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Part seven

Still Saturday night…

We made it back to Ranger's apartment in record time. Probably because I was driving. Ranger actually gave me the keys because he was worried about getting pulled over in his current situation.

The second I was out of his car Ranger had me by the hand and dragged me towards the elevator. He hadn't even paused to remove the headdress. We got on the elevator and he remoted us up to 7. The elevator, however, had other plans.

It came to a stop on five and there stood Binkie with about five new hires.

"And now I'll take you down to the gym…." He trailed off at his first glimpse of Ranger. "Ummm…sir…I…"

Ranger looked at Binkie fearfully and then down at me, his mouth slightly open.

"Mr. Manoso. Is that you?" Binkie finally asked. The new hires were looking confused.

Ranger squared his shoulders and faced Binkie. "My left nip-"

"HA HA HA HA!" I jumped in front of him. "We were just dressing up for a kinky sex game! Yep! Ha ha ha! WELL! Look at the time, Binkie! See you later!" I was rapid fire pressing the button for seven as I spoke. Binkie was just standing there staring.

The doors closed and Ranger leaned his forehead against the doors. "Christ."

When they opened again he bent down and swung me over his shoulder.


"No time, Babe."

He keyed the door open quickly but managed to crack my head on the doorframe on the way in. He set me down and I grabbed my head.

"Stephanie! I'm so sorry." he said, holding his hand over my bump. "We have to get this lifted. Now." He pulled me into the bedroom and into his arms.

I was worried that I might not be feeling entirely sexy with all this pressure. Those thoughts flew out the window, however, when he kissed me hard and fast. His tongue stroked mine and I forgot everything but the feeling. He eased my dress over my head and ran his hands all over my body.

I ran my hands over his bare chest feeling the muscles bunch under my fingers. Ranger reached around to undo my bra and I ran my fingers through his hair, knocking off the headdress. I was working my way down to his ass when I realized Ranger was still working on my clasp. I finally just stopped and stood there as he kept trying.

"Do you need me to turn around?"

Ranger let go and dropped his hands to his sides and looked incredulous. "I can't get it. I can't open your bra. You're going to have to do it."

I reached behind me and undid it easily. A muscle twitched in Ranger's jaw and he scooped me up and deposited me onto the bed. He crawled on his knees towards me and grabbed my legs, pulling them open before him.

"Now wait a minute Ranger, maybe we should slow down here!"

"Not on your life." He said and he bit the inside of my thigh, causing heat to course through me.

"If you are in that much of a hurry, shouldn't you just skip to the main event?"

Ranger looked at me a little disbelieving. "Stephanie. Think it through. What is the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a man and it just happens to occur during sex?"

"Oh." I looked down at his pants. "You sure don't seem to be having that problem."

"Do you want to risk it?" He had a point. "Besides," he grinned, all trace of sheepish suddenly gone "This is my favorite part." He lowered his mouth down to my thigh.

But I also wasn't quite ready to give up Embarrassment Ranger. I mean, I hadn't even asked him anything good yet. You know, taken him for a test drive. Actually, what if this curse was so bad that he couldn't even give me an orgasm? I worried about this for a moment as he kissed and licked up my thigh.

And then his tongue touched me through my underwear and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was no force on Earth strong enough to deprive Ranger of his sexual ability. He could be cursed by Satan himself and Ranger's magic would blow it out of the water.

Before I knew it, my underwear was gone and I was writhing beneath him as he licked and teased, finally sliding two fingers deep inside. He groaned against me. I tried to hold it in, make it last just a little longer but when he pushed my knees together and up to my chest I came hard under his talented mouth, screaming his name in all it's glory.

Ranger didn't even pause for breath. He came over me, wrapped my legs around his waist and thrust into me hard, making me scream again. He did pause for a moment then and lowered his forehead to mine. I could feel his arms shaking slightly in his restraint.

"Christ, Babe, you feel so good. Just like I remember."

But I was done talking. Done protesting. Done stalling. I urged him on and he ground into me hard and fast, driving us up until I exploded again, calling to him. He slowed so I could finish and then joined me over the edge, collapsing on top of me as we gasped.

