Author's Note:

Hey guys...

I'm really sorry about not updating. It's probably really getting annoying. Usually this would just me being lazy. The deadness started like that...but then I realized that I had completely forgotten the entire concept. This was about 2 months after the first chapter came up. Then I fought to remember it, searched in my scribbles of writer's notes...but alas, none was to be found. (Yes, I'm in a very poetic mood)

Then...I got wrapped up in By the Sky. By the Sky is a book me and my friend is writing. (Known in these parts as mermaidpotato) It's I got sucked into it. Then I remembered it again (and surprisingly the main concepts)...but then I went to high school (longer story than you realize) and things got busy. So then...I was and I went on to Leah's homepage and then found my way back here. Then I thought, "Boy, I bet people are really annoyed at me being all dead and stuff...I should post a author's note to get them from throwing lemons at me, (which would not be appreciated)" So I posted this note.

So I'm going to try and get this off the ground again. Hopefully I'll have more time, (since I don't have math until next school year) and we'll see what I can make this into.

Here's my plan. (Here Mainly for my benefit)

Watch Castle in the Sky again...forcing Leah to watch it with me. *evil smile*

Get the plot down.


Simple. 3 steps. Easy enough.

So if I'm slow...please don't get mad because I will send hungry zombie squirrels after you. I will try and warn if I am about to disappear. So thanks for sticking with me and bare with me.

Bianca Bubbles