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" Has anyone ever told you how cute you are when you blush? " Soft velvet and steel broke over my head like a tidal wave. I looked up, staring into the liquid gold eye's of the most important being of my existence...

...and blushed scarlet.

Edward laughed, smiling my favorite smile, and pulled me into his arms.

" Bella, Bella, Bella..." He grinned, and shook his head. " It really is quite adorable."

Tugging on a strand of my hair, I tried not to blush anymore than I already was. No matter how many times he complimented me, I still couldn't seem to stop blushing whenever Edward said something even remotely sweet. It had become something of a hobby of his, making me turn scarlet, and now all of the Cullins were in on it. They would take turns, it was all " Oh Bella, that top looks so wonderful on you! " and " Oh my, you smell even better than you did yesterday, how does Edward keep his hands off you? "

It was enough to drive a girl mad.

Spinning my hair between his fingers, Edward continued to watch me, his eyes glowing. Slowly, my mind began to devise a plan, but it was so evil, could I really go through with it?

" Red as a tomato... " He muttered, still smiling.

Oh, it was so on.

" Do you wear cologne Edward? " My voice broke through his musing, his eyes flashed to meet mine.

" No... " He said, sounding slightly bemused.

" Well, you always smell so good, I just wanted to know. " I said, and leaned forward, pressing my nose, and, consequently my lips to his pale throat.

He cleared his throat, and I grinned into his cold skin. Oh, this was going to be fun.

" And your skin! " I continued, and I pulled back, letting a--- dare I say it? Sultry smile run across my lips.

" What about it? "

I could have laughed at the self conscious tone of his voice.

" It's just sooo beautiful! " I replied, and I ran a soft finger down his cheek, lower and lower until I was playing with the color of his white shirt.

He was looking at me oddly, as if he was trying to put together the puzzle that was my mind. It was funny, how he could be so brilliant and still completely oblivious at the same time.

Taking a step back, I looked him up and down, just like I'd seen some guys do on T.V. when they were checking out a girl.

Edward went very still, still watching me with a puzzled expression.

" Your body is to die for, you know. " I said slyly, watching for his expression. His eyes widened almost comically.

" Really really fantastic! " I continued. Was it just me, or did his face seem a bit pinker than usual? " You've got muscles in allllll the right places," I ran my hands down his chest, and then back up, grinning in a distinctly Cheshire Cat like way.

He turned away, his back toward me, and looked at the wall opposite the both of us.

" You look pretty good from over here too! " I said, and then I couldn't hold it together anymore at the look on his face as he whipped around to stare at me. I started laughing, and slowly a smirk made its way onto his face as well, though he still looked slightly embarrassed.

My laughing was cut short as his lips crushed mine.

We pulled away from each other, grinning. Neither one of us blushed.

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