Paper Hearts

Summary: Demyx teaches Zexion about something that vaguely sounds like Valentine's Day. [Zemyx[oneshot

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"Please just don't play with me
My paper heart will bleed
This wait for destiny won't do
Be with me, please, I beseech you"

-"Paper Hearts" by The All-American Rejects

"Demyx, what ARE you doing to that book?"

The blonde knit his brows together in frustration and covered the mess of paper with his hands. "You're not supposed to see yet. It's not done."

I narrowed my eyes. "I don't really care if it's 'done' or not. You're destroying a perfectly good book."

Demyx frowned. "Well if you guys actually had any spare paper around, I wouldn't have to." He pouted, still trying vainly to cover the mess from my sight.

I sighed. "If we go find you some real paper will you stop destroying a innocent novel?"

The mullet-headed boy instantly was all grins, "Yea! Let's go!"

I led him out of the grand library, glancing back only once at the torn book. I'd have to give it a proper burial tomorrow.


"Why do you need so much red construction paper, numbers nine and six?" Saïx blinked at us, his newspaper laid out on his lap, ready to return him to mind-numbing babbling whenever he deemed the nearby activities too boring for him.

I shrugged and Demyx grinned widely as he hauled the mass of paper in his slim arms, "It's a secret!" he said as his grin grew wider (if that was possible anyway).

Saïx grunted something and drew up his newspaper, which displayed some rather bloody murders across the headlines. "Figures." I muttered before following Demyx to the next room. "So what are you doing with all that paper? Or are you still going to keep me in the dark?"

The blonde glanced at the red paper he had set down on the table. He avoided my gaze and shuffled his boots, muttering something.

I scowled, "Articulate your words please."

He stared down at his boots which were scuffed and needed polishing. "It's a tradition I heard about."

"Of cutting up red paper?"

Blonde hair was flung about as he shook his head, "Of making hearts to give to people."

"Hearts?" I repeated, stunned for a moment. Xemnas would want to hear about this.

Demyx finally lifted his head, a vague smile twitching at the corner of his mouth, "You cut them out of red paper and give them to people in some sort of tradition started by some weird naked deformed baby-man named Street Val-in-time."

I sputtered and burst into laughter.

The Sitar-playing Nobody blinked at me, "What?"

"N-naked deformed b-baby-man?" I gasped between laughter.

A frown tugged on Demyx's lips, "Well that's how he looked in those pictures. Shooting people with arrows and stuff… crazy baby-man…" He muttered.

I smiled, "Well let's carry on the honored tradition of crazy naked deformed baby-men!"

Demyx's frown was replaced as a grin spread across his fakely expressive face, "Yay for Street Val-in-time's Day!"

A/N: Random and fun. The thought came as I was listening to the song "Paper Hearts" although at first I was going to make it more hint at a odd idea that Zexion had a "paper heart" or something, but this was cuter really.

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