Silent Whisper

TITLE: Lost In The Curse

Music: Silent Hill 2 - Ordinary Vanity

Aimee has been at Lucky Jade Restaurant for a while now listening to others and looking outside at Silent Hill, she is very curious as to Silent Hill's location. It was just like the place in her stories, all her stories revolving around a town near a lake. Could Silent Hill be that place?

Aimee lays her head on the table and listens to the world around her, she sat there waiting for her food and soon enough she fell asleep on her notebook. Nothing around her changed, nothing in her mind told her to wake till she heard something.

"Aimee? Are you awake?" Asked a voice in the echoing shadows.

Aimee slowly opens her eyes and leans back in her chair to see a man sitting across from her. She looks around to see that everything was still the same, she looks back at the man.

"Aimee, do you remember me?" Asked the man.

Aimee looked over the man's face and came up blank, she shook her head and the man leans back in his chair as the waitress walked over with Aimee's order. The waitress looks at Aimee and smiles.

"Anything else dear?"

Aimee looks at the waitress then the man.

"Coffee, please." The man said.

The waitress left and Aimee just stared at the man.

"I'm Doctor James Donovan from Ashfield Hospital. I was the one that took care of you while you were in the hospital five years ago."

The waitress came back and places the coffee on the table, Aimee slowly eats her food while staring at Doc Donovan who slowly drinks his coffee.

"Shouldn't you be at the hospital?" Aimee asked.

Doc Donovan placed the coffee cup back on the table and slowly stood, he then places a folder on the table and checks his beeper.

"I'll talk to you later, a companion calls me. Take this file and be careful Aimee Croften, that is of course, if you remember your real name." Doc Donovan said walking away leaving Aimee in confusion.

Aimee looks at the folder and there outside the window Doc Donovan vanishes into the thick fog.

"Looks like fog is rolling in again." Said the waitress cleaning the table behind Aimee.

Aimee slowly grabs the folder and opens it, it showed a picture of a young girl standing in front of a large lake, Aimee looks closer at the sign next to the girl.

Toluca Lake.

'Why would he give me this?' Aimee thought as she looked on the back of the photograph. 'The date... this was taken five years ago and the kid's name is 'Aimee'. No way that could be me.' Aimee looked at the other photos in the folder. 'They all show that girl at Toluca Lake. Wait, this one is different, there's something in the back ground.' Aimee looks closer at the image in the back ground.

After staring at it for a while it came to her, Albel told her what happened to her last night, about ending up in a prison on the lake. The Water Prison.

'This is that place she was telling me about!' Aimee shouted in her mind.

Aimee quickly stood up and ran to the cash register, after paying for her meal she ran as fast as she could back to Jack's Inn, to her room. She knew Layna and Albel would be there waiting or chatting about boys, upon entering the parking lot no one was around. Not a living soul, Aimee hurried to her room and looks around.

"Layna! Albel! Hello?" Aimee looks at the floor to see blood and she quickly covers her mouth as panic fills her to the near breaking point. "Oh my god." Aimee slowly backed out of the room and turns around to come face to chest with someone. "Ah!"

Remy looks down at the tiny Aimee, his emotionless face frightens Aimee even more. He now was wearing a red and black striped hoody jacket with jeans. He was also wearing eyeliner to match his Emo hairstyle. Aimee looks at the ground embarrassed and there she noticed that Remy was wearing no shoes.

"I thought you were Yokai, my mistake." He said turning around.


Remy stops and looks at Aimee with his blank red eyes, his eyes were once beautiful but stress and morn caused them to turn red from the pain. Aimee looks around and slowly walks over to him.

"Where is everyone? I haven't seen anyone since this morning. I can't find Layna or Albel, in fact I don't know where the others are."

"You should try asking that religious freak friend of yours. He knows more than you all think. He and that kid Wallace."

Remy looked back at the fog filled parking lot and takes a few steps before Aimee stopped him again.

"Wait, where are you going?" She asked with some fright in her voice.

"To find Yokai."

With saying that Remy walked off disappearing into the fog, he wasn't going to stop anymore.

"Please! Where is everyone?!" Aimee shouted at him. "Man, why is this happening?"

