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I didn't want to say goodbye. But we both knew that it was all that I could do. I had my scholarship, and having my parents even allow me to play football at the match was something I only hoped for. Having them allow me to go to school in America, that was something that I could never imagine.

But it wasn't until just now, right now, with me telling you that my dreams are coming true did I realize that it meant that I would have to let you go.

I have to leave you, and all that I wish I could of had with you here. We can finally be together now. There isn't some coach/player relationship taboo in our way anymore.

But to tell my family now when they have just learned that they're losing me that I'm in love with a man that isn't one of us, that would just break their hearts. I can't do that any more than I've already done.

I'm leaving for America. You're staying here.

I could ask you to come, and I know, I just know, that somehow you'd try to make it work. Even if it meant that you'd have to split your time between continents, you'd try to find a way to make it work.

But you've just been offered a position that we both know you could have only dreamed about. And I know that you would risk it. For me, you would give up everything that made you, you. I can't do that.

We both know that I can't ask you to give up this opportunity for me. Just as we both know that you can't ask me to give up on my dream for you.

No matter how much we want to say the words, we both know that they'll never be spoken.

Even if it means we only see each other while I'm on holiday, I know that we will try something, anything, just to make this work.

And, someday, we'll make my family accept you and I know that we'll be together.

Until then, I leave you here with a kiss, and a promise, that we'll see what can happen.