It's A Man's World

Chapter 1:

Beeeep… Beeep… Beeeep… Bee.

A groggy moan escape from under the bedspread as a hand crept from underneath it, hitting the "off" button on the alarm clock. The covers lifted some, revealing a pair of half-alert eyes staring at the face of the clock. Another audible groan sounded when the lump realized it was 6:15a.m; not that this was unusual, the lump always got up at that time.

"Just five more minutes." or at least it tried; it wasn't much of a morning person. No sooner did the lump close her tired eyes came this incredible loud banging erupted from the bedroom door.

"Hey, Sis! Wake up!" a male voice accompanied the loud knocking. The lump quickly wrapped the sheets tighter around her, trying to drown out the sounds

"I am." the sleepy voice replied back, muffled by the covers.

"Like hell you are." the male retorted, continuing his knocking.

"Go away!" the voice became louder. Satisfied that the noise stopped, she shifted, stretching out some, rolled over and returned back to slumber; for a while anyways. Hearing the "click" of a door opening and then carpet crunching under the weight of footsteps forewarned her that her time was up.

"Get out!" she yelled again hoping that the intruder would listen, for once.

"No." he said impassively as he opening the curtains letting the evil rays of the sun in. As if the sun would burn her delicate flesh, the lump quickly moved to the other side of the bed. Suddenly the intruder drove his hands under the covers, grabbing her by both ankles, pulling her halfway off the bed as she kicked furiously the whole time trying to break free of his hold.

"Goddamn it Souta!" Kagome said with rage, pulling the sheets from off her head. Breathing heavily her long, silky black hair was disheveled; her chocolate brown eyes were dark with anger, as she stared at her younger brother's handsome smiling face. "Why do you have to manhandle me like that every time!" It infuriated her even more when he still had that goofy grin on his face. Placing his hands in the front pockets of his jeans, he rocked back on his heels,

"If you had gotten up the first time, I wouldn't have to." He answered smugly, flashing his pearly whites. Kagome gritted her own; lifting her left arm she pointed to the open door.

"Get. Out!" she spaced out the words, getting her point across. She waited until he left the room before getting up, slamming the door forcefully and relocking it. She sighed heavily, combing her fingers through her semi-tangled hair. Men; God she just couldn't understand them. Stifling a yawn, she made her way to the bathroom. Adjusting the water temperature to her liking, she took off the oversized T-shirt and shorts and stepped in. Letting the hot spray massage her back and hair, she began to lather up her favorite scented soap.

What gives him the right to just come into my room, without my permission and disturb me? She thought angrily, soaping her entire body. What part of a man's brain tells them that they can do any damn thing they want to? She began to scrub her body to the point where her skin turned red.

Feeling clean, she turned off the shower, twisting her hair gently to get rid of the extra water. Pulling back the shower curtain, she wrapped herself in the towel hanging on the hook. After taking the time to brush her teeth and blow dry her hair, she walked back out to get dressed. Standing in just her underwear and bra, she checked the time; 7 o'clock. She noted; she had 45 minutes before school began.

Not caring what she wore today, she chose a simply navy blue fitted, collared shirt, leaving two of the five buttons undone, and a pair of blue jeans. Walking over to her dresser she picked up a gold chain, a small pearl hanging from the end. A gift her mother had given to her before she passed away. Placing the chain around her neck and tucking it in her shirt; she picked up her contact and eyeglass case, holding them both in her hands. Not feeling like putting in contacts, she chose the black square frames. Pushing them up on the bridge of her nose she then put two fingers to her lips before touch the glass of the picture frame, protecting the image of her parents.

"Later Mom and Dad" she picked up her book bag and headed down the hall. Making her way to the kitchen she saw her brother huddled a plate of leftover pizza, covered with every topping imaginable, and her grandfather, whose face was covered by the open newspaper he was reading.

"Morning." she greeted, grabbing an apple from the refrigerator about to make her exit.

"You should eat a more nutritious breakfast." her grandfather's voice came from behind the paper. Kagome rolled her eyes.