He cradled me to him and our breathing slowed. We didn't talk for awhile but just held on, occasionally smiling at the other and kissing. Finally I looked around.

"Well, what happened? Did it break? Should you test it? Call down to the control room and try to talk."

Ranger just smiled slightly and kissed me softly.

"Seriously, Ranger, we should find out."

He continued to smile and trailed his lips down my neck causing me to shiver.



Suddenly I got a weird feeling. I shoved him off me and sat up. He rolled onto his back with one arm behind his head. He was grinning.

"Ranger. What's going on?"

He sighed. "Babe. A Man Law Embarrassment Curse?"

I gaped at him. "WHAT? You made that up?"

Ranger traced a finger down my breast. "Yep." I slapped his hand away.

"The whole thing? The tripping? The comments? The bare ass?"

Ranger laughed. "Everything but the bare ass. That was an accident. I guess I fake tripped too hard." He had the nerve to look pleased with himself.

I couldn't believe it. I stood up in the bed over him. "But WHY? WHY would you do that?" My arms were starting to wave.

Ranger ran his gaze up the length of me, his look heated again. "Looks like it worked."

I jumped to the ground. "You TRICKED me into bed with you? You…you…" I gaped at him and then pulled on my underwear and started searching for my bra. In a flash he was up.

"Yes, Stephanie. I tricked you. And I'd do it again. I'll trick you, seduce you, stun you, handcuff you…" he paused until I looked at him "..love you until you realize that my bed is where you need to be." My mouth opened slightly and I couldn't break his gaze. "You think it's me, but you're actually the tricky one, Babe. Getting you here is one of the most challenging things I've done. But I feel pretty good about being able to keep you here." A hint of smug laced his voice.

"Besides, all our hard work, I deserve a reward." he breathed against my neck. He reached behind me and effortlessly flicked my bra open with one hand. It slipped off and he lowered his mouth to my breast. I was trying to process what he said as well as stay mad at him but I was slowly losing my concentration as he heated my skin. One little nagging thought wouldn't leave, however.

"Wait. What do you mean by all 'our' hard work?" I was starting to moan.

"Your Grandma and I. She really hammed it up. I thought for a minute she really was going to grab me at the end, though. That was a little scary."

I shoved him away. "WHAT? You corrupted my Grandma?!"

He was still looking at my breasts, reaching out to try to touch them. "It wasn't hard. I just promised her Lester would drive her and her friends around in the Turbo for a day."

"WHAT! That was fake? NO! No No No! You were embarrassed! I saw your face turned red!"

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, Babe, but that was fake, too. I have enough control over my body that I can turn my face red if I need to." The wolf grin was back. "It really wasn't hard. I just pictured my head between your legs and that did the trick." As he said this, he ran his hands between my legs, stroking me. I couldn't believe it. He had duped me again and all I could think about was getting back in bed with him and wrapping around him like a wet towel.

He was against me now, his hands cupping my bottom as he kissed lightly along my jaw towards my ear. I felt myself moan a little. He was slowly walking backwards towards the bed.

"But I won." I whispered.

"And you did a good job. I just don't get embarrassed." He was teasing my nipples with his thumbs as he said this. "I gave you fair warning."

The back of my knees hit the end of the bed and I sank down, unable to stop myself and I grabbed his shoulders to pull him on top of me.

Ranger nestled between my thighs and bent down to kiss me. His tongue swept into my mouth and his hands framed my face. He pulled back and looked at me. "I love you, Babe." He smiled. "And I have a bet to collect on. All evening at my disposal."

I couldn't help it. When he said it I felt myself go wet at the thought. Ranger ran a hand under my panties and moaned into my neck.

"Tonight?" I asked.

Ranger stroked his thumb over me and I gasped. "No, Babe. I don't need to use my winnings to keep you in bed tonight."

"You don't?" I breathed. Like I was getting up!

"Nope. I never used my dare for today." I pulled back and looked into his smiling face. He had duped me AND managed to get two nights of sex out of the deal.

Thank God.

Ranger leaned his weight back just a little, the glint back in his eyes.

