A/N: This is a one shot inspired by the previews for next week's show. Fresh Blood. Picks up after the preview showing Sam in the dark with the knife. No outside info from spoilers if there are any floating around (I never looked). Just my take on how I want things to be.


Sam was down and bleeding badly. Gordon had beaten him to within an inch of his life, trying to force him into using the abilities Sam no longer thought he possessed. It was true. Sam was no longer the psychic supposed leader of the demon army but that didn't stop Gordon from believing it with every fiber of his being. Sam Winchester must die. It had become Gordon's mantra.

"Time for you to die, Sammy. You're not gonna lead anything now except your own way to hell."

"Gord…(cough, gasp) told…you I….don't lead (gasp)…any…"

"Demons lie and you're no better than them." Gordon sneered as he raised Sam's head by his hair and sent a brick lined fist into his face again, snapping his head back and rendering Sam unconscious. Blood spilled from Sam's mouth, nose and the three gashes on various parts of his face.

"Not all demons lie, Gordo. I'm telling the truth when I say you're dead."

Gordon spun, totally caught off guard at the voice coming from behind him in the dark. He had six other hunters stationed around the warehouse where he'd moved Sam after kidnapping him. No one should have been able to come within a mile of Sam if they had the intent of helping him.

A girl stepped out of the dark, coming to stand in front of Gordon. "Who the hell are you?" He asked her; incredulous that such a small girl could get past the others.

"You mentioned demon?" Ruby snarked as her eyes flashed black. Gordon stepped back.

"So the army came to rescue its General?" Gordon raised his gun and trained it on Ruby's forehead.

"You can't possibly think that pea-shooter'll hurt me?"

"No but it should kill your host."

"Trouble with that thinking is I'm not possessing anyone. I'm a pureblood." She reached out with blinding speed and grabbed Gordon by the head. A quick twist and he slumped to the ground.

"I guess you really do have eyes in the back of your head now, Gordo." She stepped over the body lying on the floor in the warehouse a few feet from Sam. She crouched down and rolled Sam onto his side so she could look into his battered features.

"C'mon, Sammy. Don't do this to me now." Ruby touched his blood stained cheek and he stirred. He opened the eye that wasn't swollen shut.

"Ru…" That partial word trailed off into a coughing fit that had him gasping for breath as blood flecked his lips.

"Hey… shhh. You took a hell of a beating. I'm here to help, okay?"

"How…?" his eye went shut again and reopened slower than ever. It closed again and he sighed, giving in. Sorry Dean was his last thought.

"Like this." Ruby reached to her neck and pulled at a chain that rested there. On the end was an amulet. She gripped the amulet and placed it to his chest. Blue light coalesced in the room and coursed through Sam's body. His mortal injuries lessened and he laid there, still bleeding and beaten, but no longer losing the battle with death.

His breath rasped in his throat. "Atta boy, Sammy." Ruby heard a phone ring and she looked behind her. It was coming from Gordon's body. She stood and went to the corpse with the twisted neck, pulling the phone from his pocket. It was Sam's, like she figured. Dean calling was scrolling across the screen. She flipped open the phone.

"Sammy?! Sam, answer me!"

"He can't just now."

"What?! Who the hell is…Ruby?! Where the hell is Sam? What have you done to him?!"

"If you'll shut up and listen for a minute, Dean. I just saved his life. He's in the warehouse at the corner of Fifth and Pier. You're buddy beat the hell out of him."


"Get here now. Your brother needs you." Ruby clicked the phone shut and laid it beside Sam. She lifted his head and placed it in her lap as she knelt down.

"I'm really some big bad scary demon, aren't I? If you could see me now…" She brushed Sam's blood soaked hair out of his eyes. The blood seeping from him had begun to clot. "How is it that every time I see you, you're a mess in one way or another? Can't you ever just be a tall cute guy? 'Cause let me tell you, bruises and baggage do nothing for the image."

The Impala roared to a screeching halt outside. She could hear the engine being shut off and a door being thrown open with a squeal. Dean burst through the door a moment later. He had the Colt drawn and on her before she could move away from Sam.

"Get away from him, now!"

She stood and approached Dean. "You know you're really ungrateful, you know that?" Dean just glared and raised the gun from her chest to her forehead.

"What. Did. You. Do. To. Him?" he asked, accentuating every word.

"Saved his ass from the heap beside you." She said gesturing to Gordon's body.

Dean's eyes finally moved from her and settled on Gordon, then shot to Sam.

"Gordon?! He had Sam?"

"Damn near killed him. Stop staring and help your brother." Ruby walked out of the room. Dean turned the Colt on Gordon's body and fired once, then rushed to Sam's side where he lay on the blood covered concrete floor.

"Sammy! Sam" Dean touched his face and his eyes opened. One was swollen nearly shut and he looked like he'd been through a battle, or dragged behind a truck. Dean couldn't decide which.

"Dean?" Sam mumbled.

"Hey kid. I'm gonna get you patched up, okay? You're gonna be good as new."

Dean eased Sam into a sitting position and he cried out in pain. Dean froze and lifted Sam's head from where it lolled against his shoulder. He forced Sam to meet his eyes. "Hey. I need you to hang on, okay? I have to get you to your feet." A few anguish filled minutes later Dean was supporting Sam and on the way to the car. He laid Sam across the back seat with a few more cries of pain from Sam. He got behind the wheel and fired the engine while pulling his phone from his pocket. He hit a button.


"Bobby, I got Sam. Meet me at the motel. I need your help." The Impala's tires squealed as rubber met the road.