Get a Date With Danny Phantom

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Get a Date With Danny Phantom!

Chapter 7

School came the next morning and Sam still didn't attend. She remained curled up in a ball under her sheets on her bed, staring at the wall. No answers came as to how she was going to talk to Danny without him taking off.

Sam sighed and rolled over onto her back and continued her staring this time, directed at the ceiling.

If only I can get him alone with me for more than five minutes, she thought. At least then, I'd have an actual chance of setting things right.

Like a light bulb going off in her head, Sam's face brightened considerably as she hurriedly jumped out of bed. Quickly finding her cell phone she punched in a familiar number, tapping her foot impatiently as it rang on the other end.

"Hi, You've reached Tucker's phone. I can't answer it right now, but I'm sure if you leave a message, I'll be able to call you back when I'm not busy with everything else." BEEP.

Sam growled in frustration, but left a message anyway.

"Tucker, it's Sam," she said, stating the obvious. "Look, I've figured out a way to get Danny to talk to me. The only thing is (and I can't believe I'm saying this), I need your help starting with one of those applications."


"Dude! Wait up!"

Danny sighed as he stopped in the middle of the hallway, reluctantly waiting for Tucker to catch up to him. Crossing his arms over his chest, Danny gave him a look as if to say why-are-you-wasting-my-time? Tucker swallowed hard, but remembered that he had to follow through with this, even if his best friend did kill him afterwards.

Tucker handed Danny a piece of paper, watching as he scanned over it. As soon as he finished, Danny's fury took over.

"Another date!?" he shouted, almost unbelievingly. "Even with what's going on between me and Sam, you still want me to do on these dates!?"

His friend held up his hands in defense.

"Danny, please, just trust me on this one," Tucker pleaded. "You'll thank me later."

Danny shook his head in irritation as the late bell rang, signaling they were late. Forcefully shoving the paper back at Tucker, he turned to go to class, throwing one last look over his shoulder before stopping again and facing the computer geek.

"One last time," was all he said and, with that, he turned and left.

Once he rounded the corner, Tucker breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly opened his phone, texting happily as he, too, headed to class.


Hours Later . . .)

"I don't get it," Danny, already changed into Danny Phantom, said, looking down at the paper in his hands. "The paper Tucker gave me said she'd meet me right here, but I don't see a sign of her anywhere."

"Do you always take this time to talk to yourself this late at night?" a voice asked, causing him to whirl around.

"S-Sam?" Danny asked, mouth open in complete and utter shock.

His former best friend did not look at all like her normal, always-dress-like-a-Goth, self. A completely black dress clung to her figure, showing her curves in a way that made Danny want to grab and kiss her right then and there. But, no matter how stunning her clothes looked and how she looked in him, what Danny was really staring at was what was hanging off of her wrist. His bracelet. Or, rather, the bracelet he had bought for her quite some time ago. He marveled at the way it added flare to her outfit and smiled at the realization of what had happened.

I'll have to thank Tucker later, he thought. Right now, I want to enjoy my date.

Danny offered Sam his hand and, without hesitation, she took it. Sam didn't protest when her date took to the sky, nor did she complain when they didn't land until they arrived back at her house. Danny watched Sam head up the stairs to go inside, every instinct telling him to stop her.



They blinked as they realized they had both spoken at the same time, but laughed as if it was the funniest thing in the world. After it subsided, Sam tried once again to speak.

"Danny, I was a little rough on you the other night," she admitted, staring at the ground. "I should've known it wasn't your fault. Tucker had you running around so much it probably made HIS head spin. I took out all my anger and frustration on you and I'm sorry. I hope we can still be friends."

"After tonight?" Danny asked, surprised at her confession. "No way!"

Sam heard more than felt her heart breaking at those harsh words, but the next set of sentences Danny spoke quickly put it back together again.

"After tonight, Sam, everything changes," he continued as Sam brought her gaze up to meet his. "We can't still be friends because I can't dodge the truth anymore. I like you way more than a friend and having just a friendship with you is something that would drive me insane. Sam, will...will you go out with me?"

No matter how many times the words played over and over in her head, she still could hardly believe it was happening. Her crush of God knows how many years had finally asked her out! Sam's response startled Danny, but he quickly regained his composure when she flung herself at him, allowing their lips to lock in a kiss. As breathing became a priority, they pulled apart, neither of them letting go of the other.

"That application I filled out was so totally worth the time it took to write everything down," Sam stated, smiling at her new boyfriend. "Because I got something more than just a date with the ghost boy from Amity Park."

Danny looked at her, the confusion so clearly evident on his face that Sam just had to laugh. Playfully punching him in the arm, she added,

"I got YOU, silly."


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