Thousand arms was created by Ooji Hiroi; all rights reserved to RED company and Atlus
This fanfiction was created by Jill, original posting - August 2001


One day in Boyzby...

Meis Triumph stood at the date statue, fixing his hair with a small comb. He then sprayed a little Binaca (c) into his throat and glanced at his watch. "It's ten after. Where the heck is she??"

"Sorry I'm late!" called a voice behind him. A girl with a red tanktop and white mini skirt came running to him. Kyleen skidded to a stop and checked her watch. "You waited for ten minutes. I'm really sorry!"

"Actually, I came a bit early because I was late on my last date..." Meis explained. Her eyes went slant and he quickly panicked. "W-Well, you know... it's tradition after all... ehehehehe!!"

"Aren't you currently dating Sodina right now??" she asked, leaning over, "I thought she was your #1 girl... why did you agree to meet me here??"

"B-Because!!" Meis exclaimed, "You yelled at me over the phone that if I didn't show up, you'd punish me for that blackjack debt I owe...!"

Kyleen then smiled. "Don't worry. This isn't even a real date. However... I do have one favor to ask.

* * *
Much later, the two went back to Sodina's house, where Sodina was making lunch. She was happy to see her friend from Sharon. "What brings you to Boyzby?" she said, pouring them some lemonade.

"Business." Kyleen replied, smiling over to her, "You seem very cheerful today, Sodina."

"That's because there's a festival in our town this week. I'm really looking forward to it." she explained, "Wyna, Kyoka, and I were going to make a baking booth. It's going to be a lot of fun!"

"I see..." Kyleen uttered, turning to Meis, who was still on the telephone. "Did you get a hold of them yet?"

"Yeah, yeah..." Meis said, putting on his goggles and balancing the phone on his head, "It's just Soushi put me on hold to talk to a girl... he's going to come once his sister finishes ironing his kimono..."

"Aa, so we're having more company?" Sodina asked, rushing to the kitchen, "I better make more refreshments! Who exactly is coming??"

"Oh, the guys." Meis replied, as Kyleen snagged the phone from him, "We've got some stuff to discuss before the festival. You know... guy stuff." Just then they heard the doorbell. "Must be them."

Meis went to answer the door, fixing his goggles as he went. At the door was a panting Muza. "... got here... as soon as I could... so... what's... up...?"

"Muza, you idiot. Why'd you rush over here like the place was on fire." Meis laughed, helping his friend inside and getting him to the kitchen where the cool lemonade was.

Muza without a thought, gulped down the entire pitcher. "Waah, that felt good... oh!" he looked around the room with a red face, "H-Hi ladies!" He then turned to ice. Meis sighed and patted him on the head.

"All we have to wait for now is Soushi." Kyleen noted, getting up and shaking the phone, which was still on hold. "Hurry up, you lazy guy!"

Sodina happily made another pitcher of lemonade. "I'm so glad we're all meeting together for lunch. I'll be sure to make a cake or something too! Ladedada~!"

"Good for you." Kyleen mumbled, scratching her head, "Baking isn't exactly my specialty. I'll just watch you then. But if you want me to stir something, I'll be all for it. Just don't let me overexert myself."

"...huh? Wha?" Muza was coming to. "Where am I...?" He looked around at his surroundings and became embarrassed again. "Sorry! I-I was so rude! Did I miss anything??"

"Nah, nothing's happened." Meis said, crossing his arms, "But Soushi is taking his time as usual. Probably has to fix his hair... aaaan, this could be a long while!"

* * *
And it was a long while.

Finally almost an hour later, Soushi arrived. "Nice to see everyone. You all look healthy." he said, taking a seat at the table as Sodina poured him a glass of lemonade. He just calmly stared everyone else's slanted-eyed expression. "What?"

"What took you so long??!" Meis exclaimed, "You sure know how to make people wait! I mean, what's the big idea??!" Soushi just stared at him, oblivious to why he was angry. Fangs coming out, an SD Meis prepared to retaliate, "Why I oughta...!!"

"Easy there!" Muza cried, restraining him with one single arm, "I'm angry too at this guy too... but don't fight! We're all friends here!"

"Who cares!" Kyleen snapped, grabbing Soushi over by the collar, "Listen up, Pretty boy!! Next time when we say 'Come over as soon as you can' then come over as soon as you can!"

"Oh, I'm sorry." He replied, as Muza also restrained Kyleen, "I had to get ready and then run some errands for Master Kahouna. And there were some detours..." He then flipped out his little black book. "See?"

"Woah! All those girls gave you their numbers in one day?!" Muza gasped.

"S-So? Girls ask my number all the time." Meis replied. In the background, Sodina showed up, holding a frying pan. "Oh... well... just joking! Ahahaha!"

"Perfect!" Kyleen uttered, her eyes dollar signs, "Perfect!! My plan will work for sure!!!"

* * *
On the day of the festival, Sodina met up with Wyna and Kyoka so they could set up their booth. "That's strange... my brother already left the house... and so early too." Kyoka uttered, "He forgot Master Kahouna. I hope you two don't mind him coming along."

"Well..." Wyna uttered, staring over at the old guy, grinning happy as a child. "Just as long as he behaves himself..." She then shot him a warning. "I'm watching you, pervert!"

"Hohoho! Such a cute girl!! You have such a way with words!"

"All right, all right!" Kyoka sighed, pushing him along, "Let's go!"

Sodina turned back and frowned a little. "I thought for sure Meis was going to come with us, but he also left early this morning. Oh! That's right! He was going to meet with Muza and Kyleen... and I think Soushi was going to be there too."

"That sure sounds fishy." Wyna replied, her hands on her hips, "Especially with that Kyleen involved. I don't trust that money-grubber."

"Don't worry. I'm sure they're not up to something." Sodina said, waving her hands, "I mean, on a day like, why would anyone want to start up any trouble!" Shrugging at her naiveté, her friends dragged her along as well.

On the festival grounds, they saw that lots of booths were already set up. "Heh?? What's with the big crowd over there??" Kyoka asked, as she and Wyna spread out their sign, "The festival hadn't even begun yet..."

Three girls went to check it out. Finally they got a glimpse of what the sign said. "K-K-K-K-KISSING BOOTH?!??!" they cried.

* * * * * * * * *
to be continued