I was doing stuff, and into my brain this popped. So I had to write it. It's sweet and cute, so I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

You're not the best angel, king. You only have one wing. But that doesn't matter. You're my damnation and my salvation and my somewhere in between. I love you and I hate you, I pray to you and I crave you, I praise you and I control you. You're a terrible angel, king. But that doesn't matter, because you're my angel.

You're a silly angel, king. You never save anyone's soul but mine. That's how I'd like to keep it, I'll never share you with anyone. You're my silly angel, king. You're my foolish little angel.

You're an angel to everyone else too. Though they can't see through that blinding light. They can't get close enough to see. But you only have one wing. To them, you are only salvation. That's what their waiting for. A perfect angel with a perfect face and unsoiled hands. But you're dirty, king. A dirty angel with only one wing and blood all over your hands. But that doesn't matter. You are still salvation.

You are not perfect. But you try so goddamn hard. You try and you try to gain another wing and clean your hands. Are they still dirty king? After you spent the last hour in the bathroom just washing them all off? Can you still see the blood? Through the blinding light, no one will see. Only I will know. My dirty little angel.

I wonder if angels are supposed to be so selfish. I wonder if angels are supposed to be so...imperfect. But your imperfections are beautiful. I love you and your one wing and your blood splattered hands. I wonder if you're made fun of by the other angels. I wonder why you are so blinding bright, but still so imperfect.

With your sword and your one wing, you make promises. You try to keep them. You drown under them. Why is it always me diving in after you? Because you're my angel, and I'm your distorted mirror. Always and forever you can gaze at me and see your own face. Scares you, doesn't it?

You are such an imperfect angel. When you cry, I wipe your tears away. When you bleed, I heal the wound. When you need your own salvation, I'm the one who comes to your rescue, because no one else can see through the light, you're dying. I am your salvation, a devil with an angel's halo, because I am half of what you are.

You are not the best angel. You only have one wing. You make too many promises, you're selfish, you drown. You break at the simplest words, your hands are splattered with blood. You're so bright no one can see you, no one can come near. Except for me.

You're a stupid little angel. But that's ok, because you're mine.

I might be just another soul to you, but you are salvation and damnation and somewhere in between. You can't really save anybody, it must hurt to fly. But with your dirty hands that try to be perfect, you'll try. You'll fly away with nothing but you're one wing.

And you'll take me with you, I go where my king does.