Here's the next chappie, hope you'll like. There are some artwork I did of Vincent on deviant which loosely based on this story and another I'm writing. You'll find them under my alias of cherie-anime so enjoy!

The Medical

"I can't see the point of this." Vincent bitterly complained, his deep voice as monotone as ever as his grip on the letter tightened, his claws pinching holes through the typed text stating he had to attend a compulsory WRO medical.

"We need to make sure all members of the WRO, including Avalanche are in top health. There are no exceptions." Rufus raised an eyebrow as Vincent opened his mouth.

"None what so ever." Was his final answer and Vincent could tell the man wasn't budging on this.

"I'm not exactly a normal health case here." The gunman tried anyway.

"We know that since the beasts and Chaos have left your body, you're now as normal as any man…who just has a more prolonged life…indefinitely." Rufus tried to politely state, struggling over his chosen words.

Seeing the look on Vincent's face, Rufus tried another tactic, "Please? I mean if I made an exception for you, then I'll never hear the end of it. Especially from Cid. I had to threaten him with revoking his flying rights on The Shera until he complied."

He could see the gunman relenting.


"Thanks Vincent, I mean what's the worst it can be?" Rufus beamed.

"Morning Mr Valentine, take off your shirt and drop your trousers please." a nurse simple stated and watched him over the edge of her clipboard, her bored tone and cold eyes suggested she wasn't the most sympathetic of nurses to end up with.


"Now Mr Valentine, no need to be embarrassed. I've seen it all." She crossed her arms and stood with her legs shoulder width apart as if bracing herself for the battle to come with her patient.

It never came.

The door behind opened and the nurse before him looked over, "Ah Nurse Wright, could you handle this patient please? I'm needed elsewhere. He's being a little difficult, call security if you need a hand."

Vincent inwardly cringed when the stranger stood before him and took the clipboard from the other nurse.

"Sure thing, I should be fine."

The other nurse exited the room, leaving Vincent to stare at the nurse before him, who innocently smiled back.

"Zaren, or should that be Nurse Wright?" Vincent's eyes narrowed as she read over the clipboard, unfazed at how the situation suddenly occurred. She wore a nurse's uniform which finished above her knees and her brown hair was clipped back to give a final picture, all smart and orderly.

"You can call me Zaren since it's just you and me here. How are you?" she raised her blue eyes and smiled.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm a locum nurse here while I finish my assessment. Would you like someone else instead of me?"

"No, no…it's tolerable." Vincent winced at the nervous quiver in his voice as he realised he couldn't back out now. Especially since Vincent Valentine hates all hospitals, all doctors, all nurses, all medicines, all…you get the picture.

"Good, 'cus I can't wait to get my hands on your fine body!" she grinned and reached out to pull a pair of surgical gloves from a dispenser and snapped them on.

Vincent's throat was suddenly dry and he felt a little scared.

He stood stock still, tensely waiting for Zaren to finish reading whatever it was.

"You don't like hospitals do you?"

"Despise them." He truthfully admitted, feeling his hands shiver as a cold sheen of sweat broke out across his body.

"I'll keep this short and sweet, I promise." She smiled. She asked him to sit up on the examination bed and he did so, carefully flicking the cloak out behind him as she begun reading out standard medical questions and he answered in short, simple words with no patience at all. He wanted out of here.

"Ok, can you take your clothes off but leave your underwear on?"

His mind screeched to a halt.



"I don't want to."

"Vincent…you're not embarrassed are you?"

"Not about my body as such…but surely you read my medical file to know that the last time I was before a doctor I didn't have the most pleasant of experiences. I don't want to scare you with…what he'd left me." He backed away from Zaren, she looked genuinely upset as his current attitude and state.

"Vincent? You won't scare me. Please?"


"I have an idea." She stated and a beaming smile spread across her face. "How about, if every time you did something I tell you to do that you're uncomfortable with, I reward you?"

"Reward me?"

"Yes reward you and I think you'll like it. Now take off your shirt."

He winced but undid his cloak and pulled off his glove and his gauntlet before reluctantly pulling his shirt out from his leather trousers and started undoing the buttons.

He looked up at her as his fingers worked the last button loose but he made no move to shrug it off.

Sensing his reluctance, Zaren moved forward, closing in on him until she stood so close to him she could feel his slight tremors that quaked his body and the warmth his skin radiated.

She looked up and her nose brushed the smooth angle of his cheek, she felt his hot breath pant through his parted lips and then the softness of those lips against her own as she pressed herself into him.

She felt him jerk back a little, clearly surprised at her bold move but the stiffness of his mouth ease when her tongue ran over them, adding his own to the erotic duel of mouth, tongue and flesh.

He didn't feel her fingers work his shirt down from his shoulders, only realising she now got him topless when she pulled away and jerked the shirt over his hands then dumping it on a nearby chair.

"Was that satisfactory?" she smirked. Vincent couldn't help but feel a little self conscious as her eyes took in the multitude of scars littering his body. And a little stunned at what just happened.

Quickly his brain caught up, "Are you allowed to be doing this?"

"I'm sure doctor-patient confidentiality covers this." Zaren pressed another kiss to his mouth, quietening any words he had to say.

When she was satisfied he was calm, she began her examination, running her hands over his arms and listening to his heart.

"Where did you get this scar?" she indicated to the curved one on his arm.

"A sword."

"And this one?" she pointed to a large scar that looked like a star, all puckered white, healed tissue.

"I got shot by an armour piercing round."

He noted she wrote down what he said and when he enquired why, she answered "For identifying purposes, if we came across your body with no means of identity, we could match any scar, marks, deformities and it could give us a clearer picture who you are."

She traced her finger down across his collar bone, "Who did this? Was it Hojo?"

He didn't need to look down to know she was asking about the large scarred 'V' across his chest.

"Yeah, it was where he dissected me."

"Autopsy scars…" she muttered, her pen hovering above the clipboard but she didn't write it. "It seems so wrong to say that when you're alive. He hacked at you like you were a corpse."

"I was a corpse. At least until Lucrecia installed the Chaos demon inside me." Vincent murmured as she nodded. A troubled look crossed her face at the awkwardness that hung in the air, turning what pleasantries there was into an oppressed, ominous atmosphere.

"Was Lucrecia the woman you loved? I mean, I saw her come up on your medical file a few times."

He nodded, "I loved her. But I realised she loved me in a different way and I guess it was only out of a sense of guilt."

"How do you feel about it all now?" she stood between his knees as they dangled over the edge of the bed.

He sigh a great, long sigh, "I put a lot of my sins and demons to rest. I moved on for most parts. I want to move on."

Her fingers touched his and he watched them locked together, feeling her warm grasp through the smooth latex gloves she still wore.

"I know I could love you Vincent for all the right reasons. I mean I see these scars on you and I don't care about them except the pain they caused and how you're still alive. In fact I think some of these scars are sexy." She smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

And Vincent knew that his future stood before him, between his knees with her left hand holding his, with unshed tears for him brightening hers eyes and with a smile that made his heart pump faster and his soul feel lighter.

"I think I could love you too for all the right reasons." He quietly replied, making her smile burn brighter.

"Shall we give it a try?" She whispered.

He nodded, "If you wish." He kissed her, feeling a little braver in himself and in the world in general.

"What else does Nurse Wright require me to do?" he smiled when he pulled away from her embrace.

"This." She leant forward to give him another kiss but before his lips could touch her, something cold was prodded into his mouth. Looking down to the glass stick that stuck out from his lips, he glared at Zaren who chuckled as he sucked on the thermometer glumly.