Wanted Return

Older brother, Edward Elric (12 years old), and younger brother Alphonse Elric (11 years old) arrived at the train station bearing a wavering memory at the familiar site. There they had said goodbye to their foster father, Roy Mustang, before he went to war half a year ago.


I'm so sorry that I have to leave, you two." Roy had apologized.

"I-Its okay, Lieutenant Colonel." Al said. "Just make it back, okay?"

Roy nodded and then gave Al a playful punch in the arm.

"Don't worry, Alphonse. I'm the Flame Alchemist remember? I can handle myself." He assured.

"If you say so…"

The Flame gave Al a small smile and set his sights on Ed, who hadn't said a word since he first got the news. Mustang sighed and took several steps towards the blonde. He prepared to take the younger into his arms as he usually did when Ed was upset. But Ed slapped the arms away, causing Roy's eyes to widen. The elder Elric began to shake and when Roy tried to say something comforting a nasty voice called, "Lieutenant Colonel! What the hell are you doing?! Let's go!"

Roy scowled.

"Goodbye, Lieutenant Colonel…" Ed said, his voice helplessly sounding broken. Breaking into a dash, Ed spun around, revealing some tears to Roy as well as Al who quickly followed after him.


He's abandoning us just like our bastard father…


Sure, Alphonse was upset about his departure. But he didn't seem as torn over it as Edward was. Al hadn't gotten over his real father and believed that he would finally get to meet him someday. He was grateful to Roy for taking care of them in all. The idea of finally seeing his original father was just too thrilling to turn down.

Ed, on the hand, despised their father for leaving their mother to suffer and had blamed him for her death.

Ed doesn't have to admit the fact that he looks up to Roy more than his father. He had showed it plenty of times. Agreeing to the adoption, leaning on Roy for help with military issues (mostly dealing with his money), letting the older hold him, protect him.

All of that seemed shattered now. Roy left and he might not even come back…

Ed attempted to resist letting any of his thoughts remain clouded by that possibility. The bastard had deserted him and his brother. Yet the blonde couldn't help but care, and worry.

Suddenly a train came to a stop, releasing military soldiers from inside…Wait! Military soldiers!?

Hope and determination welled up in Ed. Maybe…just maybe Roy had made it…

The short alchemist desperately looked through the crowd of blue military uniformed people for the Flame.

"Roy!" He found himself shouting. "Roy!!"

Soon the mobs of soldiers were gone.


Ed looked up to see a slightly bandaged Roy, smiling gently at him.

"Roy!" Ed cried, running up to him.

The black-haired man knelt down onto one knee, his arms spread out wide. Ed flung himself into the embrace. Roy hefted his adopted son up in his arms as Ed tightly wrapped his around Roy's neck, burrowing his head into Roy's uniformed shoulder, heavy sobs escaping him.

"I'm so sorry, Roy! Sorry!"

"Shh, it's alright now. I'm here and I'm never leaving you like that again."

Ed could only nod, a relieved smile sweeping across his face.

"I love you, dad."

Roy held his little one closer. "Love you too, son."

Behind them, Al mentally smiled, watching over the scene.