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Summary: Kakashi is fed up with Sasuke and Naruto arguing so he sends them to live in a secluded cabin for a week. They go in worst enemies, but what will they come out as? Possible Sasuke OOC

Rated: M for lemon, swearing, perverted thoughts/conversations and compromising situations, Sasuke OOC

Sasuke and Naruto: 16 (just so you know…)

Sorry the title sucks, I couldn't think of anything…

One Week

"Hey Dobe, you wanted to spar so badly at least put up a fight…Usuratonkachi."

"Shut up Teme! My fighting is fine you arrogant bastard."

Kakashi and Sakura sighed as they watched the two rivals argue.

"Enough you two," Kakashi said patting them each on the head, "That's enough 'training' for today. See you tomorrow," he said and left in a poof of smoke.

"Fine then, I'm going home." Sasuke said.

"Hey Sasuke-kun want to go out on a date?" asked Sakura.

"Hn, no," Sasuke replied bluntly turning around and making his way to his house.

(There's no point in the ending I just wanted Sasuke to reject Sakura XD)


The next day Team 7 met at their usual spot by the bridge. Kakashi was late…also as usual.

"Hello everyone," greeted Kakashi, popping up out of nowhere.

"You're late!" yelled Naruto and Sakura, pointing.

"Sorry," said Kakashi, not sounding at all apologetic, "A black cat crossed my path this morning and…" he trailed off.

"So Kakashi-sensei do we have a mission today? I'm so ready to go!" Naruto exclaimed.

"We don't have a mission," Kakashi told him, "But you and Sasuke do."

"What?!?!" Sasuke and Naruto said in unison.

"Yes, you two have been arguing so much I took it upon myself to rent a cabin where the two of you will be living together for one week," Kakashi told them.

"No way!" argued Sasuke angrily, "I've better things to do than take care of the Dobe for a week."

"Like I don't have things to do?" Naruto retaliated, "And I don't need to be taken care of Teme, if you haven't noticed."

"Well then, this is a prime example of why you two need to do this," Kakashi said to them, "And you don't have a choice."

"Can't I stay with them to make sure they don't kill each other?" Sakura asked, hoping to tag along so she could be with 'her Sasuke-kun' for a week.

"Oh god I hope not," thought Sasuke, "She'll rape me in my sleep or something"

"Sorry Sakura, no," Kakashi said shaking his head, "This is between Sasuke and Naruto."

"Okay…" Sakura said sadly.

"Whew," Sasuke thought, exhaling his held breath.

"So the two of you will meet me here tomorrow, same time and remember to bring clothes or anything else you'll need" Kakashi said and quickly left to go read more of his perverted books.

"Hey Naruto!" Sakura called to her teammate who was about to leave.

"Yeah Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked, excited that his crush was speaking to him.

"You better not hurt Sasuke-kun," she said, turning on her heel and walking away.

Sasuke turned to go also, but not before he caught the sad look on Naruto's face.

"Bitch," he thought…wait a minute what was he mad at her for? Hurting Naruto's feelings? No…probably because she suggested that Naruto could beat him…yeah that's it?

"That's it…"

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