Special Something: Chapter 6

Mrs. Puff rounded a curve in her boatmobile. The streetlights flicked on as the sun finally set off in the horizon. She hummed along to the radio, tapping her fin on the steering wheel in rhythm with the music. Today had been a good day for the pufferfish, as she had been spared the presence of her least favorite pupil.

But her luck was about to run out as her headlights shone on him, slouching in the street with a frown so big it nearly touched the ground. The sight of him, in his underwear, greatly startled her and with a scream she swerved. Her boatmobile crashed into the powerline, knocking it over and sending sparks in all directions.

SpongeBob gasped. "Mrs. Puff!" He ran over and looked inside the vehicle.

"Ohhh…." she groaned. The airbag deployed in her face.

"Oh, no! Are you okay?! How many fingers am I holding up?" He held up a fist. "I'll give you a hint, it's a trick question!"

As the airbag deflated, she gasped for breath. "SpongeBob?! What were you doing in the middle of the street, without any pants?!"


"Look at my boatmobile! It's totaled!"

"Well, look on the bright side. At least no one was hurt."

"I don't know…." she said, gripping her middle. "I'm kinda sore."

"That's just the bitter sting of irony. You know, because it was you who crashed instead of me."

"SpongeBob…." Her voice began to quiver with rage.

"Heeeey," he said, oblivious. "Maybe you can help me find my special something!"

"Sponge…. Bob….." She gritted her teeth.

He was beginning to notice her anger. "Um…. you don't… by chance… umm…."

Suddenly, she puffed up, doubling her size. "SPONGEBOB!!" she roared in her deep voice.

"Okay, well, I'll see you at boating school then!" he replied hastily before rushing away.

SpongeBob walked quickly, a few nervous sweatdrops escaping. Shortly he was out of Mrs. Puff's headlights' beams and found himself in complete darkness. "Where…. where am I?" he wondered out loud. "Why is it so dark?"

When Mrs. Puff had struck the powerline, she'd knocked out all the power for miles. The streetlights were thus off, and SpongeBob couldn't see his hand in front of his face.

He felt for the ground and sat down. "I can't believe it… I couldn't find my special something… I'm going to disappoint Squidward… and now, I'm lost in the dark. Maybe I should just give up hope..." He hung his head in shame.

"Never give up hope, SpongeBob."

"Huh…?" he perked up. "Who said that?"

"It is I."

SpongeBob looked to his shoulder, where a tiny version of himself hovered. It wore a white robe, a halo, and had tiny wings jutting from its back. "Wow!"

"You cannot just abandon your dreams, SpongeBob."

"But… I just can't figure it out. I'll never find my special something."

"Oh, SpongeBob, don't you see? You can't find your special something, because you are a special something."

His eyes grew wide and sparkled. "Really?"

Suddenly the tiny angel SpongeBob transformed in a puff of smoke. It now had a red outfit, devil horns, a pitchfork, and a tail with a little triangle at the end. "Nah, just kiddin'."

"Hey!" he exclaimed angrily.

"Ha HA! You really fell for it." The little devil-ish SpongeBob stretched and yawned. "Man, does it feel good to be out….. wait. I'm out? Holy carp, I'm out! Haha, haha!" he cackled. "I'm free! I'm FREE!"


"You know how long it's been since I've had a chance to do anything? Talk about a raw deal, I get stuck with Mr. Goody-two-shoes here. I never get to have any fun!"

SpongeBob just sat there, his eyes wide.

"But now that I'm out—not to mention pants-less in the dark—I finally have a chance to be naughty!"

"I liked it better when you were the other guy."

"Oh, please. You mean this one?" It transformed back into the angel-form. "Oh, look at me! I like frilly things!" he said mockingly.

"Yeah. I like that better."

"Pffft. He'd probably say something like 'You can get out of this, all you need is to believe!'"

"Stop it!" SpongeBob balled his fists. "Don't make fun of stuff like that!"

"'Just use your imagination!'" he continued before doubling over with an evil laugh.

