" Bella?" Alice asked as they sat watching a movie.

" Yes?" Bella said.

" Will you please take care of Jasper for me?" She asked.

" Absolutely." Bella replied.

" Thank you." Alice stated.

" Sure. Please watch over Edward for me? I still feel really bad." Bella said.

" sure." Alice said.

" You know Alice. If it weren't for you pushing me to go with Jasper…I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now." Bella said.

" Well..I'm glad your happy. I have something to ask you though?" Alice replied.

" Shoot." Bella replied.

" Would you mind so much if I asked Edward out?" She said wairily.

" No why would I care? You would be making him happy wich I haven't really done lately. Just take care him." Bella said.

" Thanks! I'm going to go ask him!" Alice squealed.

In Edwards room

" Edward?" Alice said.

" Yes." Edward responded.

" Well. You see. You've been very nice to me these last couple of days…and I was wondering if maybe you would go out with me?" Alice asked smiling nervously.

" Did you think I would say no Alice? Of course." He replied.

" YAYY." Alice squealed. Edward laughed.

In Jasper's office

" Did Alice Just ask Edward out?" I asked Bella.

" Yes I told her it was ok if she did." Bella replied.

" Mmm." Jasper said then kissed Bella.

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