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Chapter 1: Curse you Vlad!

Danny Fenton was down in the basement with his mum, Maddie Fenton. The ghost portal was turned off, the ecto-plasmic weapons on safety, the basement was clean and tidy. Everything had been done; and good thing that it was, both mother and child were tired, as it was 3:57am in the morning.

'Danny, thanks so much for helping me clean this up, it really was a mess, and I shouldn't have kept you up this long. It's just that last night some of the weapons didn't have the safety on, and…' Maddie looked over at the blackened and partially destroyed wall next to them. 'Well, you know the rest. Why did you do it, normally you would have gone to bed, needing rest.'

'I did it for you, mum. …And also the fact that say… if one of those weapons was pointing upwards to my room and…'

'Why would that be too bad? They don't effect humans, we made sure. I mean, it's not as if you're a ghost, right?' She said jokingly.

'No, of… course not.' Said Danny, putting on a fairly effective fake smile. 'I'm going to bed… I'm… sleepy…' Danny turned around and muttered 'Night mum…' then plodded upstairs to bed. On his way up the second flight of stairs, he heard his mother yell in fright and his ghost sense went off. Danny gasped and changed to his ghost form, rubbing his eyes quickly hoping it would keep him awake longer.

Danny turned himself invisible, phased down the stairs and into the basement, where the ghost portal had mysteriously come open and Skulker had come out.

'Ooh, a ghost hunter, what a great edition to my collection! By the looks of things a very capable one at that! Even better!'

Danny flew up to Skulker at top speed, but wasn't noticed due to his invisibility. He turned visible again just as he hit Skulker with a jaw-breaking punch. His mother gasped in shock.

'It's the Ghost Boy!'

Danny looked back at his mother and smiled in a warm and friendly way, to try and get his mother finally on both of his sides. All Maddie Fenton replied with was a confused look. Danny redirected his attention to Skulker, who was looking quite angry, rubbing his jaw.

'The Ghost Child!' Said Skulker in a surprised yet pleased way. 'A trophy he is among any collection of medals, I must have the Ghost Boy!'

'Don't you ever try to attack anyone!' Yelled Danny in protective rage over his mother. 'You'll pay, you know that!?' He dropped to the ground and grabbed one of Maddie's hands then turning untangible, so neither of them could be touched while Danny began to charge up an extra powerful ecto-blast. After he felt like it was charged enough, Danny let himself become tangible again and fired the bright, glowing green beam at Skulker, knocking the ghost out completely. Danny then grabbed the Fenton Thermos and pressed the button, sucking Skulker in, for about what had to be the twelfth time in the past two weeks, and capped it, sighing with relief. He replaced the thermos back onto the table.

'Man am I tired…' Danny moaned aloud. 'I really do need more sleep than I get… Well, nice you didn't try and get rid of me again, I'm outta here… bye.'

'Wait, you're… you're not dangerous, are you…?' Said Maddie suddenly.

'No I haven't, look, I'd love to stay and chat, but I am so tired…' Danny gave Maddie a small smile, before turning invisible and rising back up to his own room before she noticed either that her son was not anywhere in the house to be seen or that there was a resemblance to the Ghost Boy with her son that she never realized until up close. Danny landed on his bed and changed back to Danny Fenton, collapsing without changing into pajamas or even getting under the covers. He fell asleep the minute his head hit the pillow.


When Danny awoke on Saturday morning at ten to twelve,his mother was just walking into his room.

'Good evening sweetie!' She said jokingly. Danny was too groggy to get the joke, let alone laugh at it. He sat up, realizing that he was still fully dressed and not even under the covers of his bed.

'You were sleeping so soundly; I decided to just leave you there undisturbed. Besides, It's not as if it was a cold night.'

'No, it's alright.' Said Danny, rubbing his eyes and stretching. 'I don't feel like doing much today; I'm too tired… I might stay home… I need a rest anyway… It's been a long week…'

'Really?' Said Maddie, puzzled. 'You had little to no homework, and during the school holidays Tucker's at Italy while Sam's gone to Australia. What have you been doing that made the week so long?'

A lump rose in Danny's throat as he remembered around twenty separate ghost fights in one week.

'Oh… Um… We… It's just… you see…' Said Danny, desperately trying to think of something, if anything, to say. His prayers were answered when his ghost sense went off. 'On second thoughts, I need to use the bathroom!' He said quickly, jumping off the bed and running towards the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind him. He changed to his ghost alter-ego, Danny Phantom, and flew through the locked door, looking around and awaiting the ghost. He didn't realize it until it had happened, Vlad Plasmius had attacked him in his own home, holding him with gloves that prevented him from phasing through their tight, bone-crushing grip. Maddie heard the yelp of pain from Danny, and came running.

'What are you doing here!?' Danny yelled angrily at his arch-enemy.

'I've come to show your family something…' Said Vlad, a cunning grin broadening across his face. 'Yes, your little secret.'

'Let go of the Ghost Boy!' Maddie yelled, looking at the two. She pulled out a small, compact ecto-gun from her belt and aimed it at Vlad. It was at this point Danny truly knew that his mother was for both of his halves.

'Oh please…' Said Vlad, rolling his eyes, although you couldn't notice it considering his eyes in ghost-form were solely red. He put up a shield with ease, incasing Danny and himself within it. 'Maddie, what you're about to watch may change the rest of your life.' Vlad smirked.

'No!' Yelled Danny. 'Please don't do it! Please!'

Vlad ignored the plead and whilst he still held Danny in one hand with the anti-phasing gloves, then pulled a bottle of spray that could knock anything out, spraying Danny in the face. Vlad then put the shield down as he disappeared into thin air. Danny fainted into blackness, and when he reawakened, he felt very dizzy and had a slight headache.

'You're awake!' Said Maddie, with a sigh of relief, although she was looking strangely at Danny.

'…What's wrong…?' Said Danny, trying to get his head to stop spinning. 'Am I bleeding green stuff…? Don't worry it's normal!'

'Danny… why did you never tell me it was you…?'

'Huh?' Said Danny looking at his hand, and realizing he had turned back into his human form when he had blacked out. 'Damn it Vlad!'

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