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Chapter 8

It was four in the afternoon and Alex knew that he had to get a move on. His flight was leaving at 7:00pm and he needed to get going. It would take him around forty-five minutes at the least to get to the airport, and then God knows how long it would take for him to make his way past airport security.

Alex hefted his bag over his shoulder. He had spent the night and day at the hotel, hanging out with the AI gang. By the time they had all crashed from their night from hell, it seemed pointless for him to go find a hotel to stay at by the time their hellacious night had ground to a close. So instead he spent time with the gang, hanging out, watching them do what they did to help in the fight against evil and tyranny in the world.

Mostly he watched the humans nurse their massive hangovers.

Luckily he didn't have to ask the Primordial if he had a pint or two of blood lying around. The hooligans had filled him up earlier in the day, fortifying him against the sun's deadly rays.

"Hey Dead Boy!" he called out at one point. "Look at me! I'm in the sun, now I'm not. Oh wait, I'm back in the sun and see how cool it is that I'm not going up in flames. Bet you're jealous, huh?" Alex laughed at the look of absolute sure-as-shit pissed-off look that was emanating from the vampire as he danced in and out of a sunny spot on the floor. "I'm in, I'm out, I'm in, I'm out," he said in a laughing, mocking tone.

"Xander," Wes called out from behind the front desk, his voice sounding strained. "Could you please shut the hell up? My head is killing me and your irritating sing-song voice isn't helping. Stop teasing Angel." Bloody blood-sucker, he though irritably.

Alex gave Wesley a dirty look and stuck his tongue out at the former Watcher in a very churlish manner.

"I saw that," Wesley sniped, glaring at the Gangrel, contemplating shooting the younger man for irritating him with his happy, non-hung over, attitude.

By the time four o'clock rolled around, the humans were feeling a bit more human, though they were all swearing that they wouldn't drink that much in such a short time again, if ever.

Alex and Gunn did some fancy hand-shake thing. Since they didn't know each other very well, their good-byes had been pretty quick and straightforward.

Despite everything that the Gangrel had done to save the group's collective asses, there was a part of Gunn that did not trust the vampire. He was a vampire, despite the fancy title and powers, and in Gunn's book, vampires could not be fully trusted.

Alex, for his part, did not trust Gunn that much either. While he trusted the human to keep things on the QT about the Kindred and his place within their secret society, he knew that everything the human looked at him, he thought about staking him. It wasn't a psychic thing really. It was more of Alex reading Gunn's facial and body language, knowing that the scowl on his face and the twitching hand that was reaching for a weapon was the man's response to the supernatural. While he respected Gunn's reaction to him and even understood it, Alex was glad to be away from the man.

Wesley however was a bit different. The ex-Watcher had proved that he was no longer the fop that he had been back in Sunnydale. The man was coming into his own, sure and strong in his beliefs and convictions. Alex found himself wondering briefly what clan Wesley Windham-Price would be best suited towards if he were embraced.

They shook hands and made with the small talk, offering encouragement and best wishes for each other.

With Cordelia, Alex found himself wrapped up in a hug, enjoying the feeling of warmth and happiness that was in the embrace.

"You take care of yourself Doofus," the former beauty queen advised her ex-boyfriend.

"The same to you Queen C," Alex responded.

"And you take care of that girlfriend of yours," she added, looking a bit sad at that, thinking back to the time they had dated.

Alex smiled. "I will and just so you know," he said and then dropped his voice to the point it was only a whisper. "I love her very much, but know that you were and always will be my first love. Thank you Cordy."

"Jerk," she said, smiling, wiping away a stray tear or two. She playfully smacked her friend. "Have a good life and sorry about not getting the vision right."

The Gangrel shrugged. "Somehow I always get dragged into the wackiest of situations. I think it's the Powers' way of keeping me on my toes. And besides, it's not like a clown, a circular saw, and a jar of little pickles were involved. That would have been just gross and disturbing and would have left me pissed for weeks. This was small fries compared to that."

"You're a disturbing person Xander," Cordelia said, giving an involuntary shudder due to the mental picture that was conjured from that image. After that, she stepped back, allowing Alex to face the last person in the room.

"Angel," Alex said.

"Xander," Angel said.

"I go by Alex," Alex replied. "Take care of yourself Dead Boy."

"You too Fang Boy, have fun hanging out with your pretty boy vamps up in San Francisco," the Primordial snarked, giving the younger vampire a half grin. "Enjoy the rest of your blood sucking life Kindred."

"Oh, the witty jabs you throw at me Captain Forehead," Alex smirked. "You have fun slurping down that crap you call blood. Seriously, pig blood? Thank God you're not Jewish." Alex flashed the older vampire a wicked smile. "I'll think of you tonight when I'm drinking the real stuff from the source and enjoy every second of it," he whispered; there was no need to freak out the others. "I'm mean really, nothing beats fresh human blood."

"Asshole," Angel muttered, glaring at the former Sunnydale resident. "Don't you have a flight or something to catch?"

"Yeah, I do. Take care guys and please destroy that file as soon as you can," Alex said, dropping his wise-ass personae for bit. "It won't be good if someone finds out that you have info on a member of the Kindred."

"We will and thanks," Angel said, understanding that despite how much Xander loved to continuously bust his chops, the young man was sincere in his plead for them to dispose of the file as quickly as possible. He did care about what could happen to them, despite the non-serious attitude he chose to show to the world at large.

With that, Alex walked out of the hotel and headed back to his life in San Francisco.

The end for now…

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