"Get me some coffee."

Setsuna, looking exhausted and mildly annoyed, entered Mamoru's apartment, which was at maximum capacity.

"You can't order Endymion-sama around like that," Zoe informed Setsuna with narrowed eyes, "he is the future king of -"

"I don't care if he's the Emperor of the Universe," Setsuna snapped, shoving her mug at Mamoru, "I just spent the entire night trying to undo half the damage the four of you did to the inner workings of time. Get me some coffee!"

They blinked at her and Zoe took the cup from Mamoru, shuffling hurriedly into the kitchen.

"Was it really that bad?" Mamoru asked, making room for Setsuna beside him on the couch.

She glared at him then settled back against the cushions.

"Let's see," she began, ticking off on her fingers, "the Senshi saw their future selves, fought their future selves, saw the Shitennou alive after they'd killed them, Usagi saw you apparently free from Beryl's curse...need I go on?"

"No, no," Mamoru dropped his head, properly chastised.

"I took the cats back with me and managed to erase everyone's memories of the episode, and I also found out what happened to make the Senshi go bad."

Mamoru looked up in interest.

"They were captured by Beryl," she explained, "and Beryl, true to form, brainwashed them and enlisted them to kill...themselves, essentially."

"It's rather ironic when you think about it," she continued with a strange smile.

"But you erased their memories of that too," Mamoru replied, "so everything's back to how it was before, except now we have the Shitennou."

"Actually," Setsuna countered, "I didn't erase their memories. I decided that it would be better for everyone concerned if they all remembered that at one time they had served Beryl."

"But that's so -" Mamoru began, worriedly, "the Senshi will never forgive themselves for having betrayed Usagi, even if it was in the past -"

"Maybe so," Setsuna interrupted, "but they will be better able to forgive the Shitennou for doing the same thing."

Mamoru breathed out slowly and shook his head.

"You terrify me sometimes."

"Good," Setsuna muttered, then craned her head to look into Mamoru's kitchen from which many odd sounds were emanating.

"Where's my coffee?" she called.

There was a slight squeak, then Zoe's voice replied:

"Ah, Mamoru-sama, I can't – I don't know – you don't have a -" there was more banging and clanging and Mamoru rose slowly to head toward the kitchen.

"This is their first encounter with modern day appliances," he explained to Setsuna as he walked, "we're still getting used to everything."


Mamoru sprinted the last five steps into the kitchen.

Setsuna listened to him explaining to Zoe the process of instant coffee.

Then she caught the sound of the television in Mamoru's bedroom. Curious, she went to check on the noise.

To her surprise, she saw Usagi lying on her stomach on Mamoru's bed with a game controller in her hand, while the former Nephrite sat against the foot of the bed, on the floor, with the other controller. He, like Zoe, she'd noticed, was dressed in his uniform. Evidently Mamoru hadn't made the necessary arrangements for the Shitennou to amalgamate themselves into normal society yet.

"I got you!" Usagi squealed gleefully, "I totally got you!"

"That wasn't fair," Komo growled, "you can't hit a man while his back is turned! What kind of game is this!?"

He raised his hand to throw the controller on the ground.

"Stop." Setsuna glanced up to see Tamoten/Kunzite sitting at Mamoru's desk, reading a newspaper and sipping some water.

"I didn't know you could read Japanese." She remarked.

Tamoten glanced at her over his paper, gave her an enigmatic smile, then returned to his reading.

Setsuna frowned. She was about to say something else when Jikokuten/Jedite popped his head through the door.

"Usagi-hime," he said quietly, "it's time for you to go to school."

He held her satchel and a sack lunch in his hands.

Setsuna snorted.

"Aw, I don't want to go. I want to keep playing with Nephrite...I mean...K-k" Usagi attempted.

"I hate stupid Sailor Moon," Komo snarled at the television screen as the five note melody indicating defeat rang out from the speakers, "she's the stupidest one of them all!"

"Hey!" Usagi threw a pillow at him, "That's not true! I -"

"Usagi!" Setsuna broke in hurriedly, "Time to go to school, now!"

She grabbed the younger girl and pushed her into Jiko's arms. He gave her a grateful nod and ushered her out the door.

"So, are you four planning on living off of Mamoru's hospitality from now on?" she asked, once the two blonds were gone.

Tamoten spoke from behind his paper: "Of course not. We will assimilate ourselves into the populace of this city within a two mile radius of Mamoru and aid in the furtherance of Crystal Tokyo."

"And play video games," Komo added.

"Do you have any marketable skills?" Setsuna asked skeptically.

Komo and Tamoten looked at her blankly.

"Don't worry, Sets," Mamoru said from the doorway, "I kind of like having them around."

There was a crash and a wail from the living room.

"Got to go." Mamoru sighed and ran back into the living room.

From his bedroom, Sestuna could hear the men's voices.

"It's alright, Zo-chan," Jiko was saying, "Your hair will grow back."

"How did you even get the blender in that position?" Mamoru asked, exasperatedly.

Setsuna met Tamoten's eyes; they shared identical smirks.

Author's Note:

That's the end of this installment, the rest of the Senshi and Shitennou's adventures are in Light Fantastic, which has a lot more fluff and is a tad more serious. Looking back on it now, I kind of wish I'd let the Senshi stay evil for longer – they had such a short time to shine! Maybe that's a story for another time. Anyway, thank you for reading Foreshadowing. I hope to complete the 'trilogy' with a sequel to Light Fantastic, but we'll see. Thanks!

- A.C.