A loud noise scares Aimee and she turns around to see someone, he was rubbing his eyes and in one of his hands was a revolver. Aimee slowly backs up as the man shakes his head.

"Damn girl, that stuff burns. My eyes!"

"Um, excuse me. Sir?"

The man slowly opens one eye and looks at her, he smiles at her for his eye sees her as a human.

"Good, you're not a talking demon."


The man rubs his eyes again and Aimee takes a step closer.

"Is there something wrong?" Aimee asked in concern.

"I got hair spray in my eyes."

Aimee slowly walks past the man and opens her room door.

"Go to the bathroom and flush out your eyes."

The man opens one eye and made his way to the bathroom, once he was inside Aimee slowly walked in after him taking her time to take a good peek at the revolver as he sat it on the sink. She notices that it only had shell casings and no bullets.

"What's your name?" The man asked.

"Aimee Croften, you?"

"Michael Kaufmann. Director of medical staff at Alchemilla Hospital, I visit Brookhaven Hospital to see some patients."

Aimee nods her head and watches Kaufmann, as he dries his face Aimee looks outside the window.

"Dr. Kaufmann, I'm here on a field trip with my class but I haven't seen anyone. You got any advice as to where I should look?"

Kaufmann looks at her and shrugs.

"I would check the Police station and then the bars. You have a map, don't you?"

Aimee just realized she never even looked at her map, like she knew where to go. She walks over to her bed and grabs her backpack off the floor, as she digs through the pockets to find the map Kaufmann empties his revolver.

"You want to come with me?" Asked Aimee.

"What for?"

"I don't know, to keep me company. The fog just rolled in and many people say that it can get dangerous sometimes. Thieves and muggers take advantage of the fog and rob people." Aimee said with a worried look.

"It's in the direction I'm heading anyway. Fine, let's go." Kaufmann said walking outside.

Aimee closes the door and locks it with the key, she pockets it and looks at Kaufmann.

"Central Silent Hill, its going to be a long walk." Aimee said circling the police station with a pencil.


Aimee and Kaufmann walked out onto the main road and start walking. Aimee reaches into her pocket and pulled out a small notebook and started writing. As they walked Kaufmann looked around for any ammo, he knows that some people would leave ammo out in the open when Silent Hill shifts to the 'Otherside'. Aimee had to write as she walked, writing about Silent Hill and Toluca Lake. She tried her best to look at the lake through the fog but it was pointless since the fog was getting thicker.

As they passed the Silent Hill Museum, Aimee shuddered at the memory of 'Wild Bill'.

"Mr. Kaufmann, how long have you been living in Silent Hill?" Aimee asked keeping an eye on the entrance of the museum.

"A long time. Is something wrong?"

"Well, I don't know if you'll believe me, when my class got here we visited the museum and well... we were attcked by 'Wild Bill'."

"The T-Rex on display? That's different."

Aimee gave Kaufmann a strange look.

"This happened before?"

"Not really, only when the darkness comes."

Aimee looked away and continued to write but she swore she could still hear 'Wild Bill', his loud growl, his bones rubbing together and his mighty jaw snapping.

Thirty minutes later Aimee and Kaufmann reached the police station.

"You go inside, I'm going to meet someone."

"Okay, be careful Mr. Kaufmann." Aimee said before entering.

Aimee walked over to the front desk and looked at the officer.

"May I help you?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm here on a field trip and I can't find my class anywhere." Aimee said looking at his young face. "I'm from Ashfield Heights High School."

"You do know that a few of your class mates were murdered, don't you?" He asked.

"Murdered? I didn't know that, how did it happen?" Aimee asked nearing panic.

"Some were shot to death and some were tortured. If I were you I would call my folks and go home, the investigations on these murders are still under way." He said now looking at the computer screen. "We did have one survivor, she was shot outside her hotel room, she is at Brookhaven Hospital. Let me see, yes, her name was Layna Wolf. She was shot in the back, no one saw the man that shot her."

"Layna!? Oh my god, is she okay?" Aimee asked nearly crying but she kept her posture.

"She's stabilized. She's at the hospital I told you."

"Thank you!" Aimee shouted as she pushed the doors open.

She ran most of the way back to South Vale, she had to find her friend no matter what.

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