Chapter 2

Grey and Ashe dashed forward. They knew how to use Model A's weapons instinctively, somehow. While they were talking with Prometheus and Pandora, a large amount of Mavericks had managed to board the train, giving the pair a bit of work to do. They moved from cart to cart, blowing mavericks away with the A-buster. Strangely enough, their busters worked different from the others'. Grey's single shot worked like his buster pistol. And when he charged it, it became larger, and more powerful. Ashe's took on the qualities of her laser buster. Her charge shot was more of a precision type thing. It became a thin, long line. If it missed an enemy, it would rebound off the wall and hit the enemy another way. Also, Grey's homing shot had a wider range, and the buster launched one bullet per enemy locked on to. Ashe's homing shot had a smaller window, but when she locked on to multiple enemies, she only fired one shot that hit each enemy one after the other, then disappeared after it collided with the final one.

They worked well together, usually destroying the mavericks before they even saw the two coming. Finally, they reached the front car. Using their wall jump, they climbed to the top. However, before they could take a few steps, they heard a snort, and a reploid jumped out from the car through the ceiling. He was the shape of a gazelle, with red armor, an Indian Mohawk, and a loin cloth, "Model A! You broke rule! The one's you choose no good for Game of Destiny. Boy defective, no good! And Mega Man Model A Chosen One a girl?! No good you lend power!"

"Rule?!", Model A asked, "What rule? I never heard of any rule!"

"Who's this?", Grey asked.

"Uh, he must be some sort of Maverick.", Ashe concluded.

"Me not Maverick.", The reploid said, "Me Psuedoroid. Me Buckfire. You get away from Prometheus and Pandora, but not from I! Buckfire, obey rule! Buckfire, will kill you both!"

He jumped high in the air, and came down at the two teens with a lightning fast rocket kick. It destroyed the ceiling beneath them, and knocked both of them into the car below. Buckfire didn't wait. Seeing that his opponents were down, he jumped up to land another kick, but Grey and Ashe both moved just in time. Ashe stood up to shoot Buckfire, but he rammed her with his horns, causing her damage and knocking her into the wall. The Psuedoroid turned his attention to Grey, shooting him with a burning arrow. It landed, and distracted Grey long enough for Buckfire to nearly impale Grey with his horns. Grey landed on the floor with a thud, and Buckfire walked towards Grey, prepared to kill. Grey was too injured to do anything, and he could only watch helplessly as the Gazelleoid approached. Just before the enemy reached him, however, a precision shot pierced him, right through the chest. "You...", He began, "traitor! Our fu..." Grey cut the speech by launching a fully charged shot at Buckfire, causing him to explode.

Ashe helped him stand up, "Are you okay, Grey?"

"Yeah, thanks. But that was a bit too close."

Suddenly, a small blue orb appeared from Buckfire's remains. Grey and Ashe looked at it suspiciously, wondering what it was. It suddenly split in two. One half flew towards Grey, and the other, towards Ashe. Somehow, their armor systems absorbed it. "Model A, what was that?", Grey asked.

"Heh, wanna see something cool?", Model A asked.

"Sure, what?", Ashe asked.

"Okay, Grey, I want you to shout 'A-Trans', while thinking about Buckfire."

Grey did so, "A-Trans!"

A moment later, Ashe was looking at Buckfire, standing right in front of her. Somehow, though, she knew it was Grey. "This...", Model A began, "Is my power. You can transform into any enemy you defeat. Specifically, Psuedoroids, and other Biometal users."

Grey transformed back, and Model A said, "Now that we've got that down, let's head back to camp, and think up another way to get to Legion HQ."

"So you are going to help us?", Ashe asked.

"Well, either that, or you'll leave me here. And I don't wanna be alone."

"Thank you.", Grey said, "But first, we need to help the injured Hunters."

"What?!", Model A asked, "Do we have to?"

"We could leave you here instead.", Ashe said.

"Ugh, fine! Why did you two have to be the only ones around that I could megamerge with? Yeesh"

A half hour later, Grey and Ashe had rendezvoused with Billy, "Nice work out there, you two. It'd probably be safer if you were to hold on to the Biometal. Go file in a mission report at the Transerver. No mission report, no pay."

A few minutes later, Ashe was about to step off the server. All of a sudden, she heard, "So you two are the ones who filed the report?"

"Huh who's there?", Grey asked. He and Ashe looked at the screen, and there they saw the faces of three older men.