Gunslinger Girl


by Sasahara 17


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-Dead End-


The following is classified –M- for cartoon gore. Faint of heart, stop right here!


ChoiceAscend with Caution


"What happened to Elsa was quite sad wasn't it." Henrietta said tearfully.

Triela nodded her head.

After the trio of cyborgs had successfully eliminated the rouge, they had spent a full week in re-hab. Triela was rather miffed that she couldn't be able to badger her compatriots on how they brought down Elsa de Sica off the bat. It was Henrietta and Claes' first day back in the dorms, and Triela fully expected to make up for lost time.

Unfortunately for Triela, she would not be able talk to Henrietta or Claes about their adventure. And that was because…

"I can't imagine what it was like, her killing Lauro and turning the gun on herself."

Triela did a spit take with her tea. "Wh-what?"

Henrietta looked at Triela, quite perplexed at the latter's adverse reaction. "Triela, is something the matter?" Triela stared at the girl wide eyed, jaw slack. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Henrietta, don't you remember? Elsa went rouge and you and Claes went to put her down?"

"Don't be stupid Triela." Claes muttered as she looked up from the book she was reading. "Everybody knows that Elsa shot herself after killing her handler." Triela couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Besides, they'd never let me out of here. You know that."

Completely at a loss for words, Triela heard a knock on her room door.

Triela instantly knew who it was. She was Triela and he was Hillshire. She'd know him coming from a mile away. Excusing herself, Triela went to get her answers.


"What. Happened?" Triela glared at Hillshire.

The poor German had rushed over when he remembered he was supposed to tell Triela of the 'replacement memories' Henrietta, Claes and Beatrice had to receive. Jose almost strangled him when they realized he had neglected to tell Triela not to ever speak of the incident to his dear sweet Henrietta.

Didn't want a relapse, no sir.

Hillshire cleared his throat.

"The hunt didn't go as planned…"


Suddenly Beatrice's eyes shot open and her upper body snapped into a firing position. She squeezed off a three round burst from her FAMAS, and hit her target in the right hand, searing off the thumb and index finger and causing Elsa to lose her grip.

Elsa realized it was a long way down from where she was.

Six stories down.


Elsa hit the ground legs first. In a spectacular show of gore, the force of the impact broke off her legs clean off at the knees in a shower of blood. Unfortunately, the impact also caused Elsa to spring back into the air… high into the air.


By this time, the three other Gunslinger Girls was gaping wide eyed completely speechless at the spectacle unfolding before them. Yes, even Beatrice who had dropped her FAMAS, stunned at what her single three round burst had done.

They wanted to turn away, avert their eyes, shield their sanities, but it was so morbidly fascinating that they couldn't. It was unlike anything they had ever seen before, a death so gruesome and sickening it was almost artistic in its own way. They had seen gore before, but this was gore.

Elsa collided with the ground again, this time arms first. The arms broke at the elbows, then at the shoulders. The platter of gore shot into the air like a fountain as the four pieces that once made up her arms rolled around on the floor.

Henrietta had no idea when she started screaming, but she was.

Elsa's main body, once again propelled into the air by the impact this time bounced in the direction of Beatrice and Henrietta as both girls dived out of the way for the flying torso. Blood was streaming out of the Elsa's injuries and poor Henrietta found herself splashed with a good dose of it as the amazing bouncing cyborg torso sped by.

Elsa crashed head first into a wall, her head imploding like a watermelon.


The three gunslinger girls cautiously approached the now deceased corpse of Elsa de Sica with extreme trepidation.


Their handlers watching from the live feed, immediately started checking how much they had already drunk. While Bernado had downed a grand total of two beers, both Pietro and Jose were dry as a bone.

"This is really happening." Jose said pinching himself. "I'm not dreaming."

"Goddamn, I thought that stuff only happened in the movies." Pietro agreed.

"…or video games." Bernado added, crushing his empty can and taking new ones from his stash, passing the cans of beer around to the other men. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm scarred for life. Drink up, I think the situation calls for it."


Beatrice was to first to speak. Drenched in blood from the flying torso the normally emotionless cyborg killer spoke with a shaky and timid voice, her eyes dilated and lips quivering.

"Did… I… do this?"

"I… think you did." Henrietta said.

"Wh-what do we do now?" Beatrice hesitantly nudged the corpse with her foot.

"I-I think we should report b-back." Claes tried to steady her voice. She had to remain the voice of reason. She was the only one who had not been soaked by Elsa's flying blood. "The target is d-dead. Mission com-complete, right?"

Inside her own mind, Claes' mental inability to use firearms was now further reinforced by this incident. A three found burst completely dismembered poor Elsa de Sica. Even a murderer didn't deserve such a horrible death. Claes looked at the gun in her hand and dropped it to the floor. No way was she ever going to use one of these demonic things ever again, not even if the Agency threatened her on pain of death!

Henrietta nodded and tried to smile despite her the fact she felt she was going to throw up. "Yeah, l-lets go ba… C-C-Cl-Cl-Cla-Cla-CLAES! O-O-On your head!"

"What?" Claes suddenly registered there was something resting balanced on the top her head. Reaching up and taking it in her hand, Claes saw it was a severed hand. The three girls looked huddled together, all looking at the hand in Claes grasp.

I was a severed hand sans a thumb and index finger…





"…are you serious?" Triela asked skeptically.

"Unfortunately, yes." Hillshire replied, and held up a disembodied hand in a plastic bag to prove his point. Triela paled. "Triela, please, whatever you do don't bring up anything that might make them remember. Please. Beatrice is still being treated…"

Triela held up her hand. Say no more.

"…So Elsa shot herself after shooting Lauro was it?"


BAD END, Continue, Y/N?


Partially inspired by 'Innocence needs protecting' by Evinssyin, and watching one too many violent stick flash movies.





Yeah, I moved 'Bad End' over into a new story. This way I can to come up with as many skits as I want and not bog down the main story. 'Missed' will now contain stories from the universe in which Elsa did not blow her brains out.

While 'Marked' will focus on Elsa and her two trackers, Claes and Pino, from chapter 2 onwards 'Missed' will chronicle the exploits of generally everybody else (no more bad ends). Pino isn't around to tuss up Triela anymore and there is the question as to who is tending Claes' garden while the garndenr is away on an extended trip. Heck, some skits may be so far removed from the chase that even be canon.

Just to clarify, I'm also quite sick of the Padania, and hoping for no less than six 'new' special interest groups to be baying for Elsa's blood at the final showdown. Problem is, I only got one.
I'm making MI-7 (Britain's 'defunct' intelligence division dedicated to censorship and propaganda) as a major antagonist and Britain's black ops squad. I have alot of respect for the Brits, and cannot think of any other tough as nails 'ordinary humans' that can bring down a renegade cyborg. Still that's one. Plus two. That makes three.

Only rule; the 'Handsome Men' are out, Elsa needs a clean slate with them for the tragedy at the end to be possible. Other than that, please forward any and all suggestions to the following e-mail address. you, and good night.