NLTZ: A Gangrel in the City of Angels

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This story takes place after NLTZ: Return to Sunnydale and towards the end of season 2 of Angel, between the episodes of Dead End and Over the Rainbow.

Warning: Potty language, violence, and bad attitudes

Chapter 1

"You want me to do what?" Alex Harris just about yelped as he stood there in Julian Luna's study, not quite sure that he had heard the Prince correctly.

"I need you to go to Los Angeles and deliver this packet of papers to your old friend, Angel – the Primordial with a soul," Luna repeated himself, calm to the core, enjoying the Gangrel's disbelief.

"Dead Boy and I weren't exactly friends, just so you know. Why do I have to do this?" Alex whined. If he didn't know better, he would have bet money on the idea that the Prince of San Francisco had obviously lost his mind. He needed further explanation as to why madness had suddenly overtaken the Ventrue.

"As you know, I am a bit tired of Cyrus' attempts to disturb the balance of power in the city. There is an opportunity in Los Angeles that will help me return the favor. It comes in the form of the Primordial you know as Angel. His detective agency has recently become a thorn in Cyrus' side and I can't pass it up," Julian reasoned. "He's a small thorn to Cyrus, but it presents us an opportunity that I think will benefit us here in the long run."

"You know, just last month I went to Sunnydale to deal with my past and after that I was hoping that I could put it all behind me. Instead, you want me to go digging it back up in the form of Angel. Thank you very so much," Alex forced himself to choke back the words: Thanks a whole fucking lot, worried that that might push Luna past his tolerance levels. He might be pissed that Luna was asking, no, telling him to go look up Angel, but he wasn't feeling suicidal just yet.

"For what it's worth, I am sorry," and for the most part Luna did look sorry. "However, you are the only one of us I can trust to get the papers to Angel and not end up killed on sight by the Primordial."

"What do I tell him about my status among the living population? Surely he's heard of the Kindred before and he will notice that I'm a little different from before."

Luna thought that one over. "I have no problem with you allowing the Primordial to know about yourself and your place within the Masquerade. I am sure the truth will be hard to keep from him. Honesty might get you further with him than deceit."

"What about his associates? What do I tell them? One of whom, might I add, I've known since kindergarten. Another one is an ex-Watcher." Alex asked, looking for clarification.

Luna smiled tightly. "I would appreciate you taking a certain amount of discretion with the humans. I am sure however that we cannot expect the Primordial vampire to keep this secret from them. I would rather they know the truth from you about us and our society, rather than something that is coated with the prejudices of a demonic vampire. Use discretion in what you tell them and make sure they are trust-worthy. Otherwise, wipe their memories or kill them. You know the law."

Alex gulped at that. He knew that Luna's word was the law he had to follow, but the thought of killing someone like Cordy left him feeling cold.

"Your reservations, along with a car have been made in your name. Your flight leaves in a few hours," Luna said a slight smile evident on his face, as he pushed a piece of paper with his flight information on it towards him.

"Oh good, and what happens when everything goes sideways and I don't have access to anything to defend myself?" Alex protested.

"Why would it? Besides, you are a skilled enough fighter and certainly have a few other skills at your disposal that would surely make up for not having a shotgun handy," Luna said. "Just be careful and remember that discretion is the better part of valor. This is a simple task Alex."

At this point, Alex had to mentally throttle himself to prevent a thousand comments that he wanted to make from spewing forth from his mouth, but to say what he really wanted to say would have only served to get him into serious trouble with the Prince. It was all he could do to avoid looking at Cash squarely in the eye. The Gangrel Primogen was clearly having a laugh at his despair and discomfort.

"Fine, but if half of LA goes up in a huge ball of fire, it won't be my fault," Alex ground out as he scooped up the file and stormed out of the room. "Simple my ass," he muttered as he left the room.

Cash waited until Alex was out of hearing range. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?"

"Immensely," was Luna's reply, his dark eyes dancing with laughter. "You had better go calm down your childe before he accidentally sets something on fire. His control isn't always the best."

Cash nodded at his boss and took off after the younger Gangrel. He caught up to him outside the house just as Alex was about to climb into his car.

"Alex, wait up!" Cash yelled.

Alex froze, and then slowly turned around to face the Primogen. "What. Can. I. Do. For. You?" he ground out, trying his damnedest to keep a lid on his temper. His sire was one of his closest friends, not to mention the Primogen of their clan, so he did not want to damage their relationship by being a total dick. But still, the situation he had placed him in sucked big time.

Cash stood there in the bright sunlight, looking at his childe, shaking his head at the younger Gangrel. "I'm sorry we are asking you to do this, but you are the only one who can. If any other Gangrel were to attempt to meet with the Primordial with a soul, they would be killed immediately. You, on the other hand, would be spared."

"Yeah, right. Angel would have no qualms about killing me, Kindred or no," Alex shot back.

"If he were to try it, you are more than capable of defending yourself. Have I not taught you the finer points in fighting dirty?" Cash reasoned with Alex.

"Yes, teach. I am an expert at the drunken asshole-style of fighting," Alex growled, not happy but he knew that he had no choice in the matter. "I'm going as ordered, but I want you to know that officially I am not happy about this. This had better be worth it."

"I'm sure Luna will somehow manage to find a way to compensate you for your pain," Cash laughed at him.

"Thanks. I feel so much better now. Money makes everything so much warmer and fuzzier. Now I have to get going; I have to pack a bag and a plane to catch. Oh yeah, you get to explain this to Emily tonight. She's on campus all day finishing up a research project and in classes, so you get to tell her you sent me to the City of Angels to meet up with the primordial vampire from my human past. Good luck with that." With that, Alex climbed into his car and drove off, flipping his sire the bird and leaving him in the dust. As he tore down the driveway and through the iron gates, he cussed Cash and Luna out something fierce.

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