"Did you tell that to Souta?" she asked, placing her fist on her hip. She waited until he was finished reading, folding the newspaper back to its original form (A/n: I can never do that.)

"Souta is a fourteen year old, growing boy. He needs to eat all the food he can get. You, on the other hand are…"

"A seventeen going on eighteen year old girl," Kagome cut him off rather harshly. "And I'm allowed to eat what ever I want to." She glared at Souta for a moment before looking back at her grandfather. "At least I'm not eating greasy foods so early in the morning." she pointed out.

"Yeah," Souta spoke up, working his way around his food, "but I'm eating all of the five food groups." he said smiling before returning to his meal. Kagome sucked her teeth,

"So what, I'm supposed to follow the food pyramid every day now?" She said rudely, rolling her eyes as she turned on her heels. "I gota go."

"Kagome." her grandfather called out but she didn't answer as she slammed the front door, fuming.

Inuyasha leaned back as far as he could, reaching back to stretch his arms. He sat in the middle row of an empty classroom, waiting for the first bell to ring. He checked his watch again, groaning when he realized that he still had twenty minutes before school even started.

Why am I so early ? Oh, right. He thought to himself, remembering that his baseball coach wanted to have an early meeting. All he wanted to tell everyone to keep their grades up so that they could play in the upcoming game, and to not pull any pranks, such as stealing the other school's mascots. He directed that one especially to Inuyasha who just smirked back at him as his response. Ever since he'd dyed his black hair to the striking color silver that it was now, everyone classified him as a rebel, which he wasn't, sort of. He just liked to do things differently, to stand out from the crowd every now and then. What was wrong with that?

He let out a big yawn just as the door opened and someone stepped inside.

"Yo, there you are. I've been looking for you." A male voice said.

"Hey." He greeted back to his best friend Miroku.

"What the hell are you doing in here so early?" He asked, hanging his varsity jacket on the back of the chair before sitting at the desk in front of him. Inuyasha shrugged.

"Nothing else to do. Why were you looking for me?"

"I wanted to know if you finally found a date for the Masquerade Ball coming up." Inuyasha sighed


"Oh, good, cause I found this real hottie if your interested." He said excitedly

"Not interested." He replied in a bored tone, making his friend gape at him.

"What do you mean, "Not interested"? Dude, if you're going to the Ball you've got to have the perfect sexy honey on your arm." He raised his hand to stop whatever the other was about to say, "And no, you can't go by yourself." Other students began to fill the room as they kept their conversation going.

"Then maybe I won't go at all."

Miroku slammed his hands on Inuyasha's desk; the loud penetrating sound made some of the students turn their attention to them.

"Won't go! You won't go? This is our senior year! This, prom, All-Star game and graduation are all the events that we look forward to." he rubbed his temples when Inuyasha gave him a "so what" look. "What's wrong with you? You are star pitcher of Freeman baseball team. You are the son of a multibillionaire and heir to half of his estate. Those two things alone have beauties lined up at your doorstep, wanting to spend just one minute of their time with you. So what's the problem! What aren't you going!"

Inuyasha shook his head; Miroku always took things to the extreme if it had anything to do with girls. Truth was, all those other girl didn't matter to him. There was only one girl that caught his attention, who always had it, the one that he really wanted to spend time with and she was considered taboo to the rest of his friends, which made it all the more worst. She was voted "sexiest geek" three years in a row and even though she was of course beautiful, she would "mess up" the status quo of things for he was supposed to be bedding the head cheerleader for instance, not a geek.

His thoughts were disturbed when Miroku punched him in the arm. He rubbed the sore spot while glaring at him

"Just think about it ok?" He pleaded. He didn't want his friend sitting at home during the one time where you could screw a girl and not have know who either one was because of the requirement that everyone wear a mask. At least that was he, as well as ¾ of guys' had in mind for that evening. He sighed when he didn't get an answer. He turned his attention to the sound of footsteps coming towards them. "Oh thank God. Bankotsu, talk some sense into him please?" he asked dramatically.