"That's not very nice! And besides, it's pronounced, 'imaginaaaaation.'" As SpongeBob said the last word, he took his clasped hands and pulled them away from each other, forming a rainbow. Think of the episode "The Idiot Box."

"Oh, whatever."

"Hey, that's a great idea! In fact, I'm going to imagine you away!" With the word, 'imagine' SpongeBob did his hand motion again, and the creature disappeared from his shoulder. It was at that moment that he realized that a light had switched on in his brain. Almost literally.

"Hey! Every time I do that, I produce light! I can use the rainbow's glow to find my way to Squidward's in the dark!"

So SpongeBob used his imagination to guide the way. The only problem was that the rainbow only lasted a few seconds, so he was constantly forming another. But he didn't mind; he skipped happily down the street, illuminated by the repeated rainbows, singing, "Rudolph" but replacing the lines about reindeer and a nose to a sea sponge and rainbows.

It goes without saying that an underwear-clad sponge making rainbows in the dark while skipping down the street didn't attract a few stares and whispers, but that is a different story completely.

As he passed his pineapple home, he saw the lights turn on. "Hey, the power's back!" he said cheerfully. "What coincidental timing!"

SpongeBob continued to his neighbor's house, grinning ear to ear.

Squidward sighed contently. "A whole day off and SpongeBob only ruined the very beginning. Must be my lucky day."

Combining two of his favorite pastimes, he was painting a portrait of his clarinet in a bowl of fruit. He poked his tongue out, closed one eye, and held up a thumb to the bowl. He turned to the easel, and continued painting.

"Heya, Squidward!" said SpongeBob, popping out of seemingly nowhere.

"AAAHH!!" screamed Squidward, the startle forcing him to pierce the painting with the brush. He pulled it out and looked at the hole in his artwork. "My masterpiece, it's ruined!"

SpongeBob blinked as a splash of paint hit him. "Happy SASFD! Guess what! I think I figured out my special something!"

Squidward turned to the little poriforan. "What?!"

"It's my imaginaaaaation, isn't it, Squidward?" The particular rainbow he made this time was very pale—he'd grown exhausted from doing it over and over.

Squidward stared back. "Huh? That's not your special something!"

He frowned. "It's not?"

"No, it's NOT! Because you don't have one!" he said, nearly shaking with rage.

"What?! That can't be true….. say it's not true, Squidward. I don't believe you. Just tell me what it really is! PLEASE!"

"You wanna know? You reeeeallly wanna know?" he asked, a wild look in his eye. He reached for the first thing he could get his tentacle on, his clarinet.


"Then HERE!" Squidward forcibly struck SpongeBob with the clarinet, accidentally jamming it in one of his holes. When he pulled it out, SpongeBob's beating heart was stuck on the end of it. With each beat, blood squirted on both of them. "GAHH!!"

"Ohhh, I get it! My heart! I have a big heart!"

"N-no!" Pushing the end of the instrument back inside SpongeBob's pore, he scraped the organ back off inside.

"I'm confused," said SpongeBob, scratching his head.

Squidward trembled. 'Why must SpongeBob torture me so?!'

"Hey, I just remembered, we never ate those waffles from this morning!" SpongeBob pulled them out from his underwear. "Nothing wrong with breakfast for dinner! Bahahahaha!"

'Ugh, that's so gross!'

"Where do you keep the butter, buddy?" he asked, looking through Squidward's dresser drawers.

'And it top it all off, he's not even wearing pants!'

"Oh, silly me! I can't eat dinner looking like this!" SpongeBob gestured downwards. For a moment Squidward thought SpongeBob might have finally realized how ridiculous he looked in just his underwear, until the sponge said: "I've got blood stains and paint all over me!"

"That is IT!" shouted Squidward. He picked up SpongeBob and tucked him under his arm as he made his way downstairs.

"Where are we going, Squidward?"

Squidward stopped at the laundry room. He tossed SpongeBob in the washing machine and slammed the top shut. "Here's a suggestion for your 'special something'…. SEE IF YOU'RE COLORFAST!!"


Well, that's it. It's finally over. Don't you just love sudden, random endings? I know I do.

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