, it takes me more than a day to read the entire fic over, something I should, nominally do every chapter, especially on a fic this complex, and my propencity to avoiding note taking is keeping me from summing things up in a more easy to manage fashion.

I know there are several people out there who are screaming at me, verbally or mentally, while reading this but I had good reason to stop. I couldn't continue my normal method of tracking the plot, and I have no intention of spoiling what is, most likely, the best work I have ever written by continuing it sloppily.

If anyone wants to take this up, you're welcome, and you can consult with me if you'd like, but you don't need my permission. If you want to write a oneshot where Kodachi hacks the Senshi and Ranma into tiny pieces, and I happen to read it, I'll post a review saying "WTH?" and continue on my way, though a more... positive... continuation would be nicer, obviously.

I hope this doesn't make you guys want to kill me, as I'm truely sorry about having to do this myself. I enjoyed writing this story greatly, and your reviews telling me how I was doing and helping me improve were the best part, even if I did tend to snap sometimes under my own stress.

You guys put up with an eccentric author, with a horrible update schedule for years with only occasional complaints, and were always here to put in your two cents.

Wow, this final note's rambling, in'it?

I remember Chapter 48, and that long note at the end, "This is not the end! I will yell at anyone who asks if it is!" or something I'm too lazy to look up for an exact quote right now. Well, I guess I'm a rotten liar. I know volume 48 wasn't a very good end, and there's 49 just sorta... hanging off there, but it's all I got.

Nothing else to say, really, so 'bye, and hope you find something else to read.