It All Started With A Vampire.

Summary Leon is confused. It was supposed to be just an act. So why does he have these feelings all of the sudden?

Shippers Leon/D.

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Leon Orcot was pissed.

As he went down the stairs that led to the Pet Shop, where a certain Count D resides with his unusual and murdering pets, Leon couldn't help but be pissed off at a certain someone.

And the target of his anger was not Count D.

Oh no. In fact it was someone from the FBI and she was one hell of a bitch! With a capital B!

Damn her! fumed Leon. How dare she treat me like that? Thinks she is all high and mighty! Well… who needs the FBI? I'd like to see her take down a pack of ferocious and man-eating rabbits.

As Leon drew near the doors of the Pet Shop, Leon could't help but be cautious. It was like his gut telling him that something was not right or something was bound to happen. And his guts were seldom wrong. But when it came to D…

Once Leon stepped through the door. Leon knew right then and there that something was not right. The Shop was quiet. Too quiet for the likes of D or his pets.

That's odd. Thought Leon. D usually greets me by now… or that damn goat thing that loves to chew my leg. Where is he? He can't be out? D is not the type to left the shop unattended or unlocked.

When Leon was busy inspecting the shop for some unusual things, Leon suddenly heard a yell. And the voice belonged to Count D.

Oh fucking shit!cursed Leon, as he went to find D. What has D got himself into now? Then he smirked. Maybe I can finally bust him for all the drugs and slave trading that he's been doing here, and send him packing with a one way ticket to prison. That would certainly make my day.

When Leon found Count D, his eyes went wide with shock at what he was seeing.

D was… pinned down by some blond guy who look like he just came straight out of an old vampire movie with the black cloak… what irritated Leon was that the blond jerk it seemed was happily seducing D and currently had his mouth pressing near D's neck.

Leon would leave them be if not for the fact that D seemed troubled and, judging by the look on his face, D didn't want to be in that kind of situation any longer. Leon knew he should help D and beat the living daylights out of the guy, but Leon was too shocked and pleased that D reacted that way. It pleased Leon to know that D wouldn't let anyone touch him intimately like that. That position should be reserved for him.

What the hell! thought Leon in shock. Now wait just one god damn minute. Where the hell did that idea sprung from. There is no way I'm attracted to D. He's a guy for Christ sake! And not to mention that there is absolutely no way he has curves like a woman. I'm straight thank you very much.

While Leon was berating himself, D finally realized that Leon was there and with a yell and a push to fend off the blond, D immediately latched himself onto Leon who was still to shocked about his previous thoughts to do anything.

"So you are the Counts…" said the blond guy but never finished his sentence.

"Huh?" asked Leon.

Truth is, Leon was stumped the moment he had D in his arms with him putting his hand automatically around D's waste soon after. It was hard to focus on anything when all you could think about was how the Chinese man in your arms fits nicely or that he has the curves underneath the dresses he wore that were to die for or simply how gorgeous D is. Either way, Leon was brain dead. Big time!

"I never knew he already had a lover. No hard feelings, I hope." said the blond.

"Wait… I'm not…Ahh!!" just then, D stepped on Leon's foot, causing him to yelp and then glare at D out of the corner of his eyes. Then Leon did a double take. D was smiling! Not the mysterious smile that D always wore but really smiling… like he was truly enjoying himself and… was he humming to himself?

Suddenly… a wicked idea formed in Leon's head. If D is enjoying himself because they both are stuck at this situation, why not join in and play the lover? At least he might wipe that smile off D's face and by the end of it… they would see just who had the last laugh.

A wolfish grin curled up onto Leon's mouth. He was so going to enjoy this.

Tightening his arm around D, Leon tilted his head a little so that he faced D. in a split second, Leon gave D a peck square on the lips. The effect was very amusing. D's eyes immediately went wide and he grew paler then usual and his mouth was slightly apart of shock. Leon was very temptied to kiss those lips again but he had another guy to deal with.

"Are you saying that you are not the Counts lover? Then I still have a chance to win your heart Count?"

"Of course I am not the Counts lover" said Leon, who was looking back at D. D looked like he was about to cry.

Out of the corner of Leon's eyes, he saw that Blond guy eyes held hope before they were hidden behind a perfect gentleman's mask.

D seemed to be passive. Watching in silence about what Leon was doing. But he is also hoping that Leon will get him out of this situation, and soon. The long nails that D kept could be very painful sometimes, tugging on his shoulders like that. "Who wants to be an old mans lover when I can be happy with a sweetheart like D right here." said Leon casually.

