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Italics and Underline-Flash Back

The Fox, the Dog & the Raven, Epilogue-


"Ignore him Naruto," He looked back at Sasuke. "Are you almost done yet?"

"I was just leaving!" Sasuke yelled and ran out, suitcase in hand, and slammed the door behind him.

"Finally, some peace and quiet around here!" Kiba laughed and they walked into their bedroom, shutting the door behind them...

--In Sasuke's parents limo, driving him away from the school...--

Sasuke growled to himself, staring out the window, watching as trees in full bloom pass by. "What the hell!" He yelled at hit his head up against the window. "If they could afford to send a limo to come and get my, why the hell couldn't they afford to keep me at the damned school!?"

"Is something wrong Sasuke-sama?" The driver of the limousine asked from the driver's seat, turned around the next corner.

"Shut the hell up," Sasuke responded back.

"As you wish Sasuke-sama..." The driver answered back, almost with a sarcastic tone of voice and pulled up the window in between his row of seats and Sasuke's, making it so neither of them could hear the other.

"Kuso..." Sasuke cussed under his breath.

--Back at the dorm...--

"Ahh!" Kiba sighed and flopped down on his bed. "It's so nice to finally be rid of Sasuke!" he laid down on his back and put his hands behind his head.

Naruto still stood by the door, hands behind him, still clutching the knob. "Now what?" He asked and half smiled.

"I dunno..." Kiba grinned, eyes closed. "But I know what I wanna do..." He hinted and opened one eye, looking over at Naruto. Naruto smiled softly, getting the hint and walked over. Although he understood what Kiba meant, he only sat at the edge of the bed, feet on the floor and his hands in his lap. "What's wrong Naru-chan?" He asked, though not moving from his position.

"Hmm..." Naruto put his hand to his chin. "Nah, I was just thinking about Sasuke..."

"Pft, what about him..." Kiba scoffed, "Aren't you glad he's gone?"

"Well, yea, of course," Naruto looked up at the ceiling.

"Then what's the matter?" Kiba asked, a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

"Heh, you're right," Naruto smiled and laid on top of Kiba.

'Finally...' Kiba thought to himself.

"Now...let's have some fun, hmm?" Naruto smiled slyly and slid his hands under Kiba's shirt, lifting it over his shoulders. He sat up, still on Kiba, and took of his own shirt.

"Wait wait!" Kiba grinned and sat up, holding Naruto in his lap. "I just got a great idea!" He picked Naruto up and set him down on the bed. He got up and ran over to his side table. He pulled it out and took out a deck of cards. He opened the box and slid out the cards. He started shuffling them and smiled, "Strip Poker."

"Umm...I dunno how to play Poker..." Naruto mumbled.

"Ok then," Kiba frowned slightly in thought. "Can you play Blackjack?"

"Sure, sure!" Naruto nodded.

"Well okay then," Kiba smiled and sat down. He dealt out one card to Naruto, face down, then one to himself, another to Naruto, this one face up, and another to himself. "When ever you lose a hand or bust, you take of one article of clothing, and the winner gets to pick which one you have to take off. Got it?" He flipped up his bottom card, though only so he could see it. He had a 5 on top and a Jack on bottom.

"Hit me..." Naruto told him. Kiba flipped him a card, a 7. "Stay." He added simply.

"I think I'll hit too..." Kiba gave himself a card, a 4. "Stay." He said and flipped over his hidden card. "I got 19, what do you have?"

"18, damn it..." Naruto flipped over his card.

"Pants off please!" Kiba smiled. They both still already had their shirts off, as Naruto slid off his pants. He was wearing pink underwear with red hearts on them.

"Heh, how 1980's cartoon-y..." Kiba chuckled to himself.

--4 hands later--

Naruto still hand on his underwear, but Kiba made him take off both of his socks. 'If I make him take his underwear off too soon, it won't be as fun...' Kiba thought. Kiba only took off both of his socks, he still had his pants and shirt on. "I'm so good at this game!" Kiba said aloud evilly.

"Oh shut up!" Naruto growled. "I'll redeem myself!"

"Sure sure..." Kiba muttered, concentrating more on staring at Naruto than looking at his cards. He could feel himself start to get hard. "H-hey Naruto..." Kiba smirked.

"Yea?" Naruto asked looking down at his cards, not even glancing up at Kiba.

Kiba noticed his lack of interest and set his own cards down. He crawled over to Naruto and pushed his over on his back, laying on top of him. "I'm getting bored of this game, how's about we ditch the cards and get right to it?"

Naruto lifted his head up and kissed him in response. "Sounds good," He said, slipping off his underwear. Kiba noticed he wasn't quite hard yet, but he could fix that.

Kiba sat up, Naruto still on his back, and rubbed his fingers slowly down Naruto's chest. Naruto closed his eyes and let out a tiny moan. 'Not quite good enough Naru-chan,' Kiba thought mischievously. He put his fingers on Naruto's penis and started softly caressing him, rubbing his fingers all over it.

"K-kiiiiba..." Naruto groaned and shifted around out of pleasure.

'Okay, that's good enough...I don't think I can wait any longer...' Kiba thought, slipping off his own clothes quickly and tossing them on the floor. He got on his knees and spit in his hands, then rubbing his saliva on his cock, for lube. Then, with out warning, he slowly pushed himself in Naruto's small opening.

"Nya!" Naruto squealed, surprised. Kiba lifted Naruto's feet up towards his shoulders to get a better angle and grabbed ahold of his waist. He gripped tighter and started fucking him at an increased pace.

Naruto could feel an orgasmic heat coming from his lower waist, and slowly spreading through out his body. "K...kiba...mooore..." Naruto shuddered and Kiba took one of his hands from Naruto's waist reached over his leg to stroke his penis, pleasuing him even further.

"K...Kiba!" Naruto moaned and came on Kiba'd hand and on his own stomach.

"" Kiba came inside him only a few moments later. Kiba then fell on top of him softly, letting go of him and setting his feet below him. Kissing him on the cheek, he whispered, "I love you Uzumaki Naruto..."

--Back to Sasuke, now at his parent's house--

"Hello Sasuke-chan," Sasuke's mother waved to him as he angrily exited the car.

"What do you want?!" Sasuke snapped back, watching the driver get his bags from around the other side of the car.

"Well..." Sasuke's mother answered back. Sasuke's father came out of the house to stand next to her.

His father put his hand on his wife's shoulder and looked to Sasuke, "Sas-"

"Shut up old man," Sasuke hissed through his teeth. "I fucking hate you. I'm going to my room and I don't wanna hear from either of you cheap bastards." Sasuke stormed up the steps, going towards the door behind his parents, but they would not let him through. "What the fu-"

"Itachi told us what you were doing to those poor boys," His father shook his head.

"What!?" Sasuke screamed.

"I'm ashamed of you son. You don't deserve to be called an Uchiha..." His father continued. "Why can't you be more like Itachi?"

"ITACHI?!" Sasuke yelled in response. "Why would you want me to be like that fucking child molester!?"

"Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke..." Itachi came out from the door behind them, a small smile on his face. "Don't be so mean to me... Now wonder those other two boys didn't like you."

"What?! And how'd you know about that!? Were you spying?!" Sasuke screamed out a slew of questions, rage burning in his eyes.

"Maybe..." Itachi laughed slightly and walked back inside. Sasuke's parents had to use all of their strength to hold Sasuke back...

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