TITLE: Amazing Grace

AUTHOR: Charli


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PAIRING/CHARACTERS: Troyella and the usual Wildcat gang.

SUMMARY: Gabriella knew deep down that Troy would be by her side through thick and thin, good times and bad. But she never dreamed that he would be seeing her through something as big as this. But he was there, and that was all she needed...

Ok, well I have done a couple of one shots, but this is my first go at a full length story! I hope you will all like it – I have the whole story planned out chapter by chapter and the first few chapters completely written. It is a topic that is very close to my heart and I hope that emotion shows in my writing. I won't say too much just yet, though, because I don't want to give the plot away yet!

So here is chapter one of 'Amazing Grace'.

Chapter One


The shrill sound of the afternoon school bell rang through the halls of East High School, as classroom doors flew open and crowds of students spilled out into the corridors, eager to get home and relax after yet another full day of learning.

Troy Bolton closed his locker door with a bang and turned, leaning against it casually as his eyes scanned the crowded hallway for a certain familiar face. Suddenly he spotted the head of curly brown hair moving towards him from amidst the sea of teenagers and smiled to himself. Even after a third period History test, double Maths, a rehearsal for a presentation Miss Darbus had coerced her into singing at, and a Chem Club meeting, she still managed to look gorgeous.

Gorgeous was the last thing a frazzled Gabriella Montez felt as she was jostled from both sides whilst trying to reach her boyfriend's locker. It had been a long day. Groaning in frustration, Gabriella blew several stray strands of hair from her eyes and adjusted her grip on her books.

"Hey beautiful," Troy greeted his girlfriend with a kiss on the forehead as she finally reached him.

Gabriella sighed as she leaned into his chest. "Hey," she murmured, closing her eyes. "Man, it's been a looong day."

"Come on," Troy said into Gabriella's hair, placing a kiss there. "Let's get out of here."

With that he took her books off her and grabbed her hand, leading her through the slowly clearing corridor and out onto the street. Swinging their hands between them, Troy looked down at Gabriella.

"So, m'girl - what's the plan for this afternoon?" he asked.

Gabriella shrugged. "Homework, homework and – for something a little different...more homework."

Troy raised an eyebrow. "Sounds like...fun!"

Gabriella rolled her eyes. "Tonnes..." she yawned.

"Heeey – cheer up, Charlie!" Troy joked, breaking the link between their hands and wrapping his arm around her shoulders instead, squeezing her slightly. "Only a couple more days till the weekend, and then we can just relax together – maybe catch a movie? Go out for dinner?"

Gabriella flashed him a half-hearted smile. "I'll try and pencil you in around my chemistry report, calculus assignment and rehearsing for that stupidpresentation ceremony – honestly, I don't know why I said yes to Miss Darbus – she has me wrapped around her little finger!" Gabriella let out her breath and pushed her stubborn hair out of her eyes. She was frustrated, and not only because she had so much on her plate. Usually she could juggle 101 things and still manage to hold it together. But the past couple of months Gabriella had been finding it increasingly more difficult to keep up with her hectic schedule, and she didn't like it one bit. She was far too stubborn to acknowledge that she needed to slow down and refused to admit her workload was getting on top of her.

Troy chuckled at his exasperated girlfriend. "Come on Gabs – it's not all doom and gloom! We both know you're the best person for the job and that you'll do brilliantly. It's not the end of the world. You'll get the work done – you always do," he smiled down at her. "I have faith in you," he added.

Gabriella nodded quietly as they continued to walk in a comfortable silence. Troy laughed to himself as he suddenly remembered something Chad had said earlier in the day that he had been meaning to tell Gabriella.

"Hey – you'll never guess what...Gabi?" Troy trailed off as he realised his girlfriend was no longer by his side. He turned on his heel. "You right Gabs?" he asked as he realised she was a few paces behind him.

"Yeah," she puffed. "But can you slow down a little?"

"Yeah...ok..." Troy replied, frowning a little as he took her hand and continued walking.

"You'll never guess what Chad said..." Troy started again but was interrupted by Gabriella.

"Troy, can you please slow down? I can't keep up!" she said in a small voice.

Troy's brow creased as he came to a halt. "Gabs, are you sure you're ok?"

Gabriella gave a tiny nod. "I'm just tired," she yawned again, as if proving her point. "I didn't get much sleep last night between studying for the history test and stressing about the song for the presentation."

Troy cast his eyes over Gabriella and took in her fatigued appearance – dark circles under her glazed over eyes, shoulders sagging pathetically, cheeks flushed...Troy extended a hand and rested it against her forehead.

"Hey, you're not fine," he informed her. "You're burning up!"

"Troy, I'm just tired!" Gabriella insisted.

Troy shook his head. "Come on, let's get you home and into bed."


Troy pressed a finger to her lips. "No arguments," he stated. "Now hop on," he turned and stooped to allow Gabriella to climb on his back, before piggybacking her the rest of the way to her house.


Troy allowed Gabriella to slide down his back when they reached her front door, as she fumbled in her bag for her keys. Once the front door was successfully opened Troy scooped her up again and marched up the stairs to her bedroom, gently laying her down on her bed.

He opened her closet doors and peered inside before pulling out a pair of baggy grey track pants and an oversized Wildcats jersey that he had left behind at her house one day and it had somehow never managed to find its way back home.

Placing the clothes on the end of her bed, Troy placed a cool hand against her warm forehead. "You are definitely warm, Gabi," he told her. "Are you sure you don't feel sick? Like you might be coming down with something?"

Gabriella shook her head as she stifled another yawn. "Troy, stop worrying – I'm fine, I just need a good nights' sleep. I'm so tired."

Troy eyed her warily, trying to decide whether she really was fine, or she just didn't want him to worry. "Well, either way you need to rest up," he informed her. "So you get changed into those, and I'm going to go downstairs and get you something to drink."

Gabriella smiled at him. "Whatever you say, Doctor Bolton," she giggled tiredly.

Troy grinned as he left her room and jogged down the stairs. Humming to himself as he grabbed the orange juice carton from the refrigerator, Troy's mind wandered to the girl upstairs. He hated seeing her sick and hoped she really was just tired like she said, but at the same time he loved to look after her and treat her like a princess. He grinned again as he remembered the last time she had the flu, and he had tried to make her stay in bed. She was so stubborn that girl, but he loved her for it.

Putting the juice away and grabbing the two glasses off the counter, Troy started back up the stairs.

"I hope juice is ok, Gabs, coz it's..." Troy trailed off as he entered her bedroom. Placing the glasses of juice on her desk, he sat himself carefully on the edge of her bed and gently brushed her hair off her face, tucking it behind her ear.

Exhausted, Gabriella was already fast asleep – she hadn't even made it out of the clothes she wore to school, the pants and jersey Troy had pulled out for her lying untouched at the end of her bed. Troy shook his head and smiled fondly, climbing onto the bed next to Gabriella and pulling a blanket over the pair of them. He kissed her on the cheek and wrapped his arms around her as she sighed softly and curled into him.

"What are we going to do with you, Miss Montez?" he whispered, before closing his own eyes and drifting off to sleep right beside her.

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