I sat in a tree at the park, it was late I really didn't know why I was here, I had just finished hunting and started to run, somehow I ended up at the park. I didn't know how long I'd been sitting there just watching the night sky, couldn't see it very often in the wonderful city of Forks, since it was always so cloudy. I heard something bellow I looked down to see a little girl clinging to a stuffed purple elephant and running somewhere behind her was a man,

Come on darling, I won't hurt, the man thought in his head, then he thought of himself touching the little girl in inappropriate ways.

I looked down and saw the little girl glancing around, she was very pale, almost death white, the color one such as my family and I have. Her face was heart shaped and mahogany hair framed it, what caught my attention most was her large chocolate eyes, they had soulful depth, she was an angel, it enraged me that this man was going to assault an angel I jumped down from my branch landing right in front of the little girl, her sent hit me like a ton of bricks, the monster raged to be unleashed for me to take her very life essences, I pinched the bridge of my nose to control myself, it didn't work so I closed my eyes when I did I saw her face her eyes and the beast raging inside disappeared, not like it was satisfied with blood from a kill, but like it was never there, I knew I wouldn't harm her, she was an angel. The need to protect her hit me harder then her scent.

I turned to her and crouched in front of her "Do you need help?" I asked her in a gentle voice she nodded helplessly I saw the fear in her eyes I suppressed a growl that threatened to form I heard the man running toward us and I spun to see a man the one trying to hurt her.

I slowly walked to him my eyes black with rage, I moved forward with deadly grace, unblinking as I did. When I came into the man's view he stopped "I suggest, that you walk away and never attempt to hurt any being again," I spoke with a false calmness he looked at me and smirked "And if I don't?" I closed off the space of ten feet I had kept between us off, in a quick movement unseen by the human eye "That would be unfortunate don't you think?" his eyes widened

Who is he? What is he?

"Who, or what I am is none of your concern, but you will obey me and if you don't," I leaned in and paused "Something unpleasant will happen to you, am I clear?" the menacing tone in my voice made him shiver, he could only nod "Good."

With that I turned around walked back to the girl and bent down to her eye level. "Are you an angle?" she asked her voice a sweet melody of heaven itself, how could she ask this to a monster such as me? "I do not think so little one, what is your name?" "Isabella, but please call me Bella,"

Isabella, Italian for beautiful, well she is a cute girl, one that almost got raped, I suppressed a growl, "What's your name," her sweet innocent voice broke through my thoughts, "Edward, Edward Cullen," my reply was soft; I reach out and touched her cheek "How old are you Bella?" "Four! Today's my birthday!" she said in a proud voice that made me want to cradle her in my arms and protect her. "How old are you," she asked, I could tell she was smart for her age, and most likely enjoyed learning.

"Seventeen. Bella where are your parents," her bottom lip started to shake "Mommy and Daddy where in the park, with me, they brung,(a/n she's smart nut she's still only four) me hear for my birthday, then that man came up, and did something to them, he said they were napping, they aren't napping are they Edward? I won't get to see them again will I?" I instantly tried to read her mind but it was blocked off from me, this would have frustrated me, if it had been any other, but she was special, so instead I read the mind of the man, who was far off by now, running form me, and I saw that he had killed them.

""I'm sorry Bella, but they won't be waking up," I said, a tear dropped from her eye, it broke my heart angles shouldn't cry, I pulled her into an embrace and spoke gently to her "Bella, do you have anymore family," she sniffed and shook her head "Would you like to stay with me and my family?" I knew Carlisle wouldn't like it, and Jasper would have to be careful, but I had found and angle and I wasn't letting go, she nodded, snuggled deeper into my chest and let out a content sigh, at that moment the world I knew shattered, I had never needed anyone before, but I did now, I needed the angle cradled in my arms, I needed my angle, and she needed me.