1. In which Air Raid gets concussed

"Alright, Ramjet, you asked for it. You want a piece of me?"

Maybe colliding deliberately with a Decepticon jet known for being able to knock anything else out of the sky wasn't the smartest idea. But Air Raid wasn't known for his smart ideas, especially when he was ticked off.

Ramjet didn't see it coming either. Maybe he assumed he was dealing with a sane being who had some sense of self-preservation. In any event, he made no attempt to maneuver away from the kamikaze jet, and was actually laughing at his threat when Air Raid ran headlong into his flank.

It was slightly more comfortable than being struck by his reinforced nosecone (Air Raid knew that from personal experience), but the crash still jarred every wire in his body loose for a second and almost laid him unconscious at twelve thousand feet, a very bad thing to be. Surprisingly, he found himself still alive and aware a few seconds later, falling away from a very dented-looking Ramjet, who was trailing smoke and curses down at a steep angle to the ground.

Air Raid followed him down for a bit, simply because it looked like fun. The mountains rushing up to meet him were interesting too. And Ramjet's cursing was funny. He sounded just like Ironhide did that day when Slingshot --

Abruptly he found himself giggling. Once he started, he couldn't seem to stop, not that it worried him awfully much. Everything was too damn funny.

"Air Raid, you're about to crash! Please tell me you can still fly!"

Hmm, he thought, that's a good question. He pulled up a little and found the wind obligingly carrying him, since his wings were free of tears. Silverbolt was still squawking at him though, which was boring, so he switched to another radio frequency. Music started pouring in.

"-- American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry --"

He had just begun to hum along to the chorus when Silverbolt's voice blared through again. "AIR RAID, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING?!"

"Hey, those aren't the words," he protested. They didn't even rhyme. Naturally, the giggle fit returned.

"I guess he hit Ramjet a little too hard," Skydive commented.

Silverbolt's sigh carried loudly over the radio. "I don't believe this. Air Raid, you've got a Decepticon right on your tail!"

It was true, he did. Up till now he'd just been ignoring him, but now he decided to turn and say hi. Thundercracker, caught off-guard by this sudden and blatantly senseless maneuver, swerved madly to the side as Air Raid narrowly avoided his second collision in five minutes.

"Lunatic Autobot!" the Seeker raved. "You'll kill us both!"

Air Raid didn't like his tone, so he sent off a couple of missiles at Thundercracker's backside. The Seeker squawked again as he accelerated, weaving wildly in an attempt to dodge them.

"Dancing Decepticons!" Air Raid giggled maniacally.

"Well, at least he can still fight," Skydive pointed out. "Sort of."

"I don't see him acting any different," was Slingshot's opinion. "Except that damn giggling. Air Raid, shut up!"

"... This'll be the day that I die (giggle), this'll be the day that I die..."

"Probably," muttered Silverbolt darkly. "Alright, guys, let's finish up here so we can get Air Raid home and get his wiring fixed. The next time any of you tries to maneuver into a crash with Ramjet, I'll shoot you out of the sky myself!"

- - - - -

Note: The lyrics are of course from "American Pie" by Don McLean, and I of course did not write them. This isn't a songfic and I don't intend to include lyrics in most stories. Please don't jump on me for copyright infringement, I haven't made anything except personal satisfaction out of posting this bit of nonsense.