kitsune: w00t! new story!!! so this one is a KibaNaru/SasuNaru. This one, just as my others did, take place in school related AU's, but this one is a ttly different AU than the 'Coming Out/The Field Trip' Fics. I hope this 1 is just as successful as my others! Readers r my motivation!

kiba: wow kit, u seem happy

kitsune: -giggles- kiba's talking 2 me!!

naruto: no big deal, see? -turns to kiba- hey hows it going dogbreath?

kitsune: -slaps naruto- dont insult him!

naruto: y not?

kitsune: cuz he's uber hott -hugs kiba-

kiba: dont u already have a boyfriend kit?

kitsune: ...maybe...

Disclaimer: So at this point in time I'm sorta hoping Kishimoto will die & that in his will, i get dips on Naruto! But sadly, i have the feeling he'll live for a very long time...I mean, he made one of the best manga/anime series ever, that automaticly makes him immortal! T-T

Italics: Sound Fx's & thoughts, u'll b able to tell the difference

The Fox, the Dog & the Raven, Part 1-

Briiiiiing!! The school bell rang at Konoha University signaling the end of the school day. Naruto picked up his books from his desk and headed out the door. A taller and boy with brown hair was standing outside the door waiting for him.

"Hey Naruto, what's up?" He said as Naruto walked up to him after class.

"Nothing much Kiba," Naruto replied to the other student, "Thought I have lots of fucking homework! Can you believe it?!" Naruto screamed.

"Ouch...dude, that does suck!" Kiba put his hands over Naruto's shoulder as they started walking back to their shared door. "Gai-sensei never gives us homework on the weekends, unlike your teacher, Iruka."

"Yea, but that's only because Gai raped all the guys in his class as payment for no homework." Naruto laughed as Kiba punched him playfully in the shoulder.

They got to their dorm shortly after. Their dorm, as you walked in, opened up to a small living room area with a television in the corner and two couches and a chair around it. If you went to the left of the living room, there was a kitchen with a white refrigerator that stretched from the floor almost all the way to the ceiling, with a freezer compartment that took up the top quarter of the fridge. To the right of the living room was the bathroom, with a toilet, a sink and a shower. Straight in from the door into the dorm was where Naruto and Kiba went, the bedroom. In their room was a bunk-bed on the left wall, and horizontal from the right wall was a single bed. Their TV was medium sized with a DVD player and a video game system hooked up to it, it was on the front wall, the door being located on the back wall.

Naruto threw his bag on the floor, flopped onto Kiba's bed, which was the single bed, and sighed. "I'm still mad you got the single bed and I'm stuck with the bottom bunk.

"Yea yea, shut up," Kiba grinned, "I got it because, one: I'm better than you, two: I got here before you, and three: I am better than you." Kiba sat at the end of the bed in between Naruto's legs and slowly fell on top of him, Kiba's head rested in Naruto's chest. Naruto just looked down, rolled his eyes and scoffed. Kiba crawled up farther, so he and Naruto were face to face. "You know you love your puppy Naru-chan." He smiled, referring to himself as 'Naruto's puppy'.

Naruto pushed Kiba off of him onto the floor, "Nice try, but I just barely met you a few months ago when school started. I can't love you yet, I don't know much about you."

"Oh, well, there's one secret I just learned about you, you're queer." Kiba smiled and sat up on the side of the bed next to were Naruto was laying.

"From the way you're taking it, my guess is, so are you." Naruto rolled over on his stomach and pressed his face into Kiba's pillow.

"Ding, ding, ding!" Kiba smiled and climbed on Naruto's back on his stomach. "And if you're lucky, I'll let you be my pretty little uke and I'll be your sexy seme! How's that sou-" Naruto turned back over and squished Kiba under him.

"So much for being on top 'puppy'." Naruto chuckled. Kiba growled and pushed Naruto off of him. Naruto bent down to grab his backpack off of the floor, when he stood back up he could see Kiba looking at his ass and smiling. Naruto unzipped his backpack, pulled out his Algebra textbook and threw it at Kiba. "Pervert!" He screeched.