Both D and Blond guy were so shocked and D had to grip Leon so hard by the shoulders to keep from falling down. Not that he would. Leon still had his arms around D after all.

Leon then gave a hard look at the blond who dared to enter his territory. "Forgive me if I accidentally send you to the hospital with broken bones. Which lover in their right frame of mind would one to see that his lover is being seduced by someone else?" said Leon through greeted teeth.

D was fidgeting in Leon's arm. He was beginning to swoon at the sight of Leon and the Marquis glaring at each other. He was afraid that something bad was going to happen. And since its Leon Orcot… well that just might come true considering his temperamental attitude. Confusion ran through his head like a hurricane. He really didn't understand what was going on. Why was Leon acting like this? And what's with the kiss?

"I see.." said the Blond. "… So that the way it is."

Leon's eyes narrowed at the blond's words.

"What way are you talking about?"

"Looks like I have to try harder to win Count D from you."

Leon growled low in his throat.

"You can try… but I sure ain't gonna let you win."

The blond smirked. "We will see. Farewell."

And with a swish of his cape and a shower of roses, He was gone.

When the Blond guy is gone, D try to pry himself away from Leon, but he got his leg entangle so he fell, dragging Leon with him. And Leon landed on top of him.

"Ow! D! Can't you be more careful?" asked Leon.

"Me? Mr. Detective? Well I'm more concerned with what that was about." replied D indignantly.

"I think I'm the one should be asking that. And who was that gay dude?"

"None of your business Mr. Detective."

"Oh really? What is he? One of your past lover? A slave trader? A drug addict?"

"He's none of the above Mr. Detective. But if you must know so much. He is an old acquaintance of my family. Marquis Alexander Hans Von Moldavia. He's from Europe."

Leon growl low at his throat. Seems the guy wasn't the serial killer. There goes the idea of busting D.

Just then, Leon realizes the position he was in. And by the looks on D's face, he realized it too.

"Mr. Detective, will you mind getting off me?"

"Why D? I enjoyed this position very much." Now it was Leon who placed small kisses down D's neck, taking in D's reaction at the same time.

"Mr. Detective! Stop this immediately. What's got in to you? Are you drunk?" said D, nearly in histerics.

"Not at all, D. But I gotta admit. You do are a stunning creature. Makes a man yearns for you. I can't blame that Blond guy."

"Is that why you kissed me? Because you are attracted to me?"

"So what if I am?" said Leon with a wolfish grin.

D's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Before Leon could do anything further to D, T-Chan decided to make himself known, by biting Leon's ass.


While Leon was busy trying to get T-Chan to release him, D was trying to compose himself now that the detective was no longer on top of him.

"That's enough T-Chan. Please let go of him. I'm wanting his attention to myself."

T-Chan turn to look at D and wanted to request to Count D to permitted him to continue biting. But his request died on his lips when he saw the count was glaring daggers at the human.

Uh oh. He is done for now. Thought T-Chan. As he slowly let go of Leon and backed away towards the back of the pet shop. He sure didn't want to be around when the count exploded.


Leon look at D and his raised his eyebrow. D was trying very hard to restrain his anger. His eyebrow could be seen twitching from time to time, and his lips thinned.

"Yes D."

"Would you now explain to me why you kissed me just now?"

"Whats the matter D? Never been kissed before?"

"Its not that!" hissed Count D. "Just answer the question."

Much to D's annoyance, Leon just smirked and turned to the door.

"I would love to D, but I've got to run. Duty calls ya know.". then he fled from the shop.

"No.. Mr. Detective? Wait!" D quickly tried to stop Leon from going out of the shop but Leon was too fast for him. By the time D reached the door, Leon was already gone.

From the shadow, Q-Chan been watching everything with interest and he was a little disturbed at what the human did to the Count.

So he flew to the Counts shoulder to cheer him up.

The Count sighed and said to Q-Chan. "I don't understand the Detective sometimes. I doubt he is the kind of guy who would throw himself at any male like he did… So… why did he kiss me like that?"

Q-Chan along with Pon-Chan and T-Chan, Who showed themselves while the Count was talking just shrugged. They too would like to know about Leon's behaviour.

Leon was swearing inwardly at himself that would scandalise D if he heard Leon at the moment. He was supposed to play a harmless game with D as a lover just to have some fun, so that he could laugh it up. But he got blown away the moment D slipped into his arms. Who would have thought that underneath those dresses D wore hid a desirable body and D also had curves in all the right places. But he's a guy!

No way… No way am I attracted to D… Orcot get your act together! you are going home, take a shower and continue your day as usual.

Easier said then done.


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