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Hyuuga Hinata gently fingered the puncture marks in her porcelain skin. Neji had told her that it marked her as his. It was, however, nothing more than a bruise that would heal with time. Oh, it would scar, undoubtedly as deeply as Neji had scarred her psyche, but time heals all wounds, even broken and bleeding hearts.

Hinata scooped a bit of salve onto her fingers, then carefully rubbed it onto Neji's mark as she watched herself from the bathroom mirror. He had called it a love-bite. Love. She chuckled slightly. If she hadn't been so disturbed, she might die of hysterics.



Neji had her pinned to the training post. His intense gaze was focused on her; scorching, obsessive. She'd seen that look in his eyes a handful of times. Once, after his father had died. Again, during their match in the preliminary round of the Chuunin Exam. Then, after Naruto had avenged her honor during the final round of the Exam. After that, it had twisted into something different. Something more palpable than mere bloodlust. The bloodlust was still there, that much was obvious. But there was something behind it now. Something that made her whimper at his glance, and lick her lips as often as it made her blush. She could feel his eyes following her as she skirted through the long corridors of the Hyuuga compound. He had used the Byakugan more and more as the weeks passed by, but Hinata never said anything.

And now, as he pressed his body against hers in the midday sun, she finally found a name for that look. Desire, lust– possession.

It was hot. Sunlight mixed with his breath on her skin, causing a deep crimson flush to spread over her entire body. She could feel the heat. So why was she shivering?

He licked her lips, slowly, drawing teasing circles on her mouth. Their eyes were barely inches apart, and she didn't miss the feral excitement glinting in his silvery orbs, even as the tears obscured her view. Then, he kissed her; tenderly, lovingly, like a gentleman assuring his betrothed during a long courtship. She couldn't help but sigh, couldn't help but flutter her eyes back and sink into his attention. And she knew he had her then, when she looked up at him, her head resting on his shoulder. Such arrogance. Such seething satisfaction.

He smirked down at her, his weak, delicate cousin, while he tightened the chains around her heart. "I love you, Hinata-sama. I know now that I have always loved you, even when I hated you. Perhaps I do not believe quite so much in destiny anymore, but there is no mistaking this," he leaned into her hair, inhaling the soft scent of lavender. "This is Fate."

End Flashback


No. There was no mistaking. She had reacted to his touch, to his hands, lips and teeth possessing her. She hadn't wanted him. Still, she called out his name, and gasped, and moaned, and everything in-between.

She began to tremble and sat the small jar of healing salve onto the vanity. What was she going to do? She had heard his terms. She had agreed to them without so much as a word. Compliance was all the permission he'd needed from her. Now what would he expect, when her feelings for Naruto hadn't changed?

She sighed.

There was no sense in wasting time here anymore. The family was expecting her. Neji was expecting her, and she wouldn't disappoint. She would put on the show of normalcy for the sake of the family, and for her reputation.


Hyuuga Neji waited patiently outside the door to Hinata's room. He leaned casually against the wall, arms folded, head down. Branch House members floated by him, unblinking. This was normal. He waited here each day before dinner to escort Hinata-sama to the dining room. The only thing that was different? The proud smirk he didn't care to hide.



He turned her around and pressed her face into the wooden post, while he tore the jacket from her arms. He snaked his grasping arms around her waist, expertly unsnapping and unzipping her pants. She yelped when he yanked them down in one violent tug. As he knelt down behind her, he saw her toned and shapely legs tremble in the sudden breeze. Well, he would just have to warm them up, wouldn't he?

Neji ran his fingertips up along the sides of her calves and thighs. When he reached her bottom, he hooked his thumbs under her panties and pulled up to reveal her firm white cheeks. He kissed each cheek lightly, then ripped the panties off of her before bringing them to his face to savor her subtle fragrance. He could hear her sobbing now, and with each sound that escaped her, she shook.

He stood, reaching under what was left of her fishnet shirt to clench one of her breasts through the bindings that all kunoichi wore to keep them in place. His other hand slowly raised the shirt over her head, then tossed it away. He raked his fingers through her hair, teasing her scalp as he licked the sensitive spot just behind her earlobe.

His voice was husky when he spoke. "Hinata-sama, you will enjoy this. I know you do not belive me, but," he turned her face back toward him to kiss her temple, then her tightly lidded eye, and finally the corner of her mouth. "As surely as I have brought you pain, I will bring you pleasure." Then, with both hands, he began to loosen her bindings.

End Flashback


Neji was pulled from his thoughts as the knob began the turn from the other side. The door opened silently and Hinata stepped out, smelling of soap and lavender perfume. Her indigo tresses were still damp from her hasty shower, and she was dressed conservatively, in a long sleeve turtle-neck and knee-length pleated skirt. He smirked at her choice of attire. He knew she was hiding the bruises that his hands and mouth had left behind.