"Hey, I can't help it, it must be my animal instincts." Kiba shrugged with a big grin on his face, "We should totally crossbreed, the fox and the dog. That'd be pretty hott, huh?"

"Can I have my book back?" Naruto asked flatly.

"Why?" Kiba asked with a small smile left on his face.

"So I can throw it at you again," Naruto said extending his hand.

"I don't think so!" Kiba shook his head. "You gotta say the magic words."

Naruto sighed, "Pretty please?"

"I was shooting for 'Kiba fuck me now', but that'll do." Kiba said with a naughty look in his face and threw the book at Naruto. Naruto caught it and put it back in his backpack. Naruto sat down on his bed and put his backpack at the foot of the bed. "So what do you have for homework Naru-chan?" Kiba asked.

"I dunno Kiba, lemme check." He pondered what he would have to do this weekend as he bent down and grabbed his backpack. He unzipped it and pulled out his math binder and flipped the pages until he got to the assignments page. "Ok, it says all I have to do is one worksheet that Iruka handed out in class..." Naruto flipped through more of his pages and looked in all the side pockets. "Oh SHIT! I left it in class!"

"Ha-ha!" Kiba chuckled, "Dumb Ass." He sighed, "Oh well, lets go Naru-chan." Kiba jumped up and started walking out the door.

"Hey, were are we going?" Naruto asked.

"To get your paper, of course," Kiba opened the door, "I wouldn't want my little kitsune to fail now would I?" Kiba said as he caressed Naruto's cheek.

"Aww," Naruto giggled and blushed, "How sweet of you Kiba-kun!"

"Yea yea, don't mention it babe," Kiba smiled back and started down out the dorm towards the math building. "Anyway, if you leave, who am I supposed to flirt with?" Kiba asked seductively.

"I don't know Kiba, I just do not know." Naruto smiled sheepishly. They got to the math building to fid the door locked. "KUSO!"

"That's ok Naru-chan," Kiba patted him on the back, "Just tell Iruka-sensei what happened and he'll-"

"GIVE ME DETENTION FOR LIFE!!" Naruto screamed and stormed off, Kiba followed him.

"Oh c'mon Naruto, Iruka can't be that bad!" Kiba argued.

"Oh, you wanna bet?" Naruto asked.

"BOYS! I'm glad I found you!" The principal, Jiraiya, approached them. "Can I ask you boys something?" He asked.

"Uhh...sure..." Naruto said.

"How would you like to have another roommate in your dorm room?" He asked them.

"WHAT!?" Kiba yelled. We can't have a room mate! Kiba worried to himself. Me and Naruto haven't even kissed yet! What the fuck!?

"Uhh, not particularly..." Naruto muttered, declining Jiraiya's offer.

"C'mon boys, I hear he's extremely popular with other girls...and boys and that he's very hot...If you catch my drift," Jiraiya winked to Naruto and Kiba.

"...What did you fart?" Naruto asked.

Jiraiya starred at Naruto for a few seconds, wondering how anyone could possibly be that stupid, then followed up his persuasion with, "You guys could have some fun times together...just the three of you...alone in one bedroom together."

"Oh! Like the Three Musketeers! We'd be so cool, we'd get our own candy bar!" Naruto smiled as he thought of him, Naruto, and another guy wearing 'Ye Old' costumes.

Kiba glanced over to Naruto with a blank look on his face. ...Baka...but this is what makes him so cute! He thought to himself mischievously. "Wait a sec," Kiba came back to reality and asked Jiraiya, "Are you encouraging us to have a gay three-some? Is everyone in this school queer?"

"Well," Jiraiya responded, "Having a ninety-nine percent male student body, most of the students are either gay..or, as some guys call it 'bi-curious'. I've already walked past 2 other groups of guys making out on my way here! It's no secret."

Kiba blinked multiple times. "This is one straaaange school..."

"Ok, but you didn't answer me!" Jiraiya pointed to Kiba, "Do you want him or not?"

Naruto, still having colonial fantasies responded, "Yea!" He turned to Kiba, "Won't it be fun?!"

"Oh yea...I'll bet..." Kiba sighed.

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