"About what?" he asked, sitting in next row; he turned sideways to face them.

"Nothing." Inuyasha groaned.

"He doesn't want to go the Ball. Tell him that's a stupid mistake."

"If he doesn't want to go, then he doesn't want to go."

"Thank you." Inuyasha said as Miroku threw his arms up in the air.

"You're no help." he accused, pointing his finger at him. He would have protested more but the teacher came in just as the final bell rang. "We're taking about this later." He warned turning back in his seat. Inuyasha mocked him behind his back.

"Kagome, what's got you all worked up?" Sango cringed at the sound of metal slamming against metal.

"I'm…I'm sick of this world." Kagome jammed her lock back in place. She shifted her books more comfortably and started to walk down the hall towards their destination. "First it was Souta. He just waltzes in my room and pulls my legs out of socket and Grandfather's talking about eating more healthy nutrition because I'm a girl and blah, blah, blah." she rolled her eyes at that. "Then, when I was walking to the bus stop random guys in their cars, hooking, cat calling, and whistling at me. I mean, if you're not offering me a ride, keep going." She let out a loud, exasperating sigh. "Why are men like this?" She eyed evilly at Sango who coughed in her hand to hide her laugh.

"Men are just naturally asshole Kags. That's just how the world is." Kagome shook her head at her friend's explanation, making her ebony locks fall over her shoulders.

"I refuse to just use DNA as a scapegoat because not all men are asshole." she finished as she opened the door to their homeroom.

"Just most." Sango added, making her laugh.

Laughter broke his focus from the conversation that he was having with his friends, his amber eyes drifted to the two women entering the room. The first to enter, Inuyasha recognized Sango Suzuki; her long brunette, French braided hair stopped at her waist; dressed in dark denim jeans and a plain white shirt covered by a varsity jacket, the words Track Team, was stitched in big white letters on the back. The shorter of the two was the one who had his affections.

"Higurashi, Suzuki, you two are late why?" the teacher questioned, eyeing them both. Kagome pulled out a small blue slip, handing it to her,

"We were in the principle's office." she lied as she glanced over the signature. The teacher nodded in approval.

"Very well, there's about ten minutes left of homeroom so take your seats."

"Yes ma'am." the said in unison walking over to the far side of the room. Inuyasha eyes still lingered on them as they seated themselves and started to begin a conversation of their own. After calling his name about four times, Miroku realized that he wasn't paying attention. Following in the direction of his eyes, a grin spread across his face.

"What? You thinking about asking the geek to the Ball?" he teased, making Inuyasha head snap back quickly

"No…no of-of course not." he stammered "What are you crazy? I wouldn't be caught dead with her." He laughed, trying to play it off. Miroku raised an eyebrow at him.

"No need to get jumpy, I was just playing." he focused on Sango's face once more. "Excuse me real quick." he said getting up, walking in the girls' direction.

"What are you afraid of?" Bankotsu asked, looking up from his book. Inuyasha looked at him from the corner of his eye.

"I don't know what you're talking about." he crossed his ankles while folding his arms over his chest. Bankotsu gave him a look

"A blind man could see that you have a think for Higurashi."

" Ssssshhhh." he leaned over the side on the desk, his sliver hair curtaining his face. "Keep your voice down. Do you want the whole school to know?" Bankotsu leaned over as well

"This whole I'm-keeping-my-feeling-hidden-because-my-love-is-a-geek is stupid." Inuyasha leaned back in his seat, having an intense staring contest with the blackboard. "You're afraid people will laugh at you because you decided to choose a brainy girl as your girlfriend?" he continued to stare at the board

"No." he finally said after a moment of silence.

"Then what?" Waiting and getting no response, Bankotsu sat back in his seat and reopened his book, dropping the subject altogether. Inuyasha sighed internally, if only they knew how it was back then.

Miroku, oblivious to their conversation, was making small talk with Sango, who didn't really want his company.

"Miroku why don't you tell us why you really came over here so we can get on with our lives." The brunette said in an irritated tone.

