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Me, Vanity and Sorry

Rosalie Hale

Any time after New Moon


A woman. Long blond locks tumble down her back, waves of shimmering gold, her tales mainly untold. The woman is alone, no people, not even the slight noise of a moth. All is silent. No inhabitants but her, she makes no noise, she never makes any noise, for fear of scaring her prey, but that, is a story for another day. For this ethereal beauty before us, contemplates herself, she saves her deep thinking for when only she can hear it, when only she allows her true self to unfold and that is when aspects of her tale are told. She doesn't see herself as a monster, like some, but she does wish she was human and not this. She already had beauty, wealth and perfect health, why would she need to change? She thought her life perfect, as well as her face, this, sadly, was not true, though we must give her, her due, for she fought all while she was fraught fast with fear, but there were none near. None to aid her, so she was left dead, but she hunted them down and had their head. Some say she has a heart of stone to match her hard, icy outer-shell, but not alone and not now. After saving a man who saved her, this is her story.




Vain, I may be,

But you can see,

That I possess beauty,

When you look at me,

You gaze in magnificent awe,

I'm the prettiest thing you ever saw,



I gaze at myself,

I have wealth,

I have a family,

That are dear to me,

I have an artistry,

A beauty that rivals a deity,



But my beauty,

Is a curse to me,

I thought my life was perfect too,

It was not true,

An evil man,

Ruined my life plan,



Attacked, Betrayed,

The memories won't fade,

Even through my long life,

Even after becoming a wife,

Glimpses are still there,

That I cannot share



I was happy and human,

But what's done is done,

I am now shunned by humanity,

My family and me,

They have instincts that say beware,

I could live, its not fair.



My brother almost died,

I could have cried,

That wasn't my object or my aim,

I don't know if we can ever be the same,

I wanted us to reunite

To make things right.



I was wrong,

His love is strong,

I thought it was infatuation,

And anticipation ,

What would she do next time,

It made us laugh, him whine.



I didn't realise their love was so strong,

I was wrong,

The worst thing I ever said,

Even than waking up dead.

I feel so small,

I am sorry to you all.

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