Title: Doctors With Accents
Author: Lady Yueh
Fandoms: Doctor Who, House M.D.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not my property and no infringement is intended.
Character(s): House, Chase, Five.
Author's Notes: Small ficlet requested by seldra who wanted 'Chase and The Doctor'.

"Check it out."

House's interest was immediately aroused.

His minion sounded far too amused.

He didn't like it.

They were supposed to be cynical, jaded and utterly in fear of him.

"Oh my god," Cameron was so easy to read. Disbelief and amusement. "They even have the same fashion sense," she snickered.

"What? None at all?" Foreman was definitely smirking.

Now this, he had to see.

"Huh." House blinked and tilted his head. As if a different angle would change the sight in front of him.

Not one to simply observe he made his way to the objects of his scrutiny.

He was well aware that his minions were falling into step behind him in order to catch the spectacle.

"I didn't know you'd cloned yourself. Is he here so you can judge whose hair is better?" he interrupted the pair's conversation with his usual lack of social niceties.

"What?" The pair echoed in eerie unison.

"No. Wait. My mistake. He's a bit older than you. One of your father's indiscretions? Whoops. Wrong again. Wasn't Mommy the pretty one?" House questioned earnestly. "And his hair is better. Sorry Chase. You forfeit your position as the pretty blond bimbo."

Chase's blond companion smiled serenely. "I am not his relation, Doctor House. I am merely offering him an opportunity."

House waggled his eyebrows. "You're British," he noted. "I see," he layered the words with innuendo making it obvious what he thought of this 'opportunity'. "Explains the awful clothing. Question marks? And stripes? Is that? Celery?"

Chase ignored him. "Doctor, not yet. Try in a few more years, yeah?"

House quirked an eyebrow. "Doctor? Why don't you work for me? Then I could have the set!" He mocked gleefully.

The Doctor who had not been named or introduced answered, "I have a job. A necessary one."

"Then don't try and poach my minion!" House growled, shifting moods swiftly.

The Doctor did not seem particularly concerned.

"Goodbye, Robert."

"Bye, Doctor." Chase grinned faintly as the enigmatic Doctor turned and left.

No one, especially not House, missed that bit of regret in Chase's eyes.

House clucked. "We all know that the formula pretty+blond+doctor multiplied by accent is a heady combination but I thought your own would cancel it out. Stop mooning and get to work! I still own your soul!" House cackled.

Chase rolled his eyes, ignored the curious stares from Cameron, Foreman's amusement and the eyes of the people in the lobby as he went back to normality.

Just a few more years.