I had run as far away as I could, I had been running for days now to block out all the voices in my head. I needed to think, I needed to concentrate. I had no predestined destination. I wasn't running to anywhere, but "from" something. I was running from Bella you may think as my brothers thought, far from it though. I would never run from her, I would never leave her.

I was running from myself. Trying to leave Jacob Black behind and embracing my new unforeseen destiny one that didn't include Bella, my Bella. My Bella would be gone very soon, she would cease to exist. Without Bella Swan there is no Jacob Black (he too needs to disappear). But before I destroy him I must first say goodbye to his love as she had done. I would end this right, for Bella and Jacob. I must pay my respects and give them a proper send off.

I was heading back now; I could slowly hear the voices in my head become clearer. I was also certain that my family could hear me as well and know what I was planning to do. They would try to talk my out of it no doubt, but I didn't care. I needed to kill Jacob Black and they would help me do it whether they wanted to or not.


The day of my wedding had arrived. I have dreaded this day for as long as I can remember. I never thought this day would come, well more like so soon. I wasn't that kind of girl. I honestly believed that I was the only girl in existence without the so-called 'Cinderella Complex'. But that changed the day I met Edward, my life changed forever that day.

Alice had arrived extremely early to my house. She barged into my room while I was still sleeping, with Edward lying beside me. "Edward!" she shouted in a whispered voice trying to keep quiet since my parents still did not know that Edward stayed with me every night. "What are you doing here?" she demanded "You know its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding."

"I asked him to stay Alice." I said her rubbing my eyelids, relieved that it was only her. I thought it was Renee who had walked in. "And you know I don't believe any silly wedding superstitions." I added as I began to stretch and yawn loudly. "Besides, what are you doing here so early? Who let you in?" I asked her.

"Charlie let me in.He's already up. We have a lot to do today before the wedding," she said impatiently.

Charlie had been extremely opposed to the idea of Edward and I getting married. The day we had told him of our engagement he threw the biggest temper tantrum I had ever seen. His face turn bright red, eyes bulging, and veins popping. I thought he was about to have a heart attack (or turn into a werewolf by the he was shaking). I did my best to calm him down, which he did but not before he yelled and shouted at Edward and told him what he really thought of him. At first, he said no and forbid me from ever seeing Edward again. I had gotten angry by now, but remained as calm as I could and gave him an alternative. He would either accept Edward as his son-in-law or he would never see me again. He had no choice but to accept my condition. Edward then told Charlie that he would never hurt me again (emotionally anyway since Charlie had no clue to what was in store for me after the wedding) and that he truly loved me. After hours of trying to convince him, he finally gave us his blessing and then called Renee. That was a whole other fight, but same results in the end.

"What do I possibly have to do today? You said all I had to do was walk a few steps, say I do and that I wouldn't have to lift a finger." I said to her now sitting up on my bed.

"Don't be so lazy, Bella," she said "There is a matter of getting you ready. You have to take a shower first, get breakfast, then you are coming to our house so we can do your hair and makeup." she was excited by the thought.

"And that's going to take all day?!" I retorted "The wedding isn't until six o'clock." It was this late because of the sun factor, of course. A night wedding was much safer.

"Yes, but you still have to do your final inspections. Make sure I didn't get 'too carried away,'" she said while rolling her eyes "Just get up, Bella." She turned to walk out of the room and went downstairs to talk to Renee.

I sighed and motioned to Edward to get up as well. He had been grinning at me the entire time. "What are you smiling about?" I asked him in a cheeky tone.

"You," he said. "In a few hours, you are going to be my wife, mine forever. You have no idea how much that means to me."

"I'd do anything to make you happy, love," I said to him then leaned up to kiss him.

"You said that in your sleep last night you know," he said to me. His forehead leaning against mine and his arms wrapped around me. I still found that annoying and embarrassing that I talk in my sleep in front of Edward.

"Don't you have anything else better to do at night then to listen to me talk in my sleep?" I said annoyed.

"What could possibly be any better than you?" he asked with that crooked smile I loved so much on his face.

"There is no need to keep dazzling me you know," I said to him while all the while trying to keep my mind from spinning so fast. "You already have me."

"Forever," he said before kissing me with extreme passion.

Before things got to be too much for me I broke away. I looked up into his magnificent topaz eyes which were slightly loosing their color, but magnificent nonetheless. Most likely he would go hunting before the wedding tonight, better yet before the honeymoon. "So what other embarrassing thing did I say last night?" I asked him.

He shrugged his shoulders and said "Just the usual. My name and that you love me." He had a huge grin on his face now.

"Ugh! That is still very annoying," I said irritably.

"Hey, not being able to listen to your thoughts is irritating. Listening in on your sleep talking is my only consolation, my way of reading your mind," He said to me. "Besides, very soon I am no longer going to have that luxury since you won't be sleeping anymore, so don't deny me my pleasures." He said and kissed me again. I could never deny him his 'pleasures'.

"Bella!" I heard Charlie yell from downstairs. Edward and I immediately broke apart. Although my parents knew that Edward and I were getting married, they did not know of Edward's late night visits and the fact that stayed with me every night.

"Come downstairs for some breakfast," Renee shouted.

"Coming," I shouted towards the door.

"I guess I better be going," Edward said. He leaned in one more time to kiss me then headed towards the window. "See you later, Mrs. Cullen" he grinned at me before he disappeared out the window. I rolled eyes and headed downstairs.