Chapter 4

Silence. Once a welcomed noise, or lack there of, in my eyes. Now, as I sit across from Jack with not a word passing between us, I realize that it is anything but welcome. Finally a sigh escapes his lips as he stands before making his way around the table to kneel before me.

"No one deserves to die, luv. Least of all you," he whispers as he takes my hand.

"Least of all me? How can you say that after what I've done?"

"Ye listen to me. I know a thing or two bout killiing, savvy? Yer no murderer."

His pirating ways has made him blind to your sins. Lies. Every word weaves the web stronger.

"I can't... I won't listen to your untruths any longer! Your deceitful speeches hold no power over me," I cry out, shoving Jack away from me and making a mad dash for the sea.

The pouring rain is cool on my face as I run, my dress now plastered to my body. Repeatedly my name is called behind me and I know he is following. No matter. My head start has allowed me to reach the docks and without a second thought I dive into the angry ocean.

I silently give thanks that the dress has wrapped itself around my legs, inhibting any swimming I may attempt to do as I sink further into the dark abyss. Heat and panic fill my chest as my body wills me to find the surface and breathe, but I push them away. Just as I am about to find the end I long for, something new wraps it's way around my body.

Soon I can once again feel the rain against my skin and a hard surface sits beneath my trembling body.I failed at my attempt to stop the pain and the notion rips a cry from between my lips. Arms hold me close, rocking me like a child as I sob loudly.

"You should have let me drown," I howl, beating my fists against Jack's chest.

"Couldn't do that, darlin," he murmurs in return, placing soft kisses in my hair.

"Why? I'm nothing. Just a warm body to keep you company at night. A burden you don't need. A whore. I'm nothing. Nothing to you."

I look up into his beautiful eyes, noticing immediatly the soft smile playing across his beautiful lips. Those brown orbs consume me with the secrets they hold deeply inside themselves.

"Ye'd think so, wouldn't you?"

His answer fills my grieving heart with a joy I haven't felt in months, a quiet promise of a happier tomorrow... with him. I search his features for any hint of deceit, finding none, and for the first time the evil presence inside my head is no where to be found. Now there is only me, him and the rain.

A/N: The italics are meant to be her 'guilt' speaking to her, just in case you didn't get that. This was also originally in 2nd person POV so I'm sorry if the grammer turned out wrong in places or I missed a 'you' somewhere during editing. Review as you see fit and watch for the thrid and final part of this series I'll be posting soon.