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Chapter 12: The Reaction

Danny took Tucker to the bathroom where he turned the cold water on full-boar. Tucker put his fingers under it with a very grateful sigh of relief. Danny saw his fingers were quite red.

"I bet that feels better." Danny said looking at Tucker's expression.

"Too right it does!" Tucker said, relief even showing through in his voice.

Danny thought for a moment. "Look, I'll get mum to check your hand out, she's good in the medical department."

"Err… no, seriously it's fine dude." Tucker replied, turning the tap off and reaching to the cabinet for the Fenton Anti-Burn Cream, which to Danny's great surprise healed the burn over in a snap.

"Wow, it actually worked instead of making it worse!" Danny said in amazement. "Anyway, let's go back into my room and examine that stone."

Tucker agreed and they headed back to Danny's room, and so they didn't have to release the purple within to anyone who might be spying at the bedroom door, Danny phased the two of them through it.

The purple light was now so intense that neither of them could see very well at all. Danny picked the stone up, if it had come from a ghost, then maybe it could be activated by a ghost. Or a half-ghost, in this case. Danny let some of his ecto-plasmic energy flow through it in his hand. Suddenly it began to glow green and now the room was engulfed in that colour instead. Tucker blindly reached for his PDA and pointed it at the stone in Danny's hand, trying to get some information on the object. However, his PDA began to fizzle a little bit then disintegrated, leaving a pile of green ash on the floor.

"My PDA!" Tucker yelled. "I only had one more payment on that!"

The light was getting brighter, Danny had to get rid of it, it was literally beginning to burn his eyes. Danny randomly grabbed around the room until his hand closed securely on what he thought was the Fenton Thermos, trying to suck the stone in as a last-ditch attempt. To both of the friends' surprise, it actually worked and was contained in the Thermos, banishing the bright green light. Tucker stared at the Thermos and Danny suddenly knew why; it wasn't the Fenton Thermos, it was the Dalv Thermos.

"Ah… oops." said Danny, frowning at the Thermos, hoping against hope that it wouldn't ruin the supposed good this stone was meant to do. "Well at least the light's gone."

"True." Said Tucker, looking at the thermos suspiciously. Danny put it on top of his bed, trying to put it out of his mind.

"So, anyway, Sam said she'll be home not tomorrow, but he next day. That's good, we can spend the last five days of school holidays together."

"Yeah." said Tucker. "You were saying you talked to her on the phone, what's she been doing?"

"She's been stuck in a pink dress." said Danny. Tucker tried not to smirk at the thought, but failed dismally. Very dismally.

"I bet she absolutely loved that." said Tucker, rolling his eyes.

"Oh, trust me, she loved – what the?!"

The Dalv Thermos sitting on Danny's bed had started to react strangely – it had gained the same green glow as the stone only a lot softer on the eyes. Danny didn't dare touch it now, but he did look at it. Suddenly the cap blew off and hit Danny in the face, hard. As he yelled in fright the Thermos set itself to release and the stone came pummeling towards him. With quick thinking, Danny turned intangible immediately so the rock would fly through him and into the wall, however he felt it get wedged inside of him, just as his evil future self had done with the Time Medallion. Turning tangible again, Danny felt very strange afterwards.

"Tucker, it got fused inside me!" said a fairly worried Danny, trying to use an intangible arm to fish it out. "And I can't get it out!"

Tucker said nothing but watched in horror as Danny began to glow ecto-plasmic green.

"What the heck was that?!" Danny exclaimed as the light dulled again and disappeared just as quickly as it had come.

"Dude, I don't know, but I hope nothing bad happens to you." Tucker said with a worried expression. "Then again the ghost was friendly and it said it would be good if I figured out what it does, so who knows, you might gain some sort of new power!"

"Tucker, when you met that ghost, was he assuming that you had a half-ghost for a friend?" Danny questioned, Tucker flinched and gritted his teeth.

"No… but…"

"Tucker, do you realize what this means? The stone was probably meant to be used by a human."

"Well… you are half human, right? Let's just see what happens, I don't think the ghost who gave it to me intended to do harm."

"You're right." said Danny eventually after thinking it over and pushing it out of his mind. "There's no point worrying about it if something inevitable is going to happen. Besides I wonder what this Dalv Thermos really does."

"I am Technis!" Came a yell from a ghost who suddenly appeared in the room. "Master of all things electronic and beeping! And doesn't that like a nice piece of technology! I do believe that it should be mine, aha!"

As the Dalv Thermos rose into the air and clamped onto Technis, Danny and Tucker looked at him like the idiot he was.

"Hey Technis, it does something really cool when you press that red button!" Tucker called out. Technis grinned.

"Then I, Technis, being hip, and funky-fresh, shall press this button and destroy you!" he said, laughing maniacally. With that, he pressed the button and found himself unwittingly sucked into the thermos. Danny quickly grabbed the lid which had hit the wall and capped the Dalv Thermos, rolling his eyes.

"That nutcase has never been so easy to beat!" Tucker said in amazement. "I can't believe the master of technology didn't see that coming!"

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