Silent Whisper

Seven students go on their final trip to end their last year in high school before going off to college. The school sends them to the now populated and renewed Silent Hill. During the trip everything goes horribly wrong when students go missing. The seven remaining students must put their trust in each other if they want to escape alive.

They try and escape the hellish town of Silent Hill...


It's been over eighty years since Silent Hill was burned and cursed, rumors have it that many holy men have come and cleansed Silent Hill of its curse. A few months of watching and waiting nothing odd has happened since so many people have come and moved into Silent Hill and gave it a make-over. Now a bustling town like it used to be, many still come to Toluca Lake and some even go swimming in it.

Not many odd things have been happening, the occasional murder and robbery but a new thing has happened. Five people have gone missing in less than twenty-four hours they moved into Silent Hill, the only traces were blood and flesh. The police state that the blood and flesh were of the missing person, no other reports have been reported.

It has been only two years since the Walter Sullivan murders, Silent Hill may be cleaned but it will never be clean of its crime and convictions. For the town, its inhabitants, and many visitors bring their personal demons to life in the evil town of Silent Hill. The curse and its crimes will never be forgotten or forgiven, no matter what, the town will always be a place that is really 'Hell on Earth'.