"I dare you to turn around."

And God help me, I did.

ooooooooooooooooooo RS ooooooooooooooooo

Six months later….

Ranger's mother stood up and excused herself to the bathroom. We had just finished a fabulous Ella dinner in Ranger's apartment. Even Ranger had eaten the flan. His brothers had two helpings. I liked them. Ranger's father had been quiet, but he was warming up and he was as handsome as his son.

I walked back in from the kitchen. "Where did Marie go?"

Celia leaned back in her chair. "She had to use the restroom. You know what that means, don't you Carlos? She's going through your cabinets." They all groaned in sympathy. I smiled, too, because Ranger had told me this once before in empathy when I complained about my mother rearranging my things.

Ranger picked up his plate. "Not much to find, unless she has a problem with shave gel and extra toilet paper."

But he spoke too soon. "Ricardo Carlos Manoso!" we heard from the bathroom in a tone that only a disgusted mother could use. All the Manoso children winced, including Ranger. His Dad snuck into the kitchen.

Marie rounded the corner. "What is this?" She had a magazine in her hand. Ranger's brother Miguel burst out laughing and grabbed it from his mother.

"Bump and Grind: Breast edition. Nice, Bro!" Sure enough, two top heavy women were on the cover touching each other in places that their bathing suits covered. If they were wearing bathing suits. Which they weren't.

Ranger furrowed his brow. "I…that isn't mine, Mama."

She turned on him, away from Miguel. "Don't lie to me, Carlos. You have a filthy magazine in your bathroom. Where else would it come from? This is just as bad as when you were 12!"

"Mama." he warned.

She turned to me. "Oh it was bad. He was always in the bathroom. I'd never seen a boy need to do it as much as Carlos. Not even his brothers!" Miguel and his brother Fernando were roaring. Ranger was looking furious. Celia muttered something about 'disgusting'.

His mother plowed on. "Anytime a new catalog from Victoria Secret would arrive, off he would go. He'd be in there for an hour. He would go in the bathroom because I caught him once in his room. Little pervert. I didn't even want to touch the underwear section after that!"

"Mama!" Ranger said sharply. His face was red and he wouldn't even look at me.

"And I don't even want to talk about his sheets. I know because I had to change them. He used to get these dreams-"

"That's enough, Mama!" Ranger said. He looked mortified. Miguel threw a pillow at him.

Celia laughed. "Oh yes. The Alyssa Milano dreams. He used to watch Who's the Boss religiously."

Marie was not to be deterred. "But his sheets!" She was still talking to me. "It was everywhere!"

"I can't listen to this anymore!" Ranger turned and slammed into his room. We all stood there for a moment, smiling at each other.

"I think I better go." I said. "I think I need some time to process this..uh…side of Ranger."

I heard a muffled 'Christ' from the bedroom. I said goodbye to everyone and walked out to the elevator.

I leaned against the wall instead of pressing the button. After a moment, the door opened quietly and Marie came out and stood before me, looking at me intently. We both broke out in a big smile at the same time.

"Si, Stephanie. That was a good idea you had."

"I couldn't decide between that one or this one." I said, pulling out Modern Ass from my bag. She laughed.

"You are sneaky and clever." She took my hand and her thumb brushed over my engagement ring. "If I didn't know how much you love him, I would have to keep a serious eye on you!" She wagged her finger at me, but her eyes were warm and laughing.

The door to the apartment was suddenly thrown open and Ranger stood there glaring at us.

"I knew it!" He turned on his Mom. "You! You're a horrible mother." He turned to me and pointed. "And you! It's SO on." My laughter cut off. Ranger didn't mess around. I had learned that several months ago.

Ranger turned to storm back into his apartment and paused. He turned back to us abruptly.

"And just for the record, it wasn't that much. I always cleaned up! I mean…shit!" His face turned red again and he slammed the door shut behind him.

Marie turned back to me. "He'll calm down. Give him a few minutes in the bathroom with the magazine." I burst out laughing. She smiled at me. "Nice to know he's met his match."

I hoped so, or I was a dead woman.

The End