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AN: This story begins after the mission city accident. The autobots have gotten four more mechs who had followed Optimus message and come to earth.

The four mechs are: Prowl, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe and Wheeljack.

On with the story.

The Chosen

Chapter 1: Newcomer

By DragonQueen90

Far out in space, a comet is flying at high velocity entering earth solar system. But it isn't a normal comet, this one has a spark, a heart and gamma wave energy.

And everything is dark and deathly quiet except for a harsh voice...

"We are entering the solar system now. So can you please tell me which planet I should change our course to?"

Another voice in the dark answers: "the third from the sun."

"The third from what!?"

"The sun ! You know, the irritating yellow dot over there, at your left."

"The yellow dot that is larger than the others?"

"Yes! Congratulations! You have identified the sun" the voice snapped sarcastically.

"Well, it's not my fault that I don't know what a stupid yellow dot is named in this system, this is your territory not mine." The first voice snapped back.

"Well excuse me that I am interested in science and learn some good and healthy things while you wastes your free time in guns and marshal arts..."

"That is good things ! How many times haven't I saved your fleshy little ass with my guns and marshal arts? Hu?"

"Can you two PLEASE be quiet !" A third very irritated voice interrupted in the dark.

"I am trying to rest and so should you ! We are arriving in one or two solar cycles and we are needed. We will be very busy when we have arrived. So go and rest NOW or I will kick you both out on the next planet we fly by!"

"ya, ya... we are sorry for waking you up we will go and rest now, see you in two solar cycles!" the first and second voice said in a happy chorus.

"Humph... see you later."

After two solar cycles, at earth far out in the middle of a forest, outside of a little town called Tranquility lies the new autobot bas.

At base (the government and military had kindly given them) everything was peaceful at last.

The new base was going perfect. It was good that it was deep in the forest where no one would see "giant alien robots walking around" and the autobots had improved it (the base) with cybertronian technology much to the governments interests.

Bumblebee was with his guard Samuel Witwicky (Sam) and where probably out racing in the neighbourhood close to the base.

Prowl was at his office doing some reports about some mysterious fast speeding involving two Lamborghini's (one red and the other yellow).

Sighing Prowl bend forward and put his elbows on the table. He would have to "talk" to Sunny and Sides about this.

But there was some good news to, incredibly enough, Wheeljack haven't blown up his lab not even ones, since he came to earth... Yet.

And THAT wasn't normal.

Sighing ones again he went out to find the "legendary" Lamborghini brothers.

Meanwhile Optimus and Ironhide had dragged out Ratchet out of med bay and out to the new shooting range with the reason that he hadn't been outside the medical doors for nearly three days.

"Why are you doing this ?! I am trying to make order in my medical bay and you two storm in and pulls me out here. Why in the pit are you doing this?"

"Because, you haven't been outside for nearly three days and as the humans says "a little sun makes you good. Or as Ironhide says: A little shooting and destruction is never wrong." Optimus argues with a smile on his faceplates.

Then suddenly a alarm went off. And Optimus turned on his comm.

"Sideswipe what's the situation ?"

"We got incoming Prime! A comet just crash landed 5 miles away from here."

"Autobot or decepticon ?"

"No idea Prime. We didn't receive an identification. The mech is either badly hurt or didn't want to identify himself."

"Alright, tell Prowl and Bumblebee to meet me at the shooting range immediately. And keep an optic out for any decepticons approaching our newcomer they might try something."

"Will do Prime, Sideswipe out."

Turning back to Ratchet and Ironhide. Optimus explains the situation.

"We will have to do this later on Ironhide, we got a newcomer in our hands. So lets go, Ratchet you will have to come with us, the mech might be injured."

"Of course."

"What's happened Optimus ?" Bumblebee's voice rang at the same time he and Prowl came around the corner.

"We got a newcomer in our hands that might be autobot so you two will come with us ! Autobots, roll out!"

To be continued...

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