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"Get a date with Danny Phantom! Get a date with Danny Phantom!" Tucker said, and stopped when the girls came running up to him.

"Where, where?!" They screeched.

"Right here!" He said, grinning, as he handed them a clipboard with a packet. It had 'Win a Date with Danny Phantom!' at the top, and about 500 spots for names. The girls nearly tore it apart, they wanted to write their names down so badly.


Sam went outside and closed the door. Danny watched as goose bumps appeared on her arms. It was below zero outside, and she didn't have a coat on! He had his on, and he ran to her. He put his hands on her arms and rubbed them up and down, making friction, to keep her warm.

"Sam, why aren't you wearing your jacket?" Danny asked, looking at her. He was secretly enjoying the close contact. Sam snuggled closer to him, trying to be inconspicuous, but he noticed, and held her closer into him.

"My mom threw it away because it was too small. I haven't had time to get a new one." She said softly, enjoying his smell. It was a mixture of just him, and,

"Danny, are you wearing Axel?" She asked him, smiling. Danny stuttered,

"Uh, yeah. Um, do you, um, like it?"

I put it on for you.

Sam smiled.

"Well, they say it's irresistible to girls."

And that's why.

He didn't notice her sad smile.

"Yeah. But really, Sam." He slipped his own jacket off and put it around her shoulders. She tried to protest, but he said,

"Sam, really. I can take the cold. I have ice powers, remember?" She smiled, blushing, and pulled it around her, putting her arms through the sleeves and holding it tight against her.

"Thanks." She said, half smiling. He had stopped rubbing her arms 10 seconds ago, so he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his thin frame, trying to keep her warm.

"Danny, I'm fine." She said softly, sadly. It was times like this that her hope raised. That maybe Danny loved her, as much as she loved him. But her hopes would come crashing down about a second later, so she tried to stay out of as much contact of him as possible. Danny unwound himself from her, and feared that she was upset that he was being all...touchy feely towards her. But his fears disappeared when she grabbed his hand and squeezed it. She was about to let go, but he laced his fingers in hers.

"So you don't get cold." He said, looking at her with his blue eyes. That was so lame. But she smiled and walked beside him, so close that he could feel her body heat.


When they got to school, their hands separated. Danny wanted to be able to hold her hand, to not care what anybody else thought. But she wasn't his girlfriend. She was his friend that was a girl.

I love you, Sam. I want you to be my girlfriend.

Danny solemnly thought. He'd hoped that maybe that she wouldn't break the connection with him, forgetting that he was holding her hand. No such luck.


Tucker saw Danny and Sam walk into the school building. Danny looked kinda, well, sad, and Sam was flushed from the cold. She was wearing his jacket. He grinned. Lovebirds as usual. He saw as they stopped and looked at the giant,

'Get a Date With Danny Phantom!' Sign. They looked at him and glared.


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