Edward and I had been dating for about a month now and no one in the family knew about Edward and I, seeing as Jasper can only feel high levels of anger from me, Alice can't see my future, or futures that involve me, and Edward and I haven't told them.

It was time to move again, this time though Edward would be starting out as a

freshman in high school instead of his usual sophomore/junior. status. They all knew why Edward was playing a freshman this time, because this is my first year of high school, and he, well he's Edward, but they didn't know the whole reason. Luckily, the school we where going to has two different lunch periods, one for freshman/sophomores and one for juniors/seniors (everyone else is playing juniors) so we'd never see them, I loved my family, but Edward and I decided to wait a little longer, I wanted to see if they could figure it out for themselves, and Edward agreed.

That, and Rosalie are having a hard time getting along right now, and I'm not sure why, I think it has something to do with Edward though.


Today was are first day of school, and I was happy, usually I had to be apart from my angel but now, every class period, everyday, with her.

We all walked to the office, I heard the mind murmurs about the every beautiful Cullens, the new kids,

Oh my those five are gorgeous, but the one, the girl with brown hair…..she looks so, simple, yet beautiful, This thought came from the secretary Mrs. Cope, who also happened to be a retired model photographer.

Then of course there was a comment that made me want to rip the possessor's brains out. Oh the brunette with brown eyes is hot, I wonder if she does the type of 'extra credit' I require of student cough girls cough

I struggled to keep the beast inside leashed; the compulsion to jump over the table, tear his flesh from his head and rip out his brains, while he was alive was very proponent.


The new kids in town showed up in to nice cars, there was six of them three guys and three girls, the all had the same pale skin, and they where all drop-dread-gorgeous, well all but one, but hey she was still hot and I would totally tap that if I got the chance.

Just then the youngest looking bronze haired boy looked at me, his eyes where cold and pitch black, looking like he had heard my thoughts and was about to kill me, weird, mom said I need to quite doing drugs….that they'd make me delusional, and I'm starting to think she was right.


I know that was short, but I havent been able to get much of anything done lately, so heres what i got