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Dean squealed tires into the motel parking lot five minutes after he'd gotten off the phone with Bobby. They had been searching for Sam since he'd disappeared a few hours before. He was out of the Impala and flinging the back door open when Bobby pulled into the gravel lot behind him, stirring a cloud of dust. Dean just knelt and touched Sam's face, trying to get a response from his badly beaten baby brother.

"Come on Sammy, don't do this." Dean said as he eased slowly wakening Sam into a sitting position so he could pull him out of the back seat. Sam cried out and Bobby pushed his way in to look at the injured hunter.

"Dammit. What the hell happened?"

"Gordon. Again." Dean said.

"Is that son of a brick dead yet?" Bobby questioned as he offered a hand in helping to pull Sam from the car. Sam cried out again. "Easy kid, we're gonna help." Bobby soothed as he wrapped one of Sam's arms around his neck.

Dean grabbed the other arm and helped steady Sam on his feet as they half walked- half dragged Sam into the room. "Yeah. He's dead. Ruby got to him when she found Sam."

"Ruby? The demon, Ruby?"

"She…did something… (gasp) to…help me." Sam struggled to speak as his head continued to loll on his shoulders between the two hunters. They now had him at the bed and eased him down. He immediately began coughing. Bobby rolled him onto his side to clear his airway and Sam gasped in the much needed air.

"Easy kid, easy. Dean, go get your med kit."

"I'm on it." Dean said and with a short glance at Sam he headed back outside to the trunk of the car. He grabbed the kit and rushed back into the room. "Here, Bobby. I'm gonna get some water and washcloths so we can clean him up."

"Good." Bobby removed Sam's jacket which was blood stained and torn. Sam winced in pain and tried to grip the blanket beneath him. "Sam, c'mon. We gotta look you over. What hurts?"

"What…doesn't?" Sam dissolved into another coughing fit. Dean hurried back into the room and put the bowl of water on the nightstand. He hurriedly circled the bed and sat down at Sam's back. He began massaging circles along his spine and over the area of his lungs. Sam relaxed and the coughing ceased. His shirt was tattered and covered in blood. Dean's hand came away from Sam's back bloody and an awful image flashed through his mind. Sam, and another time his back was bleeding. Dean cringed and met Bobby's eyes over Sam.

"We need to get his shirt off." They soon had the blood stained fabric away from Sam's body and took in the extent of his injuries. His back was covered in scrapes and bruises but there appeared to be nothing serious. Dean had expected awful wounds from the amount of blood that still covered Sam's skin but noticed nothing even requiring stitches as he took the cloth from Bobby and wiped away the blood.

"What the hell?"

"What, Dean?" Bobby glanced up from where he was cleaning Sam's facial wounds with antiseptic and looked at the other young hunter.

"His back was covered in blood but there's hardly a scratch. Just bruises."

"That's because of this beauty." Ruby said as she stepped into the room without a sound, raising a hand with something dangling from it. Dean pulled the Colt and leveled it on her as soon as she spoke.

"Oh, would you drop the gun. Seriously, I gotta tell you, this whole lack of trust thing you've got going on- really gets on a girl's nerves." She walked right past the barrel of Dean's colt, the one she'd helped to reconstruct, and looked down at Sam.

"How's he doing?" She asked Bobby, completely ignoring Dean.

He spoke anyway. "That really doesn't concern you, sister. Now does it?"

"Well then. If how he is doesn't concern me then how he's not dead right now shouldn't concern you."

"Ruby." It was Sam who spoke. She looked away from Dean and lowered her eyes to the bloody, beaten young man who lay on a lumpy bed in a dingy dive of a motel room. "How did you…help…me?"

"Egyptian healing charm. The real deal, one time only kind of thing. It's useless now." She dropped it on the bed beside Sam's hand, and turned back to Dean who still had the Colt leveled on her. Bobby kept one eye on the two circling predators in the room and the other on cleaning Sam's wounds, not saying a word.

She glared at him. "You know I don't like you, right?"

"Oh, trust me… the feeling's mutual."

"Would you just drop the macho hate-us-all-cause-we're-smarter-than-you act and realize that I'm here to help."

Sam spoke again, around a wince as Bobby began stitching up the worst of his facial injuries, the cut high on his forehead. "Dean…please."

Dean lowered the gun but it remained clutched in his hand.

"That's better." Ruby said as she took off her jacket and perched on the bed next to Sam. Dean stiffened but didn't raise the gun again, opting for venomous words instead.

"Get away from my brother you demonic bitch."

"You should really be a little nicer to me Dean-o. Your brother would be dead if it weren't for me. Bang up job on watching out for Sammy, by the way. You're definitely maintaining the record number of wins there." She said sarcastically.

"Bite me, bitch." Dean snarled.

"I wouldn't want to get anything in my teeth." She replied with a straight face. "So tell me you at least put one of the bullets from that Colt into good ol' Gordo before you pulled Sam outta there?"

" Yeah. In the forehead. Why?"

"Good. At least we don't have to worry about his reappearance."

"What the hell do you mean by that?"

"Gordo tangled with your vamp buddy that was spreading his gift. Took some blood and converted himself. How do you think he got to Sam- and took him- all by his demented little self?"

"That bastard turned himself into a vamp to get to Sam?!"


"God." Sam said from behind Ruby. "Why would he do that?" He forced himself into a sitting position and wrapped an arm around his bruised ribs.

She turned to him and looked him over. "Well, well, you're looking better now than the last time I saw you. Gordo was big time demented. Thinking you were the leader of the army. You were supposed to be, but good old Azazel couldn't quite get you to fall in line behind him. Gordon didn't see that as a win for you. He believed you had to die no matter what. So he sprouted fangs."

"You're a demon. Aren't you supposed to want Sam to be your leader?" Dean broke in, wondering just what the hell Ruby was up to. Ruby shifted her gaze to Dean.

"Like I told Sammy here a few days ago, not all of us are out for the same thing." She looked at Sam again and winked. "Don't let anybody else beat the hell out of you for a while there, tall, dark and bruised." She stood from the bed and shrugged into her jacket, heading for the door.

Dean turned on her again. "Just what the hell is it that you want then?"

"That's another story for another time." The three hunters glanced at each other before looking back towards the door. Ruby was gone. Dean looked at Sam and raised an eyebrow.

"Don't look at me, man. I got no clue what makes her tick." Sam said. Dean shook off the feeling that had settled over him and moved to Sam's side.

"So you're really okay?"

"Sore, but yeah." Sam picked up the amulet that still lay on the bed between him and Dean and looked at it. "Huh," was all he said.


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