I planed on writing this sooner. But I'm sick. But I feel like writing so here's my cliché story.

Casper High was having yet another dance. Honestly how many dances can this school have? Well anyway there was going to be one and everyone was really excited about it, like they were for all the other dances. Even those people who said that they didn't want to go secretly were dying to go. One of those people was Sam Manson. She secretly hoped that Danny would ask her. But she knew he was much too clueless… or was he!? Speak of the devil, Danny walked up to Sam at this moment.

"Hey Sam, are you going to the dance?" Danny asked.

"Of course not, it's a couple dance. I still need someone to ask me. Hint hint." Sam replied.

"Well if you're not going then… I guess I'll just ask Paulina!" Danny then ran off.

Sam nearly screamed in anger. Why oh why did she have to have fallen in love with someone who if you told Tucker was actually a girl he would believe it.

Meanwhile Danny had walked up to Tucker. "Did you ask Sam?" Tucker asked.

"I wanted to. But she said 'Of course not, it's a couple dance. I still need someone to ask me. Hint hint.' So I'm going to ask Paulina instead." Danny replied.

"You're really that clueless?!" Tucker asked in shock.

"Why does everyone say that? What am I clueless about?" Danny replied.

"I'll take that as a yes.

Meanwhile Sam had been watching this unfold and slumped down in silence. "Oh, come on! He was going to ask me. Now I've ruined everything. Wait, I didn't ruin everything… Danny did! Or wait, did I? No he definitely did, or maybe it was me… No! This had to of been Tucker's fault. Wait no; I haven't even interacted with him in this story so far. That's it! This was all Jazz's fault. No, she isn't even in this story…" She continued to ramble on like this for hours.

Note: I have nothing against stories about dances or the people who write them. In fact most if not all of them are very good. I'm just parodying the fact that there are just so many of them here.