Chapter 1

(Alice's pov)

Bella was unrapping her present and then suddenly it all went down hill, blood was everywhere. Everybody was concentrating to hard on staying in control to notice that Jasper was lunging at Bella. Emmett went to grab him but it was to late. Jasper had all ready bitten her. Edward frantically searched for where Jasper had bitten her but she was already covered in too much blood to tell.

"Edward I'm sorry!" Jasper pleaded but Edward was having none of this. "How can I ever forgive you for bringing the love of my life eternal damination!" Edward growled. "Sorry." Jasper repeated then walked over to me. " It's ok Jasper." I told him. "No Alice. It's not. My brother hates me. when Bella wakes up, she'll hate me. And I broke the treaty so you know those dogs will be coming soon. And I betrayed you and the rest of our family. I am a failure." He replied. " Aww, your not a failure Jazzy, and you never will be." I said hugging him. For once it was me comforting him. "Jasper there here." Emmett said. "What am I not included?" I said. "Yes lets go. Esme is going to stay with Bella." Emmett said. We walked outside and they were already in the drive way. "Which one of you was it?" Sam asked. "Me." Jasper said, "It was an Accident." The wolves chuckled. "We dont believe in accidents." "Were ready to fight if thats what you came here for." Jasper said. "No we did'nt actually. Since it was an accident we are just going to demand you leave as soon as she wakes up." Jacob said bitterly. " She is going to need to hunt first." Carlisle said. "Hunt! Yah sure whatever just as soon as possible." Sam replied then they ran off. " God Jasper! You ruin everything!" Edward exclaimed as he ran in the house. " He's just upset. Give him time." I said to him. "Whatever." Jasper said and ran into the house.

I Hated seeing my Jazzy so sad. I could almost feel his pain. He had locked himself in his office/ lounge. I knocked on the door. "Go away." He said. "Jazz it's me. Alice. Can I come in please?" I asked. There was silence for a minute then the door opened. "What?" He said. He looked terrible as if he had been crying for hours,if he could. "I want to talk to you. You dont have to feel bad it was an accident." I said. "Then why does everyone hate me? Because I shouldn't feel bad? Alice that makes no sense." He said. "They dont hate you. There just frustrated, thats all." I said. "I wish." He mummbled. "I still love you." I said. "Then thats really all that matters." He said getting up from his computer chair and hugging me. He kissed the top of my head. I hope he's ok.

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