Something flashed in his eyes as a wicked grin formed on his face. Reaching out he played with the stray lock of hair that had escaped from her braid.

"My dear Sango, if you want to know why I really came over, it was to talk you into have hot, sweaty, raunchy sex with me but I thought I would ask when we were alone." His voice was low and husky as he stared deeply into her eyes. Kagome's face turned all different shades of red as Sango's stayed stone cold. Looking down at the floor, she noticed a pen lying at her feet. Bending over to pick it up, twirling it between her fingers.

"You see this? If you ever say that kind of shit to me again I'll shove this so far into your juggler, you'll be writing with it." she said in a deadly tone. Still smiling, Miroku shuttered.

"Sango, you know talking dirty like that gets me excited." Jumping up to her feet, a deep growl rumbled in her throat, scaring the other students around her. Miroku stepped back, putting his hands up in defense.

"Alright, alright. I'm going." blowing a kiss at her, he walked back over to his friends who had witnesses the scene.

"You know you're the bane of her existence right?" Bankotsu pointed out. He sighed dramatically.

"Yeah, just riling her up like that makes my day." he winked at her and watched as she barred her teeth. The bell rang moments later; Inuyasha, Miroku, and Bankotsu were among the students who began packing up and heading to their first period class.

"See? That's what I'm talking about!" Kagome gestured with her hand as she gathered her books. Sango closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose.

"Yeah. I get the point." she mumbled under her breath as they walked out of the room. They were silent as they continued to walk down the hall; Kagome observed the interaction with the males and females. She looked to her left, a girl with her back against the pale green lockers, was being cornered by an attractive guy. His arm was resting on the locker above her head, closing the gap between them. He leaned down, whispering something in her ear, giving her fits of giggles and blushing madly. She adverted her eyes to the small gang of them, all ranging in different ages, talking about, for what she could catch, was some sport that was on T.V last night. Looking forward she saw a couple walking towards them; the girl wrapping her arms around his so tight it was likely she was cutting off the circulation, but he didn't seem to mind. Kagome shook her head when another girl, dressed in a tight shirt and an even tighter mini skirt, walked passed them, making the guy turn his head to look at her non-existing butt.

Why are guys like that? She thought as she opened the school's newspaper room.

"Hey Kagome." she waved at the boy who greeted her. Sango followed her, looking at all students typing everything from the sports column to reading letters for the advice section; moving around to the copy and printer machines, shouting back and forth at one another. Papers were scattered on every desk it was a wonder to her how anything got done around here. And Kagome was chief of editor of all of this, but wait she wasn't done. She was also vice president of the Multilanguage Club, and an avid member of the book and creative writing club, and did community service twice a month. Her 4.0 came naturally, all the teachers love her, and most guys and some girls were obsessed with her. She was smart, charming, approachable, stern but fair, loving girl; not to mention gorgeous, holding the title of "Sexiest Geek" three years running. Sango wondered how she was able to organize her schedule so well and not get so stressed out.

Sango looked around the chaotic room, stopping at the wall on the far right. Eight medium sized frames hung horizontal along it, encasing different articles that the newspaper members voted the best stories. There was one about their former football coach having an intimate affair with not only with one of the cheerleaders but also two other teachers, and the principle's wife. She smiled; the Freeman High School newspaper crew takes their jobs very seriously.

She glanced down at the most recent article, written by the editor herself. One of the lunch ladies who, thank God was no longer employed there, believed that kids today were eating too much junk food and not getting the proper diet that they needed to "flush out" their systems. Which was true, but that still didn't give her the right to put laxatives in the cafeteria food.

Sango felt a shiver go down her spine. That was last Christmas and to this day she and the majority of the student body packed their lunches.

"Ready?" she asked when Kagome came back out of the small office, carrying a manila folder in between her books.

"Yeah. I'll look over these later." she informed her, tucking her hair behind her ears. "And I've figured out how to solve the perplexing queries of how men think and behave." she beamed a smile.

" How?" she asked, fearing that she'd made a mistake. Kagome's smile never wavered as she replied,

"By becoming a man."