"The Raven" Parody

Once upon a literary hearing, as I sat listening tiered and teary,-- My teacher recited a poem of yore, --The poem she read it was shitty; she tried to make it sound witty,-- The poem she read was such a bore,-- Excuse me if I start to snore,-- The poem she read was such a bore…--

Presently my tears grew thicker, burning like some awful liquor,-- Too soon there came an awful tapping,-- Sitting in that awful dungeon, there came a smell oh so pungent,-- The monster that made that tapping,-- The monster who was here was rapping,-- Now there came no tapping…--

Deep into that awful poem, someone somewhere began to groan,-- Next I turned green it is true,-- Now I sat up in my chair, waiting for the imminent scare,-- Wondering, Hoping, Praying too,-- As I cried out boo, hoo, hoo,-- Boo, hoo, hoo…

Stupid monster scarring me, I'm so frightened I could pea,-- As I woke I sighed aloud,-- I soon realized my bed was wet, and then remembered the monster I met,-- Big, and green, and loud, --Writhing on the flat dirt ground,-- Crying at the monster I found…--

I hope no one carres that it's bad, I wrote it for English class, and believe it or not I got a 100. Also it won't let me use new lines for ever new line so the -- is for a new line.

Hope you didn't hate it!