"Hinata-sama." He bowed respectfully. She bit her lower lip and reflexively brought her hand to her neck, where his mark lay below the fabric. He smiled and gestured down the hall.

They walked together in silence, neither looking at the other. Hinata kept her hands clenched together, twisting nervously. However, every few minutes she would reach up and touch the mark through her shirt, as if reminding herself that it was still there. They were almost to the dining room, and Neji wanted to ease her nerves.

He grasped her hand in one swift movement that had her backed up against the wall. There was no one else in the corridor, so he brought her palm to his lips as he bore into silvery eyes so like his own.

"If you keep touching it, Hiashi-sama will suspect," he said. "Just be yourself. Everything will be fine." He kissed her palm again. "I promise."

"Y-Yes. Of course, Neji-niisan. I'm sorry," was all she managed to say.

He suppressed a sigh and nodded. Perhaps it was too much to ask that she stop calling him niisan. Oh, well. He could live with it, as long as he could still do things to her that no decent brother could imagine. He smiled as his plans for tonight flashed through his mind. He would have to remember to pick up the electrical tape after dinner.

With that, he pulled her the rest of the way toward the dining room and held the door open for her to enter. She stepped in, and was immediately met by the stony glare of her father, Hyuuga Hiashi.


"So, you have finally decided to grace us with your presence, daughter?"

She stood just inside the threshold. "H-Hai, otousan."

Hiashi's frown was the picture of disgust. "Just sit down," he gave a curt wave of his hand toward two empty seats at the long table. He watched with a raised eyebrow as Neji slid the door closed before coming behind Hinata to pull out her chair. She sat down, and Neji pushed her up to the table. When he seated himself next to her, Hiashi signaled the Branch House servants to bring out the main course.

When the meal had been placed and portions doled out between the Main House and the few Branch House members lucky enough to be seated at the table, Hiashi raised his fork, the signal for all to begin eating.

They ate in relative silence, the only sound from clanking silverware, plates and glasses. After some time had passed, Hiashi directed his attention toward Hanabi, who was seated across from Hinata.

"Hanabi-chan," he said in a sweet, fatherly voice that Hinata had never heard in reference to herself. "Tell the family of your good news."

Hanabi paled and froze, her fork just inches from her mouth. Her eyes slowly rose to meet her sister's empty stare, but she could not sustain the contact and lowered her gaze. She placed the fork on her plate and her hands fell to her lap in a motion rivaling Hinata's own.

"Please, otousan," she pleaded. "I do not want– "

"Hanabi," Hiashi scolded.

She immediately straightened herself to look into Hinata's eyes, but not before catching Neji's pointed glare. "I am to be declared Heiress." She watched Hinata deflate further, into a boneless heap. "At the next council meeting," she finished. What she didn't say was that the Caged Bird Seal would then be placed on Hinata's forehead, relegating her the Branch House for the rest of her life.

Hanabi looked to her father, sitting at the head of the table with a proud and satisfied smirk on his face. Finally, he had the successor he had wanted from the beginning.

"May I be excused?" Hinata asked too quietly. Hiashi gave a blunt snort and flicked his wrist at her. She scooted her seat back and rose from the table. After pushing the chair back, she walked quietly to the door and exited.

No one said anything for a long moment. Neither did they eat or drink. Neji could not conceal the scorn bubbling to the surface of his expression. Hanabi wilted under his glare, as did everyone else unfortunate enough to capture his attention. Just as Hiashi was preparing to take his next savory bite, Neji spoke.

"Announce whatever you like. Hinata-sama will not be denied her rightful place."

Hiashi was not surprised by Neji's words, or his concern for his worthless daughter. "What do you know, Branch House?" He dismissed.

"I know Hinata-sama far better than you, Hiashi-sama," Neji sneered. "She is stronger than you think." Then he looked again at Hanabi. "And one day soon, you will come face to face with that fact."

"Hn," was all Hiashi said, and no more words were spoken for the duration of the meal.


Hyuuga Hinata did not cry. She did not tremble or fall to her knees. She had cried enough for one day; had been humiliated and broken by her cousin. She was surprised by Hanabi's news, but not shocked. It was simply a matter of time. And she didn't feel saddened by the inevitable loss of her station within the family, she only pitied her sister.

Poor, poor Hanabi.

Hinata let out the wild laughter that she'd held back from the moment her sister spoke her fate aloud. She could have the title. She could have the Hyuuga. Hinata wouldn't be around to see her take the heavy mantle of succession, let alone to be branded as a slave to the Main House. She was leaving. She was no one's possession, not of the Hyuuga, and not of her cousin.

She walked to her room with her head held high. She was going to meet Naruto, but before she did, she would change her clothes to match the change she felt inside. She was a shinobi, a Konoha kunoichi, and ninjas don't go down without a fight. That was her nindo, after all.

End Chapter One