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The result of my bored mind in English class. I honestly have no idea why i have been writing these short vignette things. If that's what you could even call them. I really need to stop thinking or i get new story plot ideas...

'Hey, let's take a break.'

Silence. No one answered the vague, flat voice that called out. The other two running forms continued, not hearing the voice.

'Hey,' he called. The emotionless man stopped running and merely watched his running teammates disappear. He stood there blankly, wondering if maybe they'd notice he was gone. In the back of his mind he knew though, he wasn't him. They wouldn't care what happened to him as long as they got their traitor back.

His mouth curved into his fake smile. He mattered nothing to them, after all he was only a replacement. They thought they were good teammates, going after the traitor. They didn't ever realize they were leaving one behind. And still he handled it well, almost okay with it.

A replacement is never as good as the original. The pink and yellow haired teammates were being selfish without even knowing it. They wanted their original back even when there was no hope. He knew this, he knew the traitor wouldn't ever return or be returned. But for some odd reason he stayed with them.

It was because it was orders. Also perhaps because in his own way he valued them. The feeling wasn't mutual, they only valued the original.

It was odd to him why they hadn't accepted him. He was said to be a lot like the other member of the original Team Seven. Both emotionless and distant, even their looks were similar. The traitor never tried to make friends like did though. So what was so good about him that they liked?

He was only the replacement, no value at all. They left him behind but they didn't care at all. The replacement was never as good as the original; he would never be as good as their traitor.

Finally after staring at the same spot and direction for what he predicted an half an hour, he began walking. He knew it would take a while for him to catch up, but he was in no hurry. His mind was blanking as he trotted along the trees; he had no thoughts or agitation. It wasn't like he could though.

Eventually he stopped. In front of him were his teammates, camp set up. Both were sitting on the ground next to a fire. They appeared to be eating something.

His female member noted his presence and looked up, making the other member turn to look at him as well. Her brows creased, and he was sure she was about to get mad again. Surprisingly her words and voice were different.

"Where have you been?"

He didn't answer, but gazed blankly at the two. His face was still void of emotion as he walked over to the fire and sat between the two, creating a triangle.

"Here, we saved you a fish, and don't you dare whine about my cooking skills."

As promised an overcooked fish was handed to him. He stared at it harmlessly while they watched. After a few moments, as to seeing he wasn't going to eat it, his teammates turned away and started conversing. He was able to pick up that the traitor had moved again. He knew it.

But as the emotionless man looked down at the burnt fish he swore he felt something at the small token of kindness. The fake smile plastered back onto his face, unnoticed by the others.

'I bet the traitor's fish were never burnt'

There you have it! I love Sai! And i can't wait for the new Shippuuden episode! Sai comes in! I guess this was inspired by the new ending theme, i got the first part from